'Late To The Party', Gongora Excited About Opportunity At Wright State

Bruce Hefflinger
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'Late To The Party', Gongora Excited About Opportunity At Wright State

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Sebastian Gongora

Class of 2020 / 1B

Player Information

  • Graduating Class: 2020
  • Primary Position: 1B
    Secondary Position: LHP
  • High School: Chaminade Julianne
    State: OH
  • Summer Team: Miami Valley Prospects
  • Height: 6-4
    Weight: 185lbs
  • Bat/Throw: L/L


Max FB
83 - 87
71 - 72
73 - 74
INF Velo
OF Velo
Exit Velo

'Late To The Party', Gongora Excited About Opportunity At Wright State

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP - A new college home was found just 10 miles away from the old one.

But it did not come without some stress for Sebastian Gongora, the former Sinclair Community College commit who is now going to be part of the Wright State baseball program.

“It was tough on all of us,” explained the Chaminade-Julienne 2020 graduate in reference to the announcement to suspend athletics for a full season at Sinclair. “Before the news went public, coach (Steve) Dintaman told the players. He was saddened and frustrated by it.

“Everything was ready to go and then to have the rug pulled out from all of us. It was definitely a rough couple of weeks there. As soon as it was made official, I put a thing out on Twitter and got a bunch of coaches to contact me.”

Interest came from “Indiana and a bunch of JUCOs” according to the 51st-ranked senior in Ohio. But Wright State, which had shown prior interest in Gongora during the recruiting process, soon jumped into the mix.

“Wright State said we still have the walk-on spot for you we had last summer,” Gongora noted. “Coach (Nate) Metzger (the recruiting coordinator) said I’ll talk to coach (Alex) Sogard (the head coach) about it. It took a week or two to talk about it, but they said they cut a couple spots and coach Sogard said it’s here for you. I basically took it on the spot.

“I know it’s a really good program with a good track record. When I went on a visit there (at the beginning of last summer) they were all business. They’re really big on development which I like most about them.”

Finding a landing spot, as well as other potential opportunities, came with some help.

“Coach Dintaman was one of the biggest parts of this,” Gongoa pointed out. “He has so many connections with so many coaches. He told us after the announcement he’d do this for all. He was on the phone non-stop trying to find a place for everyone to go. I’ve got to give props to him.”

The 6-4 185-pound southpaw believes the change in college destination is not a big deal at this point in time.

“I was only going to go there for one or two years anyway, and then go off somewhere else,” Gongora explained. “So there was still going to be some uncertainty where I would go. Now I’m locked into Wright State for three .. four .. five years, so I know where I’m going to be and I’m getting attached to Wright State.”

But the uneasiness felt when the recruiting process opened back up was admittedly difficult.

“When I had to start over again it was really stressful,” Gongora related. “There were so many reaching out and I had to find somewhere to go as quick as I could. Usually, they only had a few spots left.

“It was definitely the most stressful two or three weeks of my life. You don’t know where you’re going or what you’re going to do. But since I found Wright State it’s been a relief. I’m a little late to the party, but I no long feel rushed.”

Getting back into the recruitment phase was made more difficult by COVID-19..

“Any contact I made with schools came over the phone,” noted Gongora. “The only thing coaches saw with me is what I put on a video on Twitter of me pitching. But Wright State had seen me since my sophomore year, so they knew the kind of player and kind of person I am.”

For now, plans at Wright State are centered around his ability to pitch.

“They view me as a pitcher but said if I want to do it that they’re not going to stop me,” the top-ranked 2020 first baseman in the state related about the potential of being a two-way player. I think I’m going to try two-way. I feel I’m strong both ways, so I think I’m going to try it out and see how it goes.

“I need to get stronger and lift more to improve my lower body and upper body. I also want to work on my pitches a little more. I think I can develop them before I get there. That’s what summer ball is for.”

A 3.75 student uncertain about a major, with sport management or business being considered, Gongora believes he has a lot to provide the program at Wright State.

“I think I bring a winner mentality,” pointed out Gongora, who helped Chaminade-Julienne to consecutive state titles his last two years on the field in high school. “I don’t like to lose. I’m dedicated and I’m a hard worker. I’m straight to the point, I like to get things done. Effort is big to me. You get out of it what you put into it.

“I definitely bring all of those traits,” Gongora continued. “I also like to have fun, too. It’s a game so you have to be ready to go, be ready to work hard and then have fun while you’re doing it.”