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2022 Organizational Spotlight: Cincinnati Riverbats

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The beginning of 2022 meant it was time for the Prep Baseball Report Scout Days to come into full action and that was the case once again this year.

Organizations throughout Ohio have been on display for nearly two months now as players not only hope to gain more exposure in their quest to be seen by college coaches, but also get a glimpse at their numbers to see what kind of progress has been made in the offseason.

Members of organizations in the state, from head coaches to director of player development, have been contacted and given the opportunity to provide a view of what stood out at their PBR Scout Days.

Over the next few weeks, PBR will publish a report on each of the Scout Days that have been submitted from organizations across Ohio.

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2022 Organizational Spotlight: Cincinnati Riverbats

Dennis Dick talks with us about the organization.

1) Who are some of the prospects that stood out to you?

  • Outfielders - Elijah Gillette, Ethan Gagliardo, Logan Wells ... all were clean.
  • Infielders - Alex Bemis, Austin Dick smooth IF/OF, Charlie Meckey ... all were clean, Dick is a 2024.
  • Catchers - Colin Hunter, Dylan Rieck, AJ Hainline ... all were best pops ... 4 of 5 there were sub 2.
  • Pitchers - Alex Bemis, Elijah Gillette, Micheal Rothchild ... all hit spots with top speeds.
  • Hitters - Alex Bemis, Colin Hunter, Bobby Horseman ... best velos, Horseman is a 2024.
  • 60-Yard - 2024 Jake McCoy, 6.88

2) Any performances worth mentioning?

  • Alex Bemis best numbers across the board, SS, Hitting.
  • AJ Hainline looking at his growth numbers they are on average of 10+.
  • Austin Dick looking at his growth numbers they are on average of  8+, multiple D1 and D2s are looking at him. As long as he continues on the growth charts he will be fine.

3) In looking at summer, touch on some highlights that are ahead and what you expect.
Dick: Have multiple 2023/2024 grads being recruited D1, D2, D3, NAIA.  I am looking forward to seeing the process grow as the colleges come to see them play. We have placed 120+ since 2013 at the collegiate level. Initial year organization started was 2003. We are one of the two original organizations that are still local....meaning have not made the jump to a national name that have been around for any length of time. 

4) Are you registered for any PBR tournaments and, if so, which ones and what are your thoughts on them?
Dick: Mix schedule most is PBR, only two that are not.

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