Prep Baseball Report

Outfield Analysis from June 21 Event

Dan Cevette
New York Scouting Director

Outfield Analysis from June 21
We had some very young talented Outfielders at our June 21st event. Each brought a little something different to the table from arm strength, accuracy, speed, and power with the bat making this group a well rounded group.

Jacob Burlingame RHP/OF (Horseheads HS, NY 2016)

Burlingame stands 5-foot-10 170-pounds and has great outfield instincts and a quick clean arm with accuracy and carry. OF velocity was 84 mph and there's a lot of upside with his potential. Batting he shows quick hands to the ball with a lot of back spin. His exit velo off a tee was 85 mph with a clean flat barrel through the zone with a high finish.

John Zamites OF (Olean HS, NY 2015)
Zamites looks like a next level guy and runs very well. His home to first time was 4.16 from the left side. He has a crouched stance with hands in front of his body but it works nice for him. His load is smooth and stride is short with good contact. His exit velocity was 83 mph and there's more in the tank. Hit well in game and runs like a deer. In the OF he gets in front of ball nice and has an average but accurate arm. His velocity was 80 mph.

Sean Nickerson RHP/OF (Horseheads HS, NY 2015)

Nickerson stands 6-foot-0 170-pounds and looks very comfortable in the outfield with good instincts and movements. His arm works free and easy with nice carry on the ball. Swinging the bat Nickerson has some good hand speed with an 83 mph exit tee velocity. His swing is a touch long but he gets to the bat to the zone on a level plane.

Jake Woodrich OF (Orchard Park HS, NY 2016)
Woodrich stands 5-foot-11 140 pounds and moves well with good baseball instincts in the outfield. He shows an accurate arm at 79 mph with a fast release. At the plate Woodrich has a crouched stance with good hands and makes strong solid contact. His exit velocity off a tee is 76 mph but will improve with more wrist strength and natural growth. Plays with a next level ceiling and projection. Runs very well from the left side with home to first times at a sub 4.

Sean Harris OF/LHP (Portville HS, NY 2016)

Harris stands 6-foot-1 165-pounds and has a project-able body. In the outfield he throws from a low 3/4 slot giving the ball arm side run, but was fairly accurate with velocity sitting 77 mph. Batting he starts with a closed stance and long swing. His exit velocity was 83 mph. He ran a 4.4 home to first time.

Austin Teets RHP/OF (Horseheads HS, NY 2015)
Teets stands 6-foot-0 175-pounds and has a nice quick release from the outfield showing some accuracy. Arm velocity 81 mph and was in good fielding position. He opens up hips on throws and keeping closed will add more strength behind throws. He swings around the baseball at times with an exit velocity of 76 mph. He makes consistent contact and has a short stride.

Josh Cosgrove OF (Thomas A. Edison HS, NY 2015)

Cosgrove stands 5-foot-8 158-pounds with an average build. With the bat he uses a leg kick for timing and lands slightly open. He swings with his hands inside the ball but needs to use back side more. His swing plane is on a slight incline through the zone and his exit velocity was 79. In the OF he stays behind the ball well using a crow hop to get in a power position for his throws. He releases the ball at a high 3/4 slot and his arm strength was 78 mph.

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