Prep Baseball Report

Q and A with 2016 Louisville Commit: Nick Bennett (Moeller HS)

Nick Bennett. LHP, Moeller HS, Class of 2016

PBR: Why did you choose Louisville?

Bennett: For me Louisville had more of what I was looking for overall, both in academics and athletics.  I had a great connection with the coaches.  Coach Williams is one of the best pitching coaches out there, I like his pitching philosophy and I think his knowledge and experience can help me achieve my goals at the next level.  The baseball program itself has earned a lot of respect in the past couple years and Coach Mac has done a great job with the players, most of which are recruited from the Midwest. The Cardinals seem to have a strong fan base that show a lot of support for their teams.  Great fans always make the game more fun.

PBR: What other schools were you considering?

Bennett: I narrowed my final choices down to Ole Miss, Vanderbilt and Kentucky along with Louisville. All offered great academics along with excellent coaching staffs with the top ranked baseball programs at the college level.  The decision was not easy.

PBR:  Where did Louisville first see you compete?

Bennett: June of 2013 at the AABC qualifier here in Cincinnati.

PBR: Was the recruiting process what you expected?

Bennett: More than I ever expected, and somewhat overwhelming at times. Being recruited so young and talking with coaches from the top ranked college baseball programs in the country can really test your nerves.  Eventually, I became comfortable and at ease with the coaches and we just talked baseball and everyday things.  Some of those conversations will be great memories for me.  I could not be more grateful for the opportunities and interest that were given to me through this recruiting process. 

PBR: You are only a junior, how important was it to make you college decision so early?  Are you finished with the recruiting process?

Bennett: Honestly, at this point I don't feel it's all that early. By the fall of my freshman year I had interest from colleges and the fall of sophomore year I had two scholarship offers. So the early recruiting just took me completely by surprise, and things changed quickly for me at that point.  I took my time visiting schools and finding the right fit for me.  I was ready to commit when I did without feeling pressure to do so.  I remember Coach Fox at North Carolina telling me your young, take your time, enjoy the process and ask a lot of questions and you will know when the time is right to decide.  I did that, so yes I am finished with the recruiting process.                 

PBR: How does it feel to be a part of the great Moeller baseball tradition?  Do you feel any extra added pressure when you put on the Crusader uniform?

Bennett: First of all I appreciate the fact that my parents have been able to give me an education at a school with such tradition, faith and values. So I feel honored and thankful to be part of the Moeller baseball program.  I don't feel pressure, just pride to represent and play for Moeller knowing that Coach Cameron, Barry Larkin, Ken Griffey Jr. and others have worn the Moeller uniform years ago and played a big part in setting that tradition. 

PBR: Who has had the biggest impact on you as a baseball player?

Bennett: My family and coaches.  My dad, and both the Moeller and Midland coaching staffs have made a huge impact on my growth as a pitcher. I have been lucky to be coached by so many knowledgeable people who have had my best interest at heart.  I would not be where I am right not if it were not for the support and encouragement of my parents, my sister and my coaches.        

PBR:  Who do you play for in the summer and what is your favorite memorable moment?

Bennett: I play for Midland.  One of my favorite moments is throwing a no hitter at the 16U Perfect Game World Series in Georgia this summer.  The memories I have made with my teammates, some of the greatest guys you ever want to play the game with both on and off the field are by far the most memorable. 

PBR:  Who is the best hitter that you have ever faced?

Bennett: TJ Collett, he has one of the smoothest left handed swings I have faced.