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2020 Central Ohio Preseason Preview - Advanced Hitting/Pitching Metrics

Jordan Chiero and PBR Ohio Staff
PBR Ohio Director of Scouting

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We would like to thank all who participated in PBR Ohio's 2020 Central Ohio Preseason Preview. This was a great opportunity for the class of 2021-2024 prospects to be put on college radars. Many players impressed during their individual workouts at the showcase. Below we have the complete statistical results from the event as well as the top performers across various different categories.

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Complete Statistics

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2020 Central Ohio Preseason Preview - Advanced Hitting Metrics With Rapsodo


  • Recorded metrics are based off of Rapsodo 2.0 technology.
  • Exit Velocity:  Exit Velo is the speed of the baseball as it comes off the bat after contact.

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Rapsodo Hitting Metrics

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Exit Velo

Name Position School Class Exit Velo
Preston Allen  3B Reynoldsburg 2022 98
Camden Colman 3B Hilliard Davidson 2021 98
Kanyon Gagich SS Perrysburg 2022 93
Ryan Florence C Shadyside 2022 93
Nick Feasel OF Bloom Carroll 2021 93

Max Distance

Name Position School Class Max Distance
Preston Allen 3B Reynoldsburg 2022 378
Camden Colman 3B Hilliard Davidson 2021 368
Evan Conaster SS Western Brown 2022 337
Blaine Bowman C Shelby 2022 330
Grant Miller SS Lakota West 2021 327

2020 Central Ohio Preseason Preview - Advanced Pitching Metrics With PitchLogic


  • Recorded velocities listed are from the game play session, taken off of a stalker radar gun.
  • Total Spin (rpm): The total amount of rotations per minute put on the baseball out of the hand.
  • Spin Efficiency: Ratio of transverse to total spin... simple meaning is a higher efficiency yields more movement.

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Fastball Spin Rates

The average fastball spin rate at the MLB level can range from 2050 - 2250 rpm.  The average at the high school level will be lower, but can be hard to track as most pitchers that are getting spin rate readings, are typically more advanced.  When looking at fastball spin rates, coaches and scouts are looking for pitchers that are outside the norm.  High spin rate fastball, typically, tend to ride on hitter, creating swing and miss, and playing at the top of the strike zone.  Low spin rate guys, typically, are creating some sink on their fastball, or the appearance that the fastball is diving.

The pure spin rate does not tell the whole story on any one pitch.  Coaches and scouts are also evaluating spin efficiency and spin direction.  They also want to see some consistency, pitch-to-pitch, on the release point.

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Name Position School Class Total Spin
Jack McMullen RHP Chagrin Falls 2021 2100-2300
Nolan Hoover RHP Gibsonburg 2024 2100-2300
Rhys Francis RHP Shadyside 2022 2000-2300
Max Mullen RHP Hilliard Darby 2023 2000-2200
Brayden Weis RHP Anthony Wayne 2023 2000-2200

Breaking Ball Spin Rates

Typically bigger spin can mean bigger break, but again on the breaking ball the spin efficiency can play a part.  There are also studies that show the speed of the pitch can affect if the spin rate has a chance to take hold and create the break a pitcher is looking for.  Below is a look at each pitcher that threw his breaking ball and what the analytics of each pitch looked like with the PitchLogic baseball.

Name Position School Class Total Spin
Nolan Hoover
RHP Gibsonburg 2024 2300-2500
Riley McElwain LHP Columbiana
2022 2200-2400
Ashton Schroeder RHP Oak Harbor
2021 2000-2200
AJ Scott
RHP New Albany
2022 2000-2200
Ian Kichurchak RHP Buckeye
2022 2000-2200