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2022 Organizational Spotlight: T3 Warhawks

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The beginning of 2022 meant it was time for the Prep Baseball Report Scout Days to come into full action and that was the case once again this year.

Organizations throughout Ohio have been on display for nearly two months now as players not only hope to gain more exposure in their quest to be seen by college coaches, but also get a glimpse at their numbers to see what kind of progress has been made in the offseason.

Members of organizations in the state, from head coaches to director of player development, have been contacted and given the opportunity to provide a view of what stood out at their PBR Scout Days.

Over the next few weeks, PBR will publish a report on each of the Scout Days that have been submitted from organizations across Ohio.

Unlike others, the Scout Day for the T3 Warhawks was a two-day event with 105 participants on Saturday and 86 on Sunday for a total of 191.

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2022 Organizational Spotlight: T3 Warhawks

Ryan Rua talks with us about the organization.

1) How do you feel the showcase went?
Rua: For having 191 kids and this being PBR Ohio's first two-day organizational scouting event, it went extremely well based on the space we have available to us at our home facility of T3 Performance. We went from 6 p.m.-11 p.m. on Saturday, and then had a quick turnaround to go from 8 a.m.-1 p.m. on Sunday. Our staff and your staff always work extremely well together and are lucky to have such a good relationship. It was a total team effort from both sides to make this happen for our boys in northern Ohio.

2) Who are some of the prospects that stood out to you?

  • Hayden Blosser
  • Pauly Mancino
  • Camren Vessels
  • Brady Sasse
  • Brady Marshall
  • Cody Miller
  • Michael Andryszczyk
  • Jordan Kievman
  • Chris Domke
  • Dylan Rouse
  • Jacob McCartney
  • Griffin Widrig
  • Alex Sidloski

3) Any performances worth mentioning?

  • 2023 Pauly Mancino, 6.74 60-yard dash, 96 outfield arm velo, 99 exit velo, 86 mph off the mound
  • 2024 Hayden Blosser, 6.65 60-yard dash, 93 outfield arm velo, 90 exit velo, 88 mph off the mound 
  • 2023 Camren Vessels, 1.82 catcher pop time, 100 mph exit velo, 75 mph catcher throw velo
  • 2024 Brady Sasse, 85 mph off the mound
  • 2024 Brady Marshall, 1.84 catcher pop time, 6.92 60-yard dash, 84 mph infield velo, 86 mph exit velo (super utility)
  • 2025 Jacob McCartney, 99 exit velo, 81 mph off the mound
  • 2025 Jordan Kievman, 91 exit velo, 82 mph outfield velo, 80 mph off the mound LHP/LHH
  • 2024 Cody Miller, 6.65 60-yard dash, 85 outfield velo, 92 exit velo
  • 2023 Michael Andryszczyk, 6.88 60-yard dash, 90 mph outfield velo, 85 mph exit velo
  • 2023 Chris Domke, 86  mph off the mound
  • 2023 Dylan Rouse, 85 mph off the mound
  • 2025 Ian Cain, 6.78 60-yard dash and 91 exit velo
  • 2022 Alex Sidloski, 6.94 60-yard dash, 97 exit velo, 85 mph outfield velo
  • 2022 Griffin Widrig, 6.82 60-yard dash, 92 mph infield velo, 88 exit velo
  • 2024 Danny Stoddard, 7.05 60-yard dash, 92 mph velo from outfield, 89 mph exit velo, 82 mph off the mound
  • 2024 Cole Ropelewski, 6.72 60-yard dash, 93 mph velo from outfield, 87 mph exit velo
  • 2023 Jack Lion, 6.88 60-yard dash, 88 mph velo from outfield, 93 exit velo
  • 2023 Alex Laird, 6.68 60-yard dash, 90 mph infield velo, 85 exit velo
  • 2023 Carter Potts, 7.15 60-yard dash, 89 mph infield velo, 89 exit velo
  • 2024 Hector Garcia, 6.85 60-yard dash, 82 mph infield velo, 87 mph outfield velo, 86 mph exit velo
  • 2023 Jake Fix, 6.90 60-yard dash, 88 mph outfield velo, 94 mph exit velo
  • 2023 Martin Polonkay, 84 mph off the mound
  • 2023 Cole Hemminger, 84 mph off the mound
  • 2024 Hunter Winston, LHP, 81 mph off the mound, 97 exit velo
  • 2023 Giovanni Holmecki, 6.95 60-yard dash, 85 mph infield velo, 91 exit velo

As an organization based off of the updated PBR leaderboards

  • 25 kids with a 90 mph exit velo or higher
  • 27 kids with a 7.00 or faster 60-yard dash
  • 7 infielders with a throwing velocity more than 85 mph
  • 14 outfielders with a throwing velocity more than 85 mph and 5 more than 90 mph
  • 8 catchers with a recorded pop time less than 2.00
  • 24 pitchers more than 80 mph and 5 85 mph or higher

4) In looking at summer, touch on some highlights that are ahead and what you expect.
Rua: As an organization our 2022 class and 18U teams have more than 50 players now committed to play collegiately. We are excited to get started this summer with year one of the T3 Warhawks after our merger this past fall with three of the best organizations in northern Ohio; T3 Elite, Lake Erie Warhawks and NEO Baseball Club. The winter workouts and training with our staff and older teams have created an unbelievable atmosphere and culture inside of our organization. As directors, coaches, parents, and players, it's safe to say we all can't wait!

5) Are you registered for any PBR tournaments and, if so, which ones and what are your thoughts on them?
Rua: Our 15-18U teams are registered in 13 total PBR tournaments this summer that range all over. We are always excited for these events from the professionalism standpoint of playing on high-level fields, and high-level scouting for our boys.

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