Inside the Recruitment: '18 RHP Colin Sells commits to Kentucky

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Colin Sells, RHP, Bloom Carroll HS, Class of 2018

PBR: Why did you choose Kentucky?

Sells: The reason I decided to go to Kentucky Is because I saw the competitive atmosphere they had. I felt a family atmosphere as soon as I stepped on campus. I also was impressed by the amount of energy that the coaches brought to the field and how they took passion in everything they do. I believed that the coaching staff and the university are going to develop me as a person, student, and player and that was big for me in the recruiting process.

PBR: What other schools were you considering?

Sells: Louisville, West Virginia, Kent State, Purdue, Ohio State, Ohio, Youngstown state, Xavier, Central Michigan, Cincinnati, Evansville, Miami, Wright state, Campbell, Elon, Winthrop 

PBR:  Where did Kentucky first see you compete?

Sells: They first saw me compete in Fort Myers, Florida at WWBA Underclass World Championship this Fall.

PBR: You are only a junior, how important was it to make you college decision so early? Are you finished with the recruiting process?

Sells: Yes, I am done with my recruiting process. It was important to me to make a decision early but the important thing I made sure to do is to make a decision, when I was ready to. This is a big decision to make, I was making a decision to spend 4 years of my life somewhere, and I had to make sure it’s the right decision for me.

PBR: The SEC is a major baseball conference.  How much of a factor was playing in the SEC in your decision?

Sells: It was a huge impact for me because I wanted to play in the best conference in baseball, in order to maximize my potential as a baseball player. I felt that Kentucky was the perfect place for me in order for me to achieve that.

PBR: You were on pretty much every major program radar screen.  What were expectations about the recruiting process and what advice can you give future players as they go through their recruitment?

Sells: The Best advice I have is to trust the process. Trust your gut feeling, you will know when you find the right school. Don’t let a school pressure you into a decision. Wait if you are not ready. If they really want you, they will too.

PBR: What team do you play for in the summer and what is your most memorable experience?

Sells: Ohio Elite Winter but I will be playing for Triple Crown Royals 17U -Team Mizuno next summer.  Most memorable experience is hanging out with the teammates and creating a really close bond with each them

PBR: Who has had the biggest impact on you as a baseball player?

Sells: My Parents because they were the ones to take me to my games, tournaments, Visits. They pushed me to work hard to achieve a dream and because of them I did. I am Grateful for everything they do for me.

PBR:  What were you stats last spring?

Sells: 23.1 IP, 14 K’s, ERA 2.230, WHIP 1.071