2013 Prospect Watch: Robert Zeigler (Defiance)

Year after year, Northwest Ohio continues to produce some of the top pitching prospects in the Midwest.

2013 is no different.

Right-handed pitcher Robert Zeigler of Defiance is the next in line.

The 6-foot-3, 200-pound prospect finds himself walking in the footsteps of Chad Billingsley (Los Angeles Dodgers), Jonathan Niese (New York Mets), Dace Kime (University of Louisville), and Anthony Kidston (University of Louisville recruit).

Like his predecessors, Zeigler is an athletic prospect with a high 80’s fastball that touches into the lower 90’s. He also utilizes a 74-76 mph curveball and a 77-81 mph changeup.

The third ranked prospect in the Class of 2013 is already garnering attention from local and national college programs.

However, he remains focused on his off-season plans. “I am going to continue working on gaining strength and velocity, and to work on my control.”

While the recruiting process can be overwhelming at times, he focuses on the advice of previous Defiance stars. He notes, “They tell me the value of working to one’s maximum ability.”

Blessed with Division I talent, Zeigler doesn’t feel pressure or stressed by the attention, nor the success of previous Defiance players. Instead, he says, “their success is something to strive for…”

With the help of Defiance’s head coach Tom Held and assistant Coach Rick Weaver, Zeigler will surely continue to improve his craft heading into his junior campaign.