Prep Baseball Report

Top 2015 Prospects from Ohio's Pre-Season Underclass II

Today, we are recapping the Top Prospects from the Class of 2015. Later, we will recap the best of the rest from the Class of 2015 and post the full statistical results.


1. JD Orr, OF, Mt. Vernon HS

The 5-foot-11, 185-pound outfielder possesses a muscular frame. He shows excellent balance defensively, a quick transfer and a top velocity of 83 mph on his throws. He shows plus speed with home to first times of 3.87 and 3.91. At the plate, the left-handed hitter draws comparisons to Matt Smith, a 2013 outfielder headed to Western Carolina. He shows good balance in his stance with a shoulder level trigger. He displays excellent hand speed (92 mph exit velocity off the tee) and consistently squared the ball up at the plate. 

2. Drew Morrison, LHP, Licking Valley HS

The 6-foot-1, 180-pound lefty displays quick arm speed through a high ¾ arm slot. He showed good feel for a sharp 1/7 breaking ball at 68-71 mph. He still needs to develop his changeup, which is pretty straight at 76-78 mph. He showed similar velocity (81-83 mph) as he did in his appearance at the Underclass Games this past July. Still in the middle of basketball season, and not in complete baseball shape at this time.

3. Joe Vranesic, RHP/OF, Moeller HS

6-foot-1, 190-pound prospect with strong, athletic frame and two-way potential. Recent transfer to Moeller HS from Northmont HS. On the mound, he shows inward front side turn (slight cross body). Moderate arm speed through upper 3/4 slot. Fastball has good sinking action ranging 83-86 mph. Has good slurvy action curveball at 68-69 mph and some arm side run on change (74-75 mph). Offensively, the right-handed hitter uses an open stance. Displays quick hands through the zone (94 mph exit velocity). Triggers hands from shoulder with some upper cut bat path. Gets lower half torque. Ran 4.63 1st base time. Defensively, showed over the top release with 87 mph arm strength. 

4. Peyton Burdick, IF/C/RHP, Glen Este HS

Shows two-way potential in the future. The 5-foot-10, 155-pound prospect shows the versatility to play several positions at the next level. He showed good balance and accepted the ball well in both the middle infield and outfield. Reached up to 83 mph from the outfield. On this occasion, he didn’t go behind the plate, but has shown advanced skills in that area as well. At the plate, the right-handed hitter uses an upright stance with a front side kick trigger and good hand speed (83 mph exit velocity off the tee). On the mound, he displays an 81-83 mph fastball through a high ¾ arm slot. He showed good downward bite on a 68-69 mph curveball and good arm action on a 75-77 mph changeup.

5. Parker Chalmers, IF/OF, Wyoming HS

5-foot-9, 145-pound middle infield prospect. Defensively, he posses smooth hands and a quick transfer. Reached a top velocity of 79 mph on this occasion, but showed balance and ability to throw from different angles. The left-handed hitter displays quick bat speed (81 mph exit velocity) and line drive production from the left side. Pro-typical top of the order bat. In July of 2012, he stood out at the Cincinnati Open ID with a 6.76 60He is beginning to draw comparison to Ty Amann, a 2013 Ohio University recruit.

6. Mason Daniels, RHP, Gahanna Lincoln HS

The 6-foot-1, 135-pound prospect is a lanky athlete with a baby face. He displayed a quick, loose arm that produces an 81-83 mph fastball. Even more impressive, he showed excellent arm action and command of a 73-76 mph changeup with good fade. His curveball showed gradual 10/4 break at 70-72 mph.

7. Jordan Ramey, IF/OF, Moeller HS

The 5-foot-6, 140-pound athlete shows the ability to play the outfield and second base. He is a quick twitch player who reached a top velocity of 84 mph from the outfield. In the infield, he shows quick feet and a quick transfer. At the plate, his swing tends to bar his front arm, which creates some length. He still shows good potential with quick hands and good use of his lower half. Draws comparison’s to Jamel Scott, a former Dublin Scioto graduate and Cincinnati Bearcat.

8. Paul Collins, OF, Goshen HS

6-foot-1, 180-pound outfielder with strong, athletic frame. Reached a top velocity of 83 mph on his throws from the outfield. Best suited as a corner outfielder at the next level. Needs to continue improving footwork. Offensively, the left-handed hitter can swing it. Shows fast bat speed (89 mph exit velocity) with a slight uphill path to the ball. Swing could be simplified as he tends to rock in his load and create some diving issues. Bat will be his key for the next level.


Andrew Almquist, RHP/OF, Lakota East HS

5-foot-11, 165-pound prospect that projects best as a pitcher at this stage. His arm strength is his best tool at present. Reached a top velocity of 82 mph from the outfield. Needs to quicken exchange and improve footwork. At the plate, he shows a choppy rhythm to his swing. Tends to bar his arm and let his hands drift away from his body. Simplifying will help shorten the path of his swing. Still creates solid, line drive production and shows some strength in his swing (80 mph exit velocity). On the mound, the right-handed hitter uses short arm action. He sat in the low 80’s and touched up to 83. He uses a loopy 59-61 mph breaking ball. His best off-speed pitch is a 70-73 mph changeup thrown near fastball arm speed.

Cole Brandenburg, RHP/3B, Miamisburg HS

5-foot-10, 159-pound prospect that shows potential two-way abilities. Likely a third baseman or offensive second baseman. Has good feet and balance. Displays arm strength (76 mph) from all angles. Runs a 4.51 home to first time. Right-handed hitter that shows power potential with some bat speed (83 mph exit) along with good hand finish and lower half torque. On the hill, has good delivery but needs to have more consistent follow through. Moderate 3/4 arm speed. Fastball ranged 81-82 mph with slurvy type curve at 66-68 mph. Change was 70-74 mph while showing a cutter with some bite (72-74 mph).

James Tennebaum, RHP/IF/OF, New Albany HS

5-foot-7, 180-pound prospect with small, solid build. Utilizes his strong lower half. At the plate, he uses a slight uphill path to the ball and shows good bat speed into the zone (81 mph exit velocity). Shows the versatility to play third base, second base, or a corner outfield spot. Reached top velocity of 78 mph across the infield and 83 mph from the outfield. On the mound, his fastball sat 78-80 mph with a 66-68 mph breaking ball and a 68-70 mph changeup.

Nathan Boll, OF, Grove City HS

5-foot-9, 155-pound outfielder that posses excellent athletic ability. Ran an excellent 4.03 time to 1st base. Right-handed hitter that shows excellent hand speed into zone (86 mph exit) which could improve with some tweaking. Presently is an upper body hitter with chest level hand trigger (flat bat path). Shows balance defensively, has some sling in arm action with 77 mph strength.

Nigel Williams, IF/C, LaSalle HS

5-foot-10, 190-pound prospect with good athleticism but tad raw in skills. Ran 4.56 home to first time. Defensively, he shows good hands and quick release (72 mph arm). As a catcher, squares and receives well with 70 mph arm strength and a top pop time of 2.19. This will enhance with improvement in glove to hand exchange. His bat is his best tool at present. The right-handed hitter starts from open stance with shoulder level hand trigger. Creates good bat speed into the zone (86 mph exit velocity). Shows good hand finish and lower body torque. Squares bat on barrel well with pop potential.

Troy Black, IF, Waynesville HS

6-foot, 200-pound player with big, physical frame. Projects as a third baseman. Shows good balance and hands with 76 mph arm strength from all angles. Ran 4.47 home to first time. Right-handed hitter that starts from upright power stance. Has good hand speed into zone from shoulder trigger (80 mph exit velocity). Uses front side kick with hand finish and lower body torque. Needs to be more consistent in keeping back-side load in his approach which will even more enhance obvious power potential. His older brother Ty is a 2013 Ohio University recruit.