Ohio Prospects Discuss Experience at the Super 60

Amherst Steele RHP Griffin Weir hit 90 mph

On February 5th, the first group of Ohio prospects participated in the highly acclaimed Super 60 Showcase in Chicago. The participants included: Midview HS LHP Eric Lauer, Amherst Steele HS RHP Griffin Weir, Kenston HS catcher Jacob Carpenter, Patrick Henry HS RHP Kevin Kline, Defiance HS RHP Robert Zeigler, and Stow HS RHP/IF Thomas Gulley.

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What were your expectations going into the event?

Eric Lauer: My expectations going in were that I would be performing infront of many high level scouts, and it was exactly that. 

Griffin Weir: I had high expectations. I expected a high level of talent.

Jacob Carpenter: My expectation level for the Super 60 event was very high considering how well everything about Prep Baseball is done to it's fullest ability. I knew right from the start I was going to get a good look at not only the aspect of college/pro scouts evaluations but to really get to compete with the top players not just in the area where I live.

Kevin Kline: I felt that attending the Super 60 Pro Showcase would give me a great opportunity to be seen by many pro scouts at one time.

Robert Zeigler: I went to Chicago expecting to be competing against the highest level of competition and to allow myself to be judged against some of the best players of the Midwest. I feel this event did just that. 

What did you think about your performance?

Eric Lauer: I thought my performance was good. I was approached by a pro scout that I had never talked to before, so I felt my outing was a success. 

Griffin Weir: I was happy. I wanted to hit 90, which I did.

Jacob Carpenter: Being one of the only Juniors there people might say that was a disadvantage or advantage, but I look at it as; 40 year old men play the highest level of baseball with someone that could be 20 years younger, so the age wasn't a factor. I thought i performed well yet there's always room to improve!

Kevin Kline:  I think I did well at the showcase.  I was happy with my velocity for that time of year. 

Robert Zeigler: I feel as though I did well especially because I was involved in a car accident a little over 8 months ago. I do not believe I am 100% just yet.

Describe the atmosphere and environment at the Super 60.

Eric Lauer: At the Super 60 the atmosphere was like no other showcase. Everyone there knew what they were doing and knew they were there for a reason, because they were good and had proven themselves enough to be where they were. It was a very serious but relaxed feeling.

Griffin Weir: It was great. Knowing you are surrounded by studs is a great feeling. The hundred plus scouts was exciting too.

Kevin Kline: The Max, where the showcase was held, is a really neat facility.  The showcase was really organized and there wasn't alot of waiting for me as a pitcher.

Robert Zeigler: The atmosphere and environment were both exceptional.  I walked in uncertain if this was going to be everything I had hoped it would be, then I saw the great indoor facilities and level of competition and was certain that it was a well-put-together event.

What was the talent like at the showcase?

Eric Lauer: Everyone at the Super 60 had obvious talent. It was not like a normal showcase were there were a few highly talented kids mixed in with average kids. All the participants were highly skilled in what they were there for.

Griffin Weir: The talent was fantastic.  All D1 prospects with great arms and skills.

Jacob Carpenter: The talent level honestly was the best i've ever seen at a showcase yet. It seemed that the talent was very well chosen and really helped me get a feel for what other top prospects in other states look like. 

Kevin Kline: It was loaded with talent.  The pitchers that I saw all did really well.  It sounds like many were hitting in the upper 80s to lower 90s.

Robert Zeigler: The talent was awesome.  There isn't much more to be said.  It seemed like everyone you talked to was headed to a D1 school.

If you were going to tell a talented underclass prospect about this event, what would you say?

Eric Lauer: I would say definitely go to this showcase. There was a ton of scouts there from large organizations and the talent was unbelievable. Just be sure to bring your A game. 

Griffin Weir: Go. It is a great experience and to see all the scouts and top players is great.

Jacob Carpenter: The Super 60 showcase was put together and ran more smoothly than any other showcase event I've attended. There's definitely a reason behind that. It was very evident that the people running the event were there to help the players.

Kevin Kline: I would tell them that it is a great way to get exposure and definitely worth their time and trip to Chicago.  It wasn't too expensive either. 

Robert Zeigler: I would tell them to attend this event.  It is one you must go to if you are serious about baseball and want to get a feel for the talent in the Midwest. It is a highly scouted event and a great opportunity to showcase your skills in front of scouts.

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