All roads lead to Cortland, NY for the 7th annual NYS Games. The games will take place June 27 - 29. Over it's history, the NYS Games has morphed into the largest and most scouted event in the Empire State. Over 1500 players who have attended the NYS Games have gone on to play (or commit) college baseball. 

This year over 450 amateur baseball players will make their way to Cortland, NY to participate in a full player workout, followed by competing in three six-inning simulated games in front of our PBR Scouting Staff and College Coaches over the course of the event. The NYS Games is considered the most recruited and talent filled event in the Empire State every year. .  

Players that participate in the NYS Games will receive a full PBR profile update including a highlight subscription based video, stats, Vizual Edge, advanced metrics, and new this summer "athletic testing". 

PBR's next initiative is more accurate and in-depth assessments of athleticism. We will be introducing Swift Labs this summer which will allow an unparalleled look at an athletes speed and explosiveness. Furthermore, our new "jump" protocols will give PBR athletes their Reactive Strength Index which is the industry's benchmark for how explosive an athlete is. 

The 2023 NYS Games is the ultimate one-stop-shop for any serious next-level player. 

  • NYS Games Schedule
  • Rosters
  • Pitching Rotations
  • Field Locations - Gutchess Lumber Sports Complex (The Lumber Yard, Onsite parking; turf: rubber molds or turf shoes only)


Past NYS Games Rosters

2021 Roster (Session 1)
2021 Roster (Session 2)
2020 Roster
2019 Roster 
2018 Roster
2017 Roster
2016 Roster
2015 Roster

NYS Games Pro Alumni

Dan Dallas - Padres - 7th RD - 2016
Jason Pineda - Padres - 17th RD - 2017
Matt Cross - Athletics - 19th RD - 2018
Charles Mack - Twins - 6th RD - 2018
Michael Limoncelli - Mariners - 6th RD - 2019
Tanner Cooper - Reds - 35th RD - 2019
Ryan Murphy - Giants - 5th RD - 2020
Edward Urena - Nationals - Free Agent - 2020
Aidan Curry - Rangers - Free Agent - 2020
Tyler Mattison - Tigers - 4th RD - 2021
Gage Ziehl - Cubs - 11th RD - 2021

Past NYS Game News