Q and A with 2012 Ohio University Commits Nate and Nick Squires

Earlier this summer, Ohio University landed a pair of commitments in Nate and Nick Squires. The talented twins from Jonathan Alder High School in Plain City made a name for themselves early in their high school careers due to their successful state champion run. Learn more about their high school careers and the reason behind their commitment to Ohio University ...
PBR: Which schools were you considering prior to commitment to Ohio University? 
Nate and Nick: Ohio University, Evansville, Xavier, and Lake Erie College  

PBR: Ultimately what were the reasons you chose the Bobcats?
Nick: It is a great place to go to school, the coaches, and my friends and family that go there love it.  

PBR: What was the relationship you had with the Coach Carbone during your recruitment?
Nate: We didn't get to talk to Coach Carbone too much it was mostly Coach Malinowski, but my dad played for Coach Carbone in college when he was an assistant at the University of Toledo, so he let us know all about Carbone. 

PBR: Does knowing 2012 will be Carbone’s last year play a role in any way in recruiting?
Nick: It did a little, but the way Coach Malinowski and Coach See both answered our questions about Coach Carbone leaving made us feel comfortable with still going to Ohio. 

PBR: Has Carbone and his staff given any indications where you will be playing at the next level?
Nate: In the middle infield
Nick: In the outfield
PBR: As twins, did you go through the recruiting process step-by-step together? Same visits, same schools of interest?
Nate: Yes, we went on the same visits together, went to the same games, and pretty much had the same interest in schools.
PBR: Did being able to attend the same school play a role? If so, how big?
Nate: Yes, from the beginning of the summer every coach that asked us that question we told them that we were planning on going together.
Nick: Yeah, it played a very big role any coach that asked us if we wanted to attend the same school we said we did.
PBR: What is the best memory you have of playing baseball with your brother?
Nick: Winning the State Championship our sophomore year together with a 34-0 record.  

PBR: Who do you play for over the summer and how did this season go for you? Were there areas of your game you wanted to improve on during the summer?
Nate & Nick: We played for Ohio Elite 18u and went 43-7 while winning a couple tournaments. Nate: Yes, the whole summer I tried to improve on situational hitting and having quality at bats. Nick: Yeah, mostly at the plate working the count and situational hitting. 

PBR: What were your spring season stats?
Nate: .420 BA, 35 hits, 26 R, 25 RBI, 9 doubles, 1 triple, 15 SB
Nick: BA: 435  1HR  3 3B  10 2B  14 SB
PBR: Have you earned any honors and awards?
Nate: All-County 2 years in a row.  2nd team all-district
Nick: 1st team All-Ohio, 1st team All District, 1st team All-County twice, 2nd team All-Metro. 

PBR: As you head into your senior year, is it good to have the commitment and recruiting process completed?
Nate: Yes, now all I have to do is focus on improving my game and help my football, basketball, and baseball teams win games.

PBR: What is the best part of your brother’s game?
Nate: He is a very good hitter and covers a lot of ground in the OF.
Nick: His defense and range in the middle infield, and he can swing it pretty good. 

PBR: What are the area of your game you’re better than your brother at?
Both: All areas