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2022 Organizational Spotlight: NMC Baseball

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The beginning of 2022 meant it was time for the Prep Baseball Report Scout Days to come into full action and that was the case once again this year.

Organizations throughout Ohio have been on display for nearly two months now as players not only hope to gain more exposure in their quest to be seen by college coaches, but also get a glimpse at their numbers to see what kind of progress has been made in the offseason.

Members of organizations in the state, from head coaches to director of player development, have been contacted and given the opportunity to provide a view of what stood out at their PBR Scout Days.

Over the next few weeks, PBR will publish a report on each of the Scout Days that have been submitted from organizations across Ohio.

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2022 Organizational Spotlight: NMC Baseball

Nick Carevic talks with us about the organization.

1) How do you feel the showcase went?
Carevic: It went very well. The PBR staff was very organized, and we felt like we were organized on our end, too, having done the event last year. Just about every player in the organization had a performance they were happy about, and we are already excited for next year's Scout Day.

2) Who are some of the prospects that stood out to you?

  • Bryson Wittmer
  • Brandon Lucek
  • Jake Boynar
  • Drake Blasco

3) Any performances worth mentioning?

  • Bryson Wittmer’s performance as a 2026 spoke for itself, and it was consistent with what he's done all winter. We expect him to be a top five talent in the state without a doubt for his class. 
  • Brandon Lucek performed extremely well, putting up upper-end numbers in every category of the event. He's a guy whose stock among college coaches skyrocketed this winter. Additionally, an average exit velo of 91.5 is a perfect example of the type of consistent player he is in-game as well. His numbers translate very well onto the field. He also sat 85-88 off the mound at the Ashland Camp two weekends ago. Definitely a guy we are high on, and that several Division 1 and 2 college coaches are high on.
  • Jake Boynar. At a lean 6-5, while being in the middle of basketball season, Jake was able to run it up to 88 at the event. The projectability is obvious, and the potential is extremely high with him. He had a very good year as the #1 in North Ridgeville’s rotation last year as a sophomore, and we are expecting an even better year out of him this year. He also brings leadership qualities to a team and program that you can’t get from 99 percent of kids. Definitely the full package in a RHP prospect.

4) In looking at summer, touch on some highlights that are ahead and what you expect.
Carevic: The organization as a whole has doubled in size this year, so we are really excited to see what all the new teams and players in the organization can do. The future is bright for our organization, and we look forward to continuing to build our reputation as one of the strongest up-and-coming programs in the state.

5) Are you registered for any PBR tournaments and, if so, which ones and what are your thoughts on them?
Carevic: We have two teams playing in PBR tournaments this year. We played in a Cincy Flames PBR tournament last year that we enjoyed, and we look forward to getting more teams involved in PBR events and tournaments moving forward. We love what PBR brings to the table for baseball players in northern Ohio.

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