Commitment Q & A: Meet David Reynoso

Jared Carrier
Director of Scouting, NY


This week we strike up a conversation with recently committed 2017 INF David Reynoso (Walter Panas). Reynoso is the 62nd ranked player in the most recent 2017 rankings. Reynoso, a PBR veteran, is the model of consistency. Steady glove; quality at bats with some respectable measurables (6.90 60, 89 Exit Velo, 82 MPH arm strength).

Leading off

PBR: What’s the biggest part of your game that has improved over the last year?
REYNOSO: The biggest part of my game that has improved is my fielding. I have improved on my glove every day which has helped me become more confident in the field.

PBR: What is an area you would like to become more consistent with?
REYNOSO: I would like to be more consistent on my speed.  Since the last time I attended a PBR event, I have gotten faster and lowered my 60 time, but I will continue to work hard to increase my speed even more.  

PBR: What was the biggest thing you’ve been able to take away from the PBR experience?
REYNOSO: I was able to show my skills on a big stage at the PBR events, and got the chance to be put in front of the right schools for me.


PBR:  Best position player you've had the opportunity to play against or with and why? .
REYNOSO: I would have to say 2017 1B/3B Jason Pineda (James Monroe/Michigan Commit) because he is talented in all aspects of the game. He hits for contact and power, runs the bases well, and is one of the best infielders I’ve ever played with.

PBR: Toughest opposing pitcher you've faced and why?
Rick Burroni (2016 RHP Lakeland HS/Northeastern) is one of the most talented pitchers I’ve ever faced. He throws gas and has a wipeout slider that was on point when I played him. To make it even tougher, he goes to a rival high school so every time we played him it was a night game with a lot of people watching. The atmosphere made my at-bats against him even tougher and I had to grind out some long at-bats to get hits.

PBR: Current or former pro player that you would like your game to emulate?
REYNOSO: I would like to emulate Derek Jeter. He was one of my childhood heroes and still is my all-time favorite player, and I’ve always wanted to play the game like he did.


PBR: Give us 3 goals for this upcoming 2017 season.
REYNOSO: I want to improve my numbers from last year. I want to hit for a better average, more extra base hits, and few errors in the field. I also want to put on more muscle and continue to get faster on the base paths. 

PBR: What were the deciding factors on choosing Buffalo?
REYNOSO: I loved the campus from the minute I got there. The coaches were great to me. I think Buffalo is a good fit for where I wanted to go academically and their team will give me the opportunity I need to improve my game.

PBR: How are you hoping to contribute during your freshman as a Bull?
REYNOSO: I hope to fight for a starting spot. I don’t expect it to come easy but I want to help my team win on an everyday basis in any way I can.


PBR: Ok, let’s finish with some fun...Favorite pre-game snack or meal?"
REYNOSO: I have Dominican blood so I have to start every game day off with a plate of platanos (green plantains) and eggs.

PBR: Most embarrassing moment on a baseball field?
REYNOSO: My first game on varsity sophomore year it was freezing. So during warmups I kept a sweater and a winter hat on to try to stay warm. When they were calling out our names to go out to our position I forgot to take the sweater and hat off and I ran all the way out to my position just to have to sprint back in and change. My coach and my teammates didn’t let me live that down for the rest of the year.

PBR: Superstitions?
REYNOSO: Before every game I always listen to the same set of songs. I have the perfect pre-game playlist that gets me game time ready no matter what.

PBR: Nickname? The story behind it?
REYNOSO: I’ve never had much of a nickname. People usually just call me Reynoso, or Noso to shorten it.

PBR: Choose your eternal walk up song (Edited Versions of course).
REYNOSO: Trophies by Drake