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2022 Organizational Spotlight: Canes Northern

Bruce Hefflinger and Dylan Hefflinger
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 We would like to thank all who participated in PBR Ohio's 2022 Scout Day: Canes Ohio. This was a great opportunity for the class of 2022-2026 prospects to be put on college radars. Many players impressed during their individual workouts at the showcase. Below we have the complete statistical results from the event as well as the top performers across various different categories.

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Complete Statistics

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2022 Organizational Spotlight: Canes Northern

John Daraio talks with us about the organization.

1) How do you feel the showcase went?
Daraio: We were very pleased with the event. As always, Jordan and his team do a tremendous job. Of our five teams and 70+ kids, we had fall and 20+ practices along with most of our guys adding their own extra work. We felt the numbers and success really showed the hard offseason work we put in as a program and that was without a 90+ arm and more that will be attending the February Northern Ohio showcase at T3’s place.

2) Who are some of the prospects that stood out to you?
Daraio: We had a ton of guys jump out. I think Ryan Bruni is a player who will continue to fly up the ranks for 2024 catchers in Ohio. Zander Triplet put up high-level high school numbers despite being a 2026. Luke Czarnomski seems to continue to turn heads and dominate on the mound. Come the February showcase, we feel Kyle Figuray will be a true top-ranked player in Ohio and a future D-I player. I could go on for days … Skaggs, Zimmerman, McGeorge, so many guys in our program are not only great players but tremendous teammates.

3) Any performances worth mentioning?
Daraio: Guys like Bruni, Leopold, Skaggs, Zimmerman, Hoffmeyer, McGeorge, Triplett, Green, and so many more truly eat, sleep, and live in the facility. They never miss practices, never take days off, and all of their numbers showed it.

4) In looking at summer, touch on some highlights that are ahead and what you expect.
Daraio: We know that putting the “Canes” brand on puts a target on our back. We know other players and programs won't like us. However, we embrace that. We are in year one of being the “Northern Ohio Canes” under the Canes Midwest and Canes National brand. It will not be perfect but we will absolutely compete, build a foundation, and always show why we should be a respected program but also be a respectful program. We look forward to competing locally and making that name, but also participating in events all over the state and our final event as a program in Florida.

5) Are you registered for any PBR tournaments and, if so, which ones and what are your thoughts on them?
Daraio: Yes, of course! They are the most consistent and rewarding events you can find. All four of our teams are competing in multiple PBR covered events.

  • 14U
    • PBR Ohio Summer Kick-Off
    • PBR Buckeye Select
    • PBR North Coast Challenge
  • 15U
    • Buckeye Elite
    • CABA World Series
  • 16U
    • PBR Ohio Summer Kick-Off
    • PBR Border Battle
    • UC/Miami Showcase II
  • 17U
    • Glass City Classic
    • UC/Miami Showcase III
  • 18U
    • Glass City Classic
    • PBR Buckeye Select

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