Underclass Games Top Performer: 2018 RHP/OF Nick Payero

By TJ Hunt
Scouting Director, New Jersey

Name: Nick Payero
School: Monroe Township
Class: 2018
Position: RHP/OF
Class Rank: 12

Max FB: 87
FB: 86-87
Spiltter: 75-76

Scouting Report
Underclass Games (September 18, 2016)
Payero has a lean, athletic build at 6-foot-1 185-pounds. Was one of the top overall players at the event. 
Pitching- has steady, controlled mechanics. Sat 86-87 mph with fastball from a high-3/4 angle. Flashed a plus splitter at 76 mph, a true strikeout pitch with armside sink and run. Had one of the quickest innings on the mound, a true testament to his domination of the lower half of the strike zone. Splitter has four seam spin, making it extremely difficult to pick up for a hitter. Lightning quick arm, free and loose arm action. Very high follow on the mound. Offensively- the right hander sets up with a tall narrow stance, and uses a small leg kick for power. Smooth, loose upper body in swing. Locks legs out in follow through - can get more power if he uses torque in hips to swing the bat more than torque in torso/upper body.