Prep Baseball Report

Scouting Report: Week 1 of Fall Prospect Program

Each week, PBR will provide a scouting report on games that are played as a part of the Fall Prospect Program. All games are played at college fields and coached by college coaches.


2013 RHP Tom Coon (Dublin Jerome): 4 innings of solid work. Showed good command of all three pitches. Fastball consistently sitting around 83-84 mph with 69 BB and 69 CH. Showed the ability to barrel baseballs at the plate, and a consistent approach. 

2013 RHP/OF Masashi Sakamoto (Dublin Jerome): Can’t miss athlete. Minor command issues but a live 83-85 mph fastball, touching 86. Sharp BB at many arm slots from 69-76. Showed athleticism in the field while also consistently reaching base with a wide base stance and above average hand at the plate.

2014 1B/OF Jarod Yoakam (Marysville): Solid Bat. Great approach at the plate combined with size and power makes Yoakam a top prospect. Continued to barrel baseballs all day while showing good plate discipline.

White Team Pitching Recaps

2014 RHP/OF Nick Mancini (Olentangy Orange): 75-79 FB, 60 BB

2014 RHP/OF Matt Smith (Olentangy Orange): 75-76 FB, 63-68 BB

2014 RHP/IF Jake Ross (Olentangy Orange): 81-83 FB, 64-65 BB 71 CH - Sneaky fastball, fluid arm action from small frame.

2014 RHP/C Ryan Curtis (Westerville North): 78-82 FB, 70-71 tight BB ... his best pitch.


2013 LHP Daniel Sexton (Watkins Memorial HS): 80-82 mph fastball but showed plenty of room for increased velocity. Crafty lefty with very loose arm action makes Sexton a definite follow. CB 68-70 and CH 74.

2013 IF Chris Keck (Hilliard Davidson): Impressive results with a couple barreled baseballs while also showing some athleticism in the field.

Crimson Team Pitching Recaps 

2013 LHP Kevin Davis (Watterson): 75-78 FB, 60 BB

2013 LHP Greg Jacknewitz (Watterson): 79-81 FB, 69-70 … Consistently challenged hitters and kept them off balance.

2015 RHP Chase Antle (Grove City): 78-81 FB, 61-62 BB, 71 CH

2015 RHP Evan Skinner (Grove City): 71-72, 66BB, 65 CH

2016 LHP Cole Music (Watkins Memorial): 67-69 FB, 63 BB


2013 C Jonathan Banks (CHCA): Shows solid leadership behind plate with ability to block and receive well. Showed good baseball instincts while also posing a threat at the plate.

2014 IF Ricky Silvestri (CHCA): Good approach at the plate with a powerful load and fluid actions. Seems to be a force at the plate and is still transitioning and trying to find a position in the field.

2013 LHP/1B Tommy Crowl (Summit Country Day) - Had a solid and quiet upright swing which resulted in barreled baseballs. Possible dual threat at mid level collegiate baseball. 77-81,68BB.

2014 RHP Jeremy Randolph (Miamisburg): Live arm with 83-86 FB that touched up to 88 mph. Also showed 73-75 BB. Shows solid command of the zone and used breaking ball to keep hitters off balance in clever spots.

Navy Team Pitching Reports

2013 RHP Alex Mezcua (Mason)- 75-76 FB,63-65 BB. Showed good command and mowed through hitters. Used 12-6 BB to fool many hitters.

2014 RHP Richard Nolde (Alter): 68-70 FB, 56-60 BB

2014 RHP Braydon Focht (Northmont): 79-81 FB , 71-74 BB

2015 LHP Brandon Veda (Fenwick): 68-71 FB, 60 BB


2014 OF/2B Sean Montgomery (Bishop Hartley): Solid scrappy player. Very impressive swings. Arguably the best approach all day with aggressive swings in hitter counts. Also showed the ability to track down balls in centerfield. Overall a very surprising player and a definite follow throughout the fall.

2013 1B Brock Frentzel (Gahanna Lincoln): Solid build with raw skills. Shows ability to create massive power; however inconsistency is currently his down side. Size and defense not being a liability make him an attractive power hitting left handed bat.

Blue Team Scouting Report

2013 RHP Andrew Chacey (Licking Valley): 79-81 FB, 66-69 BB

2013 RHP Alexander Staron (Athens): 73-75 FB, 65 BB

2015 LHP Matt Wilch (River Valley): 73-74 FB, 56 BB

2014 RHP Greg Suber (Delaware Hayes: 75-76 FB, 69 BB

2014 RHP Kyle Pasheilelic (Ontario): 70-72 FB, 58 BB

2013 RHP Nash Cunningham (Fredericktown): 81-83 FB, 64-65 BB. Showed some control issues. Good potential on the mound.