Prep Baseball Report

Fall Recap: Pitcher Spotlights

Dan Valerio
Assistant Scouting Director

 2023 Fall was action packed and full of talent. In this segmant we are going to deep dive into what we saw on the mound from the events, scout days and extra games. Evaluting and seeing over 50 arms step on the mound in our events this fall. This list consists of two premier committed talents, an uncommitted '26 up to 90 mph, and multiple other uncommitted talents floating in that 84-86 mph range. Some really intriquing projectable frames and arm actions. One '27 in particular stood out and has alot of room to grow. The full breakdown of these pitchers metrics, styles, delieveries will all be featured below! Thanks to Trackman baseball for capturing all of our data. 

Top of the Pack: Top 6 FB Velos 

Alabama commit- 2025, RHP, Evan Taylor (Ocean City)

+ The No.4 ranked player in the state showed impressive arm talent at the BPC Scout Day. This right hander stands 6-foot-165 pounds. Athletic and lean build. Leg kick is small, coils aggressively, short stride length, fires over front side, has a H 3/4 slot, wiry: whippy arm action. Fastball played up to 91.8 mph. AVG range 90.9-91.6. Slider topped out at 79 mph AVG range 77-78 mph. High spin rate of 2335 rpm's. HM -7.3. Hard late break. 10/4 spin. The changeup is 79-80 mph. Heavy.

Taylor is a top talent in the 2025 class, with a frame that still has room for growth and strength. His eletric array of stuff will give NJ hitters a lot of trouble for the next two years of high school baseball. 

Uncommitted- 2026, RHP, Alex Weingartner (St. Augustine Prep)

+ A top talent in the 2026 class soldified the case for being one of the premier arms in the class. The South Jersey native attended the Fall Top Prospect Games. The right hander has a lean, muscular build at 6-foot-165 pounds. Clean operation, controlled leg lift, medium height, gets down the mound with ease, OTT slot, strides in line, arm works fast and with low effort. His fastball topped out at 90.7 with a range from 87-90.2. High spin of 2332 rpm. Portrayed to get on hitters and have late life. Landed strikes in the outside quardent, running in on the LHH's. His curveball was 74-75 and changeup 82-83. Look out for Weingartner to conitnue to tick up in velo with strength and mass gains. 

Miami commit- 2025, RHP, Jake Lodgek (Mainland) 

+ The No.6 ranked player in the class. We had the oppurtunity to see Lodgek multiple times this high school, and now seeing him at the BPC scout day this fall he looks to have added both height and size. Fastball velo was a PR. Lean/wiry frame at 6-foot-1-175 pounds. The canes commit lead his Mainland team to a State final this year. So with experince and this arm talent look for him to dominate throughout the spring. At this event his Fastball was 87-89 with a top of 90 mph. Slider 75-77 with spin uwards of 2550 rpms. Changeup 81-82. High leg kick with an easy trasition forward, breaks the hands and has a very long wingspan, creates deception with glove. Looks to have been working on a sharp slider that will compliment his two other pitches nicely come spring time. Projectable fream, name to follow!

Uncommitted- 2025, RHP, Aiden Emrich (Cherokee) 

The 5-foot-11-160 pound athletic frame. Identified at the Last Chance Open event. Has a 3/4 slot with a lot of ASR. Did show he had control in his pen. Ran the fastball up to 86.6 mph. The avg. range was 84-86. Slider 73-75 and changeup 80-81 mph. Worked solely from the strech with an easy arm action. 

Seton Hall commit- 2025, RHP, John Donahue (Montogomery) 

+ The broad shouldered 6-foot-1-185 pound frame is a recently committed player. Right after the Top Prospect games he made the decision to conintue his career at Division 1 program Seton Hall university. Donahue ran his fastball up to 86.2 and sat in the 84-86 range. His curveball was 65-70 top of 73. Changeup 73-76 top of 77. 

Uncommitted- 2026, RHP, Chris Marano (DePaul Catholic)

+ The 13th ranked player in the class. Lean 5-foot-9-165 pound frame. Identified at CPBA scout day. Marano did see some time as a freshman on varsity, coming out of the bullpen. Really loose quick arm swing. Athletic build with feel for the breeaking ball. Look out for this uncommitted player to continue to add velo headed into 2024. 

Uncommitted 2026's:

RHP, Nate Bott (Kingsway)

6-foot-175 pound right hand pitcher has a durable strong frame. Identified at the Top Prospect Games. Bott has a fastball that sits in the 84-85 range. CB 71-72 and a CH that is 77 mph. Easy operation and balance. Look for more velo from Bott in 2024. 


LHP, Danny DiTullio (Christian Brothers Academy)

No.17 ranked player in the class. The 6-foot-3-175 pound southpaw. DiTullio has a poise and confident demeanor. Showcasing this in mulitple events through the summer and fall. NJ state games and top prospect games. 


RHP, Jackson Redmond (Freehold Township)

Proj. frame at 6-foot-4-180 pound. Redmond attended the Last Chance open event. He showcased what he did all spring long. A strike thrower with arm side run. 

LHP, Lucas Melton (Toms River East) 

+ The 6-foot-2-180 pound slender lean build. Identified at the North ID north event.  The 2026 LHP has a really nice upside. OTT delievery paired with heavy CH. Fastball sat 83-85 picking up the top velo of the event. CH sat 79-81 and CB 71-72 with 10/4 break. 

RHP, Selden Kolkebeck (Old Tappan)

+ 6-foot-2-190 pound broad shouldered build. Deceptive delivery. Identified at multiple events this fall. During the Top Prospect Games, Kolkebeck dominated, picking up K's while landing 3 pitches for strikes. Worked all quadrants. Fastball sat 81-83 T84. SL 67-70 and heavy CH at 74-76. 

RHP, JJ Drennan (Seton Hall Prep)

Drennan stands 6-foot-185 pounds durable yet athletic frame. Efficent mover with an OTT delivery. Fastball at the Top prospect games was 84-85 and SL 73-76 spin at 2417 with an IVM -2.9, HM -15.5. Late break on the SL picked up whiffs. Look for Drennan to give Seton Hall Prep quality innings in 2024. 

Uncommitted 2025's:

RHP, Eamon Mcdermott (Bishop Eustace)

+ Mcdermott was identified at the BPC Scout Day. A high academic player with a strong skillset. The right hander stands 6-foot-1-185 pounds. Fastball in this bullpen was 84-85 (86) arm side run. SL was 76-78 with spin upwards of 2400rpm. Heavy CH 80-82. Reliable arm for Bishop Eustace headed into spring 2024. 

RHP, Ryan Leach (Woodbridge)

+ Identified Leach in the spring and then he attended the PPH scout day. Long 6-foot-4-195 pound. Proj. strong build. Fastball has ride through the zone. Lengthy frame, gets down the mound with intent. Fastball 83-85. CH 75-76. CB 70-71 with +2600 rpm. 

The Lone 2027:

RHP, Michael Fekete (Cherry Hill East)

+ At the South ID event in Camden, Fekete showed alot of promise. 6-foot-180 pound frame with a fastball 80-82. CB 73-75 with early break. CH 75-77 heavy. The frame is strong and paired with long levers.