2015 Chandler Day (Watkins Memorial HS) talks about his recent commitment with Vanderbilt

Chandler Day, RHP. Watkins Memorial HS, Class of 2015

PBR: Why did you choose Vanderbilt?

Day: They had quite a few players in the pros that made it to the playoffs and my dream is to be there one day, I felt that Vandy was the better fit for my dreams and goals.

PBR: What other schools were you considering?

Day: Georgia Tech and Kentucky 

PBR:  Where did Vanderbilt first see you compete?

Day: When I had a tournament in Nashville, TN with the 17U Ohio Elite

PBR: You are only a junior, how important was it to make you college decision so early?  Are you finished with the recruiting process?

Day: I wanted to commit in the winter of my junior year so I can just go out there and have fun this spring and summer with my teammates.  Plus most of the schools are recruiting their 2015 season now and are looking at 2016.

PBR: The SEC is a major baseball conference.  How much of a factor was playing in the SEC in your decision?

Day: Not much of a factor, I just wanted to go to a school that I felt most comfortable at and had the best competition. Vandy always has a target on their back and I am going to love that pressure 

PBR: You were on pretty much every major program radar screen.  What were expectations about the recruiting process and what advice can you give future players as they go through their recruitment?

Day: The recruiting process was everything I dreamed about. Visiting all the major schools that I saw playing on TV when I was growing up, I actually got to go there and see the campus and field. It was unbelievable. My advice I would give to other recruits about recruitment is that they should visit as many schools as possible see what they all have to offer and when you know you want to go to that school, wherever that maybe, you’ll feel it in your heart.

PBR: What is your biggest strength as a player and how do you feel that you will help Vanderbilt?

Day: My biggest strength about pitching is I can keep my composure in big situations or when things aren’t going my way.  I trust all my off speeds and my location of the fastball whatever the count is. Vanderbilt is stacked with pitching, I think I can help them by getting out of tight situations and saving pitchers arms with the stamina I have

PBR: Who has had the biggest impact on you as a baseball player?

Day: My mother, Robin Day, she pushes me to be great at everything I do. All summer when I was being recruited she always told me “You never know who is watching” and that’s all I thought about when I was in between the lines. Make a good impression on and off the field because you never really do know who is watching.

PBR:  What were you stats last spring for Watkins Memorial?

Day: Our overall record was 21-7, my personal stats were a 1.28 ERA with 42.2 innings pitched with 45 Strikeouts, 5-2 record on the year