Prep Baseball Report

Behind the Scenes: Top Recruits Explain Their Decisions to Leave Ohio

Chris Valentine
PBR Ohio Scouting Director

Every year, some of the top players in the state pass on an opportunity to play for a college program in Ohio and head out of state to further their baseball careers.

Inside of our state borders, we have programs that compete in the Big Ten, the Mid American Conference, the Big East, the Atlantic 10, and the Horizon Conference. And, just last year, Kent State earned a spot in the College World Series.

Many of these programs offer differing academics, campus life, facilities, and baseball programs.  Most often, these schools are pitted against each other with in-state recruiting battles. And as a result, each school attempts to explain the merits of attending their respective university over the competition.

Still, one of the biggest questions that is asked each year: why do some of the state’s top prospects leave Ohio?

Unlike football and basketball, many of the state’s top prospects attend college programs out-of-state, often in the SEC, ACC, and Big 12.

Now, baseball is a completely different sport, so the allure of the south and better weather inevitably plays a big role in a recruit's decision making process.

But, we wanted to dig further.

Over the next week, we will go behind the scenes with many of the top prospects in the Class of 2013 that will be signing their national letters of intent with college programs outside of the Buckeye State. 

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