Preseason All-State: MIF Analysis From Feb. 15th

Dan Cevette
Director, New York

It's been 15-days since the MEGA All-State Showcase held at beautiful Accelerate Sports in Whitesboro, NY. The dust has settled, the smoke has cleared out, and the MIF reports are in. A very special thanks to the players, families, and coaches that braved the winter-weather and witnessed a truly special event. Here's a look at the MIF's who attended Feb. 15th and what we saw, in specific no-order.

Allen Murphy, MIF, Bolivar-Richburg HS, NY (2016)
Murphy stands 5-foot-9, 145-pounds with a slender build. At the plate he bats from the left-side. Back Loads on the pitch, weight transfers, knee lift for timing. Short path to the ball, mostly level bat plane, some extension out in front through contact, balanced swing, shoulder height finish. From the MIF he keeps the ball in front, wide stance, stays low head up, open glove face. Solid footwork, funnels as he’s moving, arm action is fluid, 81 mph arm strength, low-3/4 slot at times, gets through his throws.

Joey Coene, MIF, Webster Thomas HS, NY (2016)
Coene stands 5-foot-10, 160-pounds with a solid build. At the plate he starts with his weight back, hands low just below his shoulder height. On the pitch his hands load up and back, front heel comes off the ground, short path to the ball, slight inclined path, good extension out in front, high finish. From the MIF he move well around the ball, ball gets just a touch too deep, open glove, clean funnel and transfer. Arm action is long, slot is mid-3/4. He ran a 7.11 60 yard dash.

Bailey Labarge, MIF, Massena Central HS, NY (2016)
Labarge stands 5-foot-6, 140-pounds with a smaller build. At the plate he uses a leg lift, back load that creates an arm bar, hands get long to the ball, level through the zone bat plane, good extension out in front, balance through swing, shoulder height finish. At MIF he charges the ball, stays behind, ball gets deep in his stance, down and back arm action, throws from a mid-3/4 arm slot, recoils on finish, arm strength at 70 mph. He ran a 7.2 60 yard dash, exit velocity was 79 mph.

Rocco Leone, MIF, Liverpool HS, NY (2016)
Leone stands 5-foot-6, 155-pounds with a smaller build. At the plate he swings from the left-side. Slightly open front side, elbow up, hands back. On the pitch hands power to the ball, short path, slight incline bat plane, little extension through contact, one-arm shoulder height finish. 81 mph bat speed showing signs of quick hands. From the MIF he uses proper prep-steps to get around the ball, smooth actions, fields low and out in front, glove face open. Clean arm circle/action, quick release from a mid-3/4 slot, gets his whole body through the ball. He ran a 7.19 60 yard dash.

Michael Mazzara, Canisius HS, NY (2017)
Mazzar stands 5-foot-9, 170-pounds with an average build. At the plate his front foot is slightly open, loads back on pitch, short path to the ball, mostly level bat plane, long extension out in front through contact, high finish, exit velocity was 76 mph. From the infield he gets behind the ball, bends his back more than his knees on the play, straight back arm-action, very low-3/4 slot, arm strength at 70 mph. He ran a 7.7 60 yard dash.

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