Underclass Games Top Performer: 2019 3B/RHP Nick Argenziano

By TJ Hunt
Scouting Director, New Jersey

Name: Nick Argenziano
School: Northern Valley Demarest
Position: 3B/RHP
Class: 2019
Rank: 43

Max FB: 80
FB: 77-80
Curveball: 66-67

Scouting Report
Underclass Games (September 18, 2016)
Argenziano has a physical build 5-foot-11 195-pounds. 
Offensively- starts in a neutral stance with hands high above back ear. Uses weight transfer and a big leg kick to start wing. Hips rotate fluidly. Strong for his age, produces gap to gap pop. Pulls off slightly producing an uppercut type finish. Average hand speed through the zone - has the ability to improve as he continues to grow into his body. Defensively- somewhat choppy with feet. Hands start wide away from his body as ground ball approaches. If he can simplify his hands and get them out front instead of to the side, it will look more smooth. Throws were easy with minimal effort from high-3/4 slot. Pitching- Throws primarily from the stretch. Shows some effort in delivery. 79-80 mph with fastball, flashed 11/5 breaking ball at 66 mph with some gradual shape. Gets good leg extension down he mound. Front glove side dips slightly. Finishes toward first base side of rubber with a recoil. 

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