2020 ABC Rising Starts PBR Combine - Quick Hits

George Halim
PBR Ontario Assistant Director of Scouting


We would like to thank all who participated in PBR Ontario's 2020 ABC Rising Starts PBR Combine. This was a great opportunity for 2020-2024 prospects to be identified before season, create and update their profiles, as well see where they stack up with their peers. Many players impressed during their individual workouts at the showcase and below we have the complete statistical results from the event as well as the top performers across various different categories.

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Complete Statistics

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2020 ABC Rising Starts PBR Combine - Quick Hits

Jimmy Dionne LHP / 1B / Seminaire Saint-Francois, QC / 2023

Report: We’ve known about Dionne for a couple of years now. Our first look at him was at bantam nationals in Ontario back in 2019. Since then, he’s blossomed into a 6-4, 190-pounder who has a chance to ball out on both sides of the ball. On the mound, he’s low 80s with feel for a breaking ball. At the plate he’s no slouch either. Mechanically he gets caught out on his front foot, but he has good bat to ball skills, hand-eye, and an approach.

Charles Olivier Cyr OF / RHP / Ecole De Mortagne, QC / 2020

Report: Off the bus, this is the guy you want. At 6-5, 196, he’s 87 off the mound right now, runs a 6.85 and can swing it at the dish. There’s a lot of refinement needed in his game, but if a college was ever going to take a chance on a player, this would be it. Cyr is broad, wide-bodied, and looks good in a uniform. He doesn’t project much, as he’s done with most of his growing, but he’ll be fun to watch when he gets stronger.

Remi Lemay OF / 3B / Ecole secondaire du Chene-Bleu, QC / 2023

Report: The most polished bat at the Rising Stars weekend was 2023 Remi Lemay. A left-handed stick, he’s got some pop to both gaps. It’s a quiet approach, but he does a good job of staying on pitches. He’s also young, so there’s room for error, but he hurts mistake pitches. He’s not overly athletic right now, but his bat will give him a chance to get in the order every day.

Joel Ouelette RHP / N/A, QC / 2022

Report: One of the interesting arms on the day was 2023 Joel Ouelette. At 6-2, 200, he lived 85-86 and up to 87. The velo dipped as the innings went on, but you can chalk that up to age, maturity and lack of strength right now. The body is a little soft right now, but he’s got rhythm and a feel for three pitches. If he can harden up the body, his arm works, and it won’t be too much of a factor going forward.

Antoine Guenette RHP / OF / Felix-Leclerc, QC / 2022

Report: It’s not overly hard right now, but Antoine Guenette was one of the better players all weekend. Standing at 6-1, 180, it’s extremely athletic, the arm works, it’s repeatable and in the zone. FB lives in the 80-82 range, but the CB has bite to it, and he keeps the CH low. Don’t bypass the fact that this dude can swing it at the plate, too. Stay locked in on Guenette as he gets bigger and stronger - he has a chance to be very good.