Prep Baseball Report

Inside the Recruitment: '17 LHP Michael Kirian commits to Louisville

Michael Kirian, LHP, New Riegel HS, Class of 2017

PBR:  Why did you choose Louisville?

Kirian: I chose Louisville for a couple of reasons. One reason was because of the pitching coach, Coach Williams. I have spoken with him many times and I thought I had a really good connection with him. Also when I was on campus I just felt very comfortable. It seemed like a place that I could one day call home.

PBR:  What other schools were you considering?

Kirian: I was considering schools such as Kentucky, Virginia, Toledo, Cincinnati, and Miami(Oh).

PBR:  Where did Louisville first see you compete?

Kirian: Coach Williams first saw me compete at the beginning of my High School season on our first game of the year a few weeks ago.

PBR:  Was the recruiting process what you expected?

Kirian:  No, the process was nothing like I had imagined. The recruiting process went way faster than I could have ever expected.

PBR:  You are only a sophomore, how important was it to make your college decision so early? Are you finished with the recruiting process?

Kirian: It wasn’t important to me that I wanted to commit early but it’s how the recruiting process works now days. I am finished with the recruiting process.

PBR:  Who has the biggest impact on you as a baseball player? :

Kirian:  The biggest impact on me as a baseball player has been my dad. My dad was the one who started me on this wonderful game. He has always been there to push me to get better all the time and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.