Prep Baseball Report

Top 2014 Prospects from Ohio's Pre-Season Underclass II

Today, we are recapping the Top Prospects from the Class of 2014. Later, we will recap the best of the rest from the Class of 2014 and post the full statistical results.


1. Caleb Ferguson, LHP, West Jefferson HS

6-foot-4, 210-pound lefty. Has good mound presence along. Deliberate no windup delivery. Shows balance and arm extension. Arm works well with moderate arm speed through 3/4 arm slot. Displays good feel of three pitches and maintains in stretch motion as well. Fastball velocity ranged 86-88 mph with some sink and run action. Curve ball had slurvey type action at 69-71 mph. Had good arm action on change up with occasional movement (74-78 mph).

2. Nate Green, RHP/1B, Hilliard Darby HS

6-foot-5, 210-pound two-way prospect with future physical projection. Arm works well. Has inward turn front side in delivery with moderate arm speed through upper 3/4 arm slot. Gets arm extensions but would like enhancement of lower body in delivery to increase velocities. Definitely more there fastball showed some life in zone, ranging 85-87 mph. Shows some feel for off-speed pitches, curveball has some slurvy downward tilt in actions, ranging 75-77 mph. Needs to increase arm speed on change-up (75-78 mph). Offensively, he shows power potential from the left side. Starts from a wide, closed stance and a bit of a crouch. Shows quick hands and pull tendencies in his swing. Plenty of potential and all the tools to be a two-way prospect.

3. Kyle Davis, IF/C, CHCA

6-foot, 190-pound solid built player with more strength to come. Projects as a third baseman to offensive second baseman type with good balance and lower half. Accepts ball well with arm strength (82 mph) from all angles. Right handed bat hits from slight open stance, triggers his hands from shoulder with controlled upper cut swing path with major bat speed (93 mph). Definite power potential. Achieves solid hand swing finish and lower body torque. Definite high ceiling player.

4. Alec Turner, 3B/1B, Carlisle HS

5-foot-10, 185-pound stocky built player that shows definite power in his game. Solidly projects as corner infield type with good feet and balance. Accepts ball well with hands and has solid arm strength (82 mph) from all angles. This right-handed hitter shows definite power potential at the plate. Has some bat speed (86 mph exit) from shoulder trigger. Uses a controlled upper cut in zone. Has good hand finish and lower body torque in swing. Solid prospect that will only improve his game as his body advances physically.

5. Jacob McJilton, IF, Home School

6-foot, 160-pound infielder with high twitch athleticism. Projectable body. Defensively, he shows the versatility to play several positions In the infield, he displays good feet and accepts the ball well. Shows arm strength (80 mph), but needs to improve accuracy. Bat plays very well. This right-handed  bat shows good hands into zone from shoulder trigger. Has solid hand finish and gets lower body torque (81 mph exit). Is a little raw at this point with the glove but overall has definite high ceiling.

6. Cody Vogel, LHP, Celina HS

5-foot-10, 190-pound prospect with broad shoulders and solid, athletic frame. Shows definite life on all pitches. No windup to his delivery. Has quick arm speed through 3/4 arm slot. Gets arm extensions with some finish. Shows some effort to his delivery. Fastball has definite late run action, ranging 81-83 mph while curveball has some downward tilt bite (68-70 mph). Changeup has definite arm side run and some occasional sink action (75-76 mph). 


Craig Prince, RHP/3B, Licking Valley HS

6-foot-1, 215-pound prospect with thick, solid build. Shows quick arm action. From third base, he reached a top velocity of 81 mph with a quick transfer. Shows good footwork and accepts the ball well. At the plate, his swing can get a tad long due to some baring issues during his load. But, he still shows quick hands (83 mph exit velocity) and power potential with an uphill path to the ball. His future may be on the mound if he can develop his off-speed pitches. His fastball sat 78-80 mph with more to come. His changeup sits at 70-73 mph and his curveball fluctuated between 59-64 mph.

Brayden Focht, IF, Northmont HS

6-foot-2, 170-pound athletic player that has shown steady improvement in game. Ran solid 4.3 to 1st base. Shows good middle infield skills with footwork and hands along with 79 mph arm strength release from all angles. Right-handed hitter hits that starts from wide stance. Triggers hands from his chest with flat plane into zone. Shows some bat speed (83 mph exit velocity). Shows good hand finish and some lower body. Has tendency to hit against his body at times so needs to consistently clear front side. On the mound, the right-hander throws from an over the top arm slot with short arm action. HIs fastball sits 79-80 mph (we have seen him 81-82 mph). It is straight and doesn't show much movement. He needs to better incorporate his lower half within his delivery. His curveball shows slurvy type break at 71-72 mph. He tends to slow down his arm action on his changeup, which sits at 71-73 mph.

Jacob Nicewaner, RHP/3B, Tecumseh HS

6-foot, 192-pound prospect with strong, solid build. Likely projects best as a corner infielder. Shows balance stance with smooth load and short stride from the right side. Displays quick bat speed (88 mph exit velocity) and solid contact at the plate. Reached top velocity of 78 mph on his throws across the infield. Feet move well, but needs to improve glove work. On the mound, he throws from a high ¾ arm slot with a 78-79 mph fastball. He doesn’t show consistent command of a 65-67 mph breaking ball that shows occasional 11/5 break. Changeup is straight at 74 mph.

Matt Smith, OF, Olentangy Orange HS

5-foot-10, 165-pound outfielder with medium, athletic build. Shows corner outfield potential. Plays through the ball and reached a top velocity of 81 mph. At the plate, he uses slight leg kick with a smooth load. Shows good balance with solid, line drive production. Will hit for average, not power at the next level. Controls the bat head and shows quickness into the zone (83 mph exit velocity).

Noah Heard, 1B, Fairfield HS

6-foot-1, 230-pound prospect with strong, solid frame. His bat will be his key on the next level. Right handed hitter that starts from open stance. Shows hand strength and bat speed into zone (86 mph) from shoulder trigger. Power numbers will improve by enhancing more lower body torque and hand swing finish (2 hands). Fields ball well around bag. Has slingy type arm action with 73 mph arm strength. Ran 4.71 to 1st base. Overall, shows plenty of raw skills with lots of upside.

Ryan Kennedy, OF, Hamilton HS

6-foot, 165-pound outfielder with athletic build. Speed best suits him for corner outfield at the next level. Uses short arm action and quick transfer. Accepts ball with 81 mph arm strength. Ran 4.64 home to first time from the right side. Hits from open stance. Has chest level hand trigger with some upper cut bat path (84 mph exit velocity). Has good hand finish and lower half torque.

Thomas Huettner, IF/RHP, Wooster HS

6-foot-2, 185-pound prospect with athletic body. Defensively projects out to be third baseman to offensive second baseman type. Has good feet and accepts ball well with hands. Arm works with 74 mph velocity from a low ¾ to ¾ arm slot. Left handed hitter that starts from a wide base. Shows some bat speed (80 mph) from shoulder trigger. Good hand finish and lower half body torque. On the mound, he uses a high front side kick with moderate arm speed through 3/4 slot. Fastball is fairly straight (78-80 mph). Shows downward tilt on curveball (70-71 mph) but little feel of changeup (68-71 mph).

Wes Birchmeier, IF, Miamisburg HS

Athletic type middle infielder with good lateral feet and arm strength (77 mph) from all angles. The 5-foot-11, 175-pound infielder has good overall actions, accepts ball well with hands. Hits from open stance. Triggers hands from chest and extends arms well in zone. Righty hitter shows some future power pop. Ran 4.63 to 1st base with 81 mph bat exit. Will need to enhance his lower half torque to achieve max power. Shows good hand finish.

Zach Souter, C, Huron HS

6-foot-4, 205-pound catching prospect with strong, athletic frame that shows durability for position. Good receiving skills. Shows lower lateral movement and accepts ball well. Has good release (2.10-2.12 pop times) with 75 mph arm strength. Some adjustments with glove to hand exchange and footwork will improve pop times. Right handed hitter that starts from upright stance. Triggers hands from shoulder with good hand finish. Ran well for his size (4.5 to 1st). Has some drift. Shows some quickness in his hands (85 mph exit).