Commitment Q & A: Meet Parker Hendershot

Jared Carrier
Director of Scouting, NY

AROUND THE CAGEParker Hendershot

This week we strike up a conversation with recently committed 2017 3B Parker Hendershot of Tioga HS (Ranked No. 8 overall in our latest 2017 rankings). Hendershot, after solid performance at the NY Games at the end of June, committed to NCAA DI Buffalo shortly after. The strong armed 3B has juice in his bat projects to stay at the hot corner at the next level.



PBR: What’s the biggest part of your game that has improved over the last year?
The biggest part of my game that has improved over the last year would be my arm strength and my bat speed. I have gotten my arm velocity from the low-mid 80's up to the consistent high 80's and touching 90. In terms of bat speed, I have gotten a lot stronger and quicker. I have increased my exit velo by over 10 MPH in just under a year. However, there is still room to improve.

PBR: What is an area you would like to become more consistent with?
HENDERSHOT: I would like to me more consistent with my speed and footwork. I have below average foot speed and my footwork at third base could use some work. I have put in a good amount of time since the PBR Games primarily focusing on my footwork, speed, and quickness. I believe this will help elevate my game on a whole different level and will help me compete at a better level.

PBR: What was the biggest thing you’ve been able to take away from the PBR experience?
HENDERSHOT:The biggest experience I have been able to take away from the PBR events is having the opportunity to compete with the best players in New York State. I love competing, and it's even better when I have the chance to compete with the best of the best. PBR does a great job of finding good players and getting and keeping them into their system. PBR helped me get my name out there and get recruited. They always bring out competitive events, especially the PBR NY Games. Without PBR, I wouldn't be at where I'm at.


PBR: Name the best position player you’ve witnessed over your high school years and why.
HENDERSHOT: The best position players I have witnessed over my high school years would most likely be the Limoncelli boys from Horseheads. They play the game with a lot of passion and work very hard. They both have great footwork and have great hands defensively. They both have strong arms and are just overall great defensive players. In terms of hitting, they're at the top too. Nico, a lefty, has a very fluid and powerful swing and hits the ball well to both sides of the field. Mikey, a switch hitter, also has a great swing from both sides of the plate. What I have noticed from both Nico and Mike is that when they swing they never get cheated. They always put full effort and full strength into and swing and I just love seeing them hit.

PBR: Toughest pitcher that you’ve faced and why? 
HENDERSHOT: I can't really pick out one specific pitcher but the toughest pitcher that comes to mind first would be Blake Phelps from Geneseo. We played them in the State Semi Finals 2 years ago and he threw a no hitter against us. He located the ball and mixed up pitches very well.

PBR:Current or former pro player that you would like your game to emulate?
HENDERSHOT:I would love my game to emulate the game of Manny Machado. He is getting better and better at the plate and is hitting for high averages and power to all sides of the field. Of course, is fielding abilities are unmatchable. His range, his reaction time, his quickness, and especially his arm strength is what makes him, in my opinion, the best 3rd overall baseman in the MLB.


PBR:Give us 3 goals for this upcoming 2017 season.
HENDERSHOT: My goal has always been the same for every high school season, and that is to win a state title. The past two years we have came up short. We had great runs to remember, but we could have done better. Going into this season, the goal is of course to win a state title. That is our priority. I have other goals too. Of course, I would want to improve my game even more. I want to hit harder, throw faster, and run faster. I am going to focus on improving the mental part of my game, because everyone can improve that. And my final goal would be to be a good teammate and help my teammates and improve them to help our team reach full potential to put us in the best chance to win game after game.

PBR:What were the deciding factors on choosing Buffalo?
HENDERSHOT: My deciding factors of Buffalo were simple. The coaches appealed to me very much. They showed extreme interest and I really enjoyed their plans to have me help in their program. I believe they will give me a great opportunity to help me get to be the best player I can be, on and off the field. However, baseball aside, I loved the campus there. I loved the classrooms and just the overall area. I am going to UB to major in accounting, and they have a great accounting program. Overall, I loved many many things about the school.

PBR:How are you hoping to contribute during your freshman at Buffalo?
HENDERSHOT: As a freshman, I am hoping to help contribute and get on the field as fast as I can. I want to get stronger and become a better baseball player. I will listen and soak in all the information and instruction I can to help me improve my game. Of course, no one is guaranteed a starting spot, and I would never want that. I am going to go into UB and work hard and push myself to the limit and earn a spot. I want to be the best player I can be to help us win games.



PBR: Ok, let’s finish with some fun...Favorite pre-game snack or meal?"
HENDERSHOT: "My favorite pre-game snack would be beef jerky. I don't know why it's beef jerky, maybe because it has a lot of protein, but I just love beef jerky.

PBR:Most embarrassing moment on a baseball field?
I can't really think of a very embarrassing moment I've had on a baseball field. But the first thing to come to mind happened this year in a legion game. It was a 2-0 count so I was looking straight fast ball to try to unload, and I got the fastball I wanted and my eyes lit up and I swung so hard that I fell over the in the batters box.

HENDERSHOT: Before every game have a short pre-game prayer.

PBR: Choose your eternal walk up song (Edited Versions of course).
HENDERSHOT: All the songs I would walk up to would need the edited versions...because they're all from Eminem. The top 3 would probably be Lose Yourself, 'Till I Collapse, and 8 Mile.