Top Prospect Games: Team Crimson Analysis

Team Crimson Analysis

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Adam Hartz, 2B/3B, Wynford HS, Class of 2013

Athletic, get dirty type player. Good infield skills. More suited for the right side with 69 mph across the diamond. Good foot speed with a 7.0 60-yard dash sixty. Best tool is his bat. Shows quickness into hitting zone from shoulder hand trigger. Needs to enhance his hand load by keeping them back. Good lower body.

Chris Elam, MIF/RHP, Lakota East HS, Class of 2013

Athletic player with good raw baseball skills. Runs 7.13 60-yard dash with 72 mph arm strength across the diamond. Attacks and plays through the ball. Soft hands with quick transfer. Middle infield skills. Moderate bat speed. Squares front side and makes good contact. He will occasionally dive into pitch so he needs to consistently keep his backside from leaking. On the mound, repeats good delivery with quick arm speed through upper 3/4 slot. Needs to enhance stuff to be collegiate pitcher. Fastball is fairly straight at 78-80 mph and shows some feel on compact curve that lacks depth at 64-65 mph.

Colin Gossard, IF/RHP, Lima Bath HS, Class of 2014

Tall, lanky body with projectable arm. Has deception in delivery with some funk in backside extension. Uses moderate arm speed through upper 3/4 slot. Gets good front side finish. Fastball shows arm side run, ranging 84-86 mph. Changeup also shows arm side run at 75-76 mph while curve has downward tilt at 66-68 mph. has good corner infield skills but needs to enhance body balance. Ran 7.29 60 yard dash with 74 mph arm strength across the diamond. Hits from open crouch stance. Squares front side and loads hands from the chest. 

Darren Sackett, C, Loveland HS, Class of 2014

Young talented, catching prospects. Catches & frames well with some lateral blocking ability. Showed pop times of 2.09-2.13 and 76 mph velocity from the crouch. Offensively, the left-handed hitter starts from the crouch. He triggers hands from his shoulder. His lower body torque is good but needs to keep his hand load back bit longer (some occasional leakage). Ran a 7.38 60-yard dash.

Gabe Winans-Berner, RHP/1B, Tecumseh HS, Class of 2013

Tall, lanky body. Has inward turn high front knee kick. Gets arm extension with moderate arm speed through 3/4 arm slot. Has occasional arm side run on fastball that ranged 82-84 mph. Showed arm side run on change up that measured 67-73 mph and some feel on downward plane curveball 66 mph. Shows good fielding skills around the bag. Registered a 7.47 60-yard dash time. Offensively, has squared front side stance. Extends arms well but restricts extension with chest level hand trigger. Would like to see more top hand in load which would help increase overall power.

Jacob Banks, RHP/IF, CHCA, Class of 2013

Good lean muscle player with physical projection. Projects as a pitcher at the next level. Aggressive arm. Has good front side and gets back arm extension. Has D-1 arm with fastball ranging 84-87 mph with occasional sink and arm side run action from low 3/4 slot. Uses slurvy type breaking ball (68-71 mph) and some feel for change at 75 mph with some run action. Shows good infield skills with feet, hands and solid arm strength. Projects as a corner player with 7.4 60 yard dash time. Squares front side as a hitter, triggers hands from chest which can cause flat plane bat path. Also needs more consistent lower half torque.

Jaycen Newsome, IF/RHP, Fairborn HS, Class of 2013

Has obvious physical body strength. Projects as a corner infielder. Shows decent hands and 76 mph velocity across the infield. Needs to enhance footwork. Ran a 7.47 60-yard dash. Offensively has an upright power stance with shoulder hand trigger. Gets good lower half torque and needs to work on not opening backside load too soon. On the mound, aggressive pitcher that comes at hitters. Gets both front and backside arm extension, would like to see enhancement in lower half and more hip pop in finish. Fastball is 82-84 mph with some sink action. Has good feel of off-speed. Displays downward tilt on curve (67-69 mph) and sinking action on changeup (74-75 mph).

Jonathan Banks, C, CHCA, Class of 2013

Excellent physical projection. Shows good catching skills. Keeps low target, boxes and frames well. Solid arm strength with 76 mph from the crouch and pop times of 2.03-2.05. Displays excellent footspeed for position (7.06 60 time). Offensively, shows good power potential from upright stance. Gets good lower half tourque . Has bat quickness into zone with long finish. 

Jonathan Stone, C/1B, Middletown HS, Class of 2013

Strong bodied catcher with solid frame. Shows good catching skills. Keeps backside low; blocks and frames well. Needs to further improve blocking ability. Squares front side as a hitter with quick bat speed. Loads from shoulder trigger with controlled upper-cut. Also has good lower body torque. Pull power with homerun potential. Put on impressive batting practice display.

Logan Heffernan, OF, Lebanon HS, Class of 2013

Athletic player with physical strength projection. Registered a 7.12 60 yard-dash with 84 mph velocity from the outfield. Projects as corner player. Displays good hitting mechanics. Has shoulder hand trigger and gets lower half torque. Has tendency to flatten hand trigger. 

Logan Valentine, IF, Middletown Fenwick HS, Class of 2013

Best suited as a second baseman at next level. Runs well wit a 7.05 60-yard dash and reaches 78 mph velocity across the diamond. Displays solid middle infield defensive skills. Feet and hands work well. Offensively, has chest level trigger that causes flat bat plane into zone. Will improve power as a hitter with additional incorporation of lower-half. 

Matt Current, OF, Middletown HS, Class of 2013

Good physical strength player. Projects as corner. Hits from the left-side. Squares front side as hitter. Triggers from chest which can cause flat bat path swing. Makes contact and gets lower body torque.

Matt Lynch, RHP, St. Ignatius HS, Class of 2013

Repeats good delivery getting front and backside arm extension. Would like to see enhancement in lower body backside hip pop. Has moderate arm action through upper 3/4 slot. Fastball fairly straight in movement, ranging from 81-82 mph with downward spin curveball at 71-72 mph.

Peter Yorgen, OF/C/IF, Butler HS, Class of 2013

Versatile player with the ability to help a college program in many ways. Good baseball sense. Ran a 7.23 60-yard dash with 79 mph velocity from the outfield and 77 mph across the infield. Also catches (has been Taylore Cherry's catcher the past two seasons). Pop time ranges from 2.01-2.13. Offensively, he is a a solid contact hitter that hits from the crouch.

Riley Mahan, IF, Moeller HS, Class of 2014

Good baseball sense. Starting third baseman as a sophomore for DI state championship team loaded with Division I college recruits. Good middle infield range. Likely projects as a third baseman or second baseman in the future. Shows excellent arm strength from all angles and 7.1 60 yard dash. Hits from open stance, squares front side with line drive stroke to all fields. 

Ryan Arington, IF, Cincinnati Christian, Class of 2013

Western Carolina verbal. Excellent physical strength projection. Shows good baseball sense and skills. Has middle infield skills, but will likely be corner infielder in future. Good hands, feet and balance with arm strength from all angles. Topped out at 86 mph across the infield. Runs 60 in excellent 6.75 time. Hits from open stance. Squares front side with shoulder-hand trigger. Quick bat into zone with long finish.

Steve Easterling, RHP, Ironton HS, Class of 2013

Good delivery and extension from 3/4 slot. Repeats delivery but needs more lower-half hip pop in finish (which would enhance velocity). Was inconsistent in feel of curve but good ones showed two plane tilt at 67-68 mph. Fastball was straight at 77-79 mph (he was consistently in the low 80’s in the winter)

Tommy Crowl, Summit Country Day, Class of 2013

Good repeatable delivery with moderate arm speed through 3/4 slot. Displays good balance in delivery with arm extension. Needs to improve velocity but shows pitchability. Fastball sits at 76-78 mph. Displays excellent downward plane on curveball (68-70 mph). Shows good arm action on 70-71 mph changeup. Shows good infield skills with hands. Ran 7.57 60-yard dash. As a hitter, uses an upright stance and triggers hands from chest with controlled upper cut. Needs more consistent lower-half torque.

Trey Gluth OF/1B/LHP, Port Clinton HS, Class of 2013

Big body player. Ran a 7.39 60-yard dash with 83 mph arm strength from the outfield. Corner outfield type who needs to enhance lower body base with throws. From 1B, he shows good feet and hands. Gets good lower half torque in his swing, but needs consistency with good load and hand trigger. On the mound, repeats good delivery with moderate 3/4 arm slot. Needs to improve velocity. Fastball ranges 76-78 mph and shows good feel of downward tilt curveball (67-68 mph). Change has some sinking action (73-74 mph).

Tyler Nieberding, RHP, Elder HS, Class of 2013

Big imposing body. Uses upper 3/4 arm slot. Has good back and front side arm extensions; although backside has some shortness. Would like to see lower body in follow through. Fastball fairly straight at 81-83 mph. Shows some late bite on 73-74 mph slider and decent arm action on 76 mph change.

Tyson Vogel, IF/RHP, Ashland HS, Class of 2013

Ran 7.69 60-yard dash with playable 72 mph arm strength across the diamond. Projects defensively as third baseman or second baseman. Accepts ball well. Would like to see enhanced body balance. Hits with an open stance and triggers his hands from chest level. 

Wes Noble, RHP/OF, Lebanon HS, Class of 2014

Very athletic player with twitch. Good raw skills that should improve with maturity. Ran 6.94 60 yard dash with a velocity of 86 mph from the outfield. Solid contact hitter with squared front side and shoulder trigger release. Aggressive on the mound. Comes after hitters. Has high front side kick. Gets good back and front side extension with hip pop in finish. Quick arm speed through upper 3/4 slot. Fastball shows some late life, ranging 84-86 mph (have seen 88 mph top in past). Curveball has downward tilt with some depth at 72-74 mph. Excellent arm action and speed on change-up at 75-78 mph showing some arm side run.

Zach Artis, RHP, Akron Ellett HS, Class of 2014

Young hurler who shows solid arm strength. Has over the head windup with high front-side kick. Has 3/4 to low 3/4 arm slot. Shows some a lack of balance at times in his delivery. Will occasionally cut off backside follow through. Fastball is 84-86 mph with some late life down in the zone. Will need to improve off-speed to be D1 prospect. Spins curve at 64-66 mph and straight changeup at 71-73 mph.

Zach Logue, OF/LHP, Moeller HS, Class of 2014

Talented player that is starting to fill out his physical projection. Corner outfield type. Runs a 7.14 60 yard dash with 85 mph velocity from the outfield.Offensively, he triggers his hands from the shoulder, makes solid contact with line drive pop. Will continue to add power as he matures and better incorporates lower half torque. On the mound, shows balanced delivery with high front side kick.  Gets back and front side extension with finish. Has moderate arm through 3/4 slot. Fastball shows some late life and cut, ranging at 83-84 mph. Off-speed includes sweeping downward tilt curve at 69-70 mph and arm side run on 70-73 mph change.

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