Prep Baseball Report

Top Class of 2015 and 2016 Prospects from the Fall Top Prospect Showcase


Chandler Day, RHP/OF, Watkins Memorial HS

6-foot-3, 158-pound right-handed pitcher with very projectable, lanky body. Offers solid two-way potential. Good pitching delivery with loose quick arm speed through upper 3/4 arm slot. Fastball shows good late life in zone, ranging 85-88 mph. Shows feel for downward tilt curve (73-75 mph) with some tilt. Good arm action on changeup (75-76 mph). Shows solid arm strength from the outfield with carry (88 mph). Runs 7.3 60 yard. Upright hitting stance with shoulder trigger. Definite power potential.

Cole Quillen, LHP/OF, Tippecanoe HS

5-foot-10, 150-pound two way prospect. Quick arm speed through upper arm slot. Fastball shows some late life (82-84 mph). Has feel for slurvy tilt breaking ball (67-70 mph) with some arm side run on changeup (70-71 mph). Excellent hitting potential. Good bat speed from shoulder trigger. Has controlled upper-cut with definite power projection. Good hand finish and torque. Ran 7.28 60-yard dash with arm (84 mph) defensively. Will draw similar comparison to 2013 Virginia Tech recruit Tom Stoffel from Northmont. 

Paul Collins, OF/IF, Goshen HS

6-foot-1, 175-pound prospect with solid, athletic frame. Posses big time left-handed bat. Uses shoulder level trigger with quick bat speed through the zone. Consistently squares the ball up well. Overall, simple, fluid swing that produces big time power. Draws comparisons to Zach Sterry (2013 Oakland University recruit). Registered 7.51 60-yard dash. Still needs to polish up defensive skills. Shows some raw abilities with 81 mph strength from the outfield with some carry and 75 mph velocity across the infield. Likely projects best as an outfielder at the next level.

Logan Giddings, 1B/OF, Pickerington North HS

6-foot, 180-pound two-way prospect. Strong body prospect. Bat is his ticket on the next level. Definite power potential from the left side. Hits from wide stance. Has good bat speed from shoulder trigger with some controlled upper cut bat path. Good lower body torque and two hand finish. Ran 7.32 60 yard dash with arm strength (87 mph). Ability to play first base or left field defensively. On the mound, he has quick arm action through 3/4 arm slot. Fastball sits 80-83 mph with slurvy tilt breaker (69-73 mph) and change (73-75).

Joe Vranesic, RHP/OF, Clayton Northmont HS

6-foot, 175-pound prospect. Young pitcher that shows good physical projection in body. Moderate arm strength through upper 3/4 arm slot. Has slight cross body action in delivery. Fastball has some sinking action, ranging 83-85 mph. Shows feel on downward spin curve (67-68 mph) with some sink action on changeup (74-75 mph). Hits from open stance with some width in base. Has shoulder hand trigger with some upper cut path. Power potential.

Conner Thomson, C, Canton South HS

5-foot-8, 155-pound catcher. Good athlete. Registered 7.1 60-yard dash. Shows good catching skills with lower body mobility and framing. On target with split time throws (2.1-2.18). Needs to improve overall arm strength (70 mph) to match good glove to hand exchange. Hits from upright stance. Has very quick hands from shoulder trigger. Line drive bat gets good lower body torque in swing. Could improve with enhancement in bat hand finish (two hands). Needs to gain physical strength to increase durability.

Jacob Stewart, OF/3B, Hamilton HS

6-foot-3, 170 pound prospect with lanky body with definite power projection. Showed good raw skills set. Ran 7.02 60 yard dash with solid arm strength from outfield (82 mph). Showed good hands defensively with 72 mph arm. Needs to improve footwork. Shows some width in hitting stance. Creates line drive production from shoulder trigger. Has flat plane bat path. Has good hand finish. Needs to improve lower body torque to improve power potential.

Hunter Ackerman, OF, Mansfield Madison HS

6-foot-2, 175-pound outfielder. Athletic young player with good raw skill set. Ran 7.07 60-yard dash with 77 mph arm strength from the outfield. Arm can increase with improving proper crow-hop and balance. Good physical projection. Hits from open stance. Has bat speed from chest trigger. Has flat plane bat path. Needs to implement more top hand in trigger with two hand swing finish to enhance power. Has good lower half torque.

James Tannebaum, OF/RHP, New Albany HS

5-foot-7, 170-pound prospect. Smallish body but has some obvious strength. Has excellent arm (87 mph) from the outfield with good balance. Good, quick actions in the infield with 77 mph arm from all angles. Needs to improve 7.52 60 yard time. Hits from slight crouch. Gets good bat speed from chest level trigger. Shows good bat finish and lower body torque.

Jonathon Deifel, IF/RHP, Cincinnati St. Xavier HS

5-foot-11, 165-pound potential two-shot player. Shows good baseball sense and skills. Ran 7.18 60-yard dash with 77 mph arm strength from the infield. Good hands and balance. Needs to enhance footwork. Shows bat speed offensively. Hits from open stance. Triggers hands from shoulder. Needs to improve hand finish and squaring front side to pitcher. On the bump, he uses cross body delivery with 3/4 slot. Fastball sits 79-81 mph with 66-68 mph curve and 67-68 mph change.

Evan McDonald, C, Logan Elm HS

6-foot, 180-pound catcher. Strong medium body with good lower body mobility and catching skills. Shows some arm strength (72 mph). Needs to increase arm strength to quicken split times (2.11-2.16). Shows good power potential as a hitter. Starts from open stance with chest level hand trigger. Needs to improve on squaring front side in stance to pitcher. Gets good lower half torque. Has one hand bat swing finish.


Nick Bennett, LHP/OF, Cincinnati Moeller HS

6-foot-3, 170-pound prospect with tall, lanky projectable body. Excellent pitching prospect with loose arm through upper 3/4 slot. Needs to improve consistency of backside finish (follow through). Fastball shows late life, ranging 82-84 mph. Uses slurvy tilt breaking ball with some feel (66-67 mph) and some am side run on change (68-70 mph). Ran 7.85 60 yard dash. Showed good arm strength from outfield (81 mph). Upper body hitter. Needs to improve lower half and finish in swing.

Brad Hall, RHP/IF, Milford HS

6-foot-1, 160-pound Has good strength from medium body that shows physical projection. Ran 7.52 60 yard dash with solid arm strength (77 mph) from all angles. Needs to enhance footwork and overall balance defensively. Hits from crouch and squares barrel well on ball with good hand finish and lower body torque. Has moderate arm speed from 3/4 slot on the hill. Fastball ranged 78-81 mph with some downward spin on curve (62-63 mph) and some run action on change (71-75 mph). Needs to work on throwing loopy curveball instead of manipulating it, which should improve with age.