Prep Baseball Report

Class of 2013 Spotlight: Sean Pfeifer, Springboro High School

Sean Pfeifer, Springboro High School Sean Pfeifer 

 Sean Pfeifer is a left-handed swinging outfielder. The 6-2 junior also is a right-handed pitcher.

Some scouting notes from the showcase:

Strong physical body with some strength projection. Best position is corner OF. Good raw skills (5.13 40 yd & 4 grade arm 77-79 mph). Hits from power crouch. gets excellent tourque from lower body. Has strength in hands, good bat speed into zone with controlled upper-cut. Will need to improve consistency in stride staying square to the pitcher. Has definite HR pop projection. Defensively, corner type with 4 grade arm and life in body. On the mound, he shows a deliberate delivery, gets extension with moderate 3/4 arm speed. Fastball fairly straight (80-81 mph). Shows spin on downward tilt curve and shows change that's fairly straight (70 mph). Mid-major D-1 corner OF.

Q&A with Pfeifer:

How did you feel about your performance at the showcase?

I felt that I did well in the outfield as well as with my hitting.

What do you think is your best tool as a baseball player?

I would have to say my bat for now, but I’d also have to say that my arm and my speed continue to improve as I work harder on my game.

If a scout were to walk away from a game after watching you, how would you want him to describe your style of play?

Hard worker, hustles, disciplined hitter.

Looking back on the event or even your game in general, what is one area that you need to improve upon?

Even though I feel like I’m showing signs of improvement with my arm, I think it still has more potential.

When it comes to recruiting, what factors will be important in your decision making process?

I value academics a lot, so a school that offers a good education in my field of interest is important.

Are you hearing from any schools at this point?

Yes, I have been in contact with a few coaches, including those from Wright State, Eastern Kentucky, Toledo, and Cincinnati.

Looking ahead to the high school season, what are your expectations, both personal and as a team?

As a team, our goal is to win the GWOC South and to make a long run in the tournament. Even though we’ll have a lot of new faces in the lineup, I believe that our team is capable of rising to the challenge.  Personally, I expect to be more of a leader, both with my bat as well as on the mound.

Who will be your toughest conference opponent? Are you looking forward to any specific games on your schedule?

There are a lot of good teams in the GWOC South, but I’d say that Miamisburg will be our toughest opponent. We split our series with them last year and our games with them have always been close, plus they’re returning a lot of young talent. Lebanon is another rival that has always been a tough opponent, and I always look forward to playing them. Other teams that I’m looking forward to playing are Centerville, Northmont, and Xenia.

What is going to be the key to your high school team's success this spring?

I believe the key to our success will be our teamwork and doing the little things it takes to win.  Another key to our success will be our offense – getting enough run support that will keep us competitive in every game.

What have you been doing to prepare for the spring season?

My main focus during the off-season was to improve on my arm strength, core strength, and swing.  I lifted and attended open gyms with my school team, worked out with my summer team, took pitching lessons, and worked regularly off the tee.  I also attended a conditioning program in November and December that definitely improved my speed and agility.

Who are the other top players from your area?

Sean Kennedy (Springboro), Johnny Crawford (Wapakoneta), Tom Stoffel (Northmont), Nick Bertram (Centerville), and Brian Mroz (Centerville).

Who will you be playing for this summer?

Dayton Dodgers 17U/18U

Will you be participating in any big tournaments or showcases?

In June, I will be participating in the Top Prospect Games at Prasco Park. In July, I will be participating (with the Dayton Dodgers) in the WWBA 17U National Championship at Perfect Game.

Please add any additional comments that you would like to make!

I’d just like to thank Chris and the rest of the PBR organization for giving me this opportunity to fill out this question sheet. I just feel honored and blessed that you guys decided to pick me to complete this, so I thank you for that.