PBR Ontario's Top Stories For 2014: Ontario Players Crack PBR Top 100

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By Chris Kemlo and Dylan Hefflinger
PBR Ontario Director of Scouting and Ontario Editor in Chief

Top 12 Stories for The Year 2014

Although PBR Ontario started up just three months ago Chris Kemlo, PBR Ontario Director of Scouting, looks back at the year in review and put together a list of the top stories for 2014.

To start off the list, Chris chose a long running piece that has provided players and parents with valuable knowledge when it comes to recruiting.

To follow that up we looked at "The Recruiting Trail" which updates where all the prospects across the province have been visiting, who they are getting attention from, and who they have committed to.

Next up Chris chose to look two outstanding prospects who lead the 2017 class as the two top prospects in Canada. When watching them on the field, they could be called the "Hall and Davis Show"

After that we looked at how talented the 2016 catching class is as well as the Toronto Mets 17U winning the NABF World Series

Then we looked at how the Fieldhouse Pirates are leading the way when it comes to recruits, as well as the release of the Class of 2016 and 2015 rankings.

Now up is a piece on Ontario players cracking the top 100 for PBR.

Each day we will reveal the next story on the list. A hint for the next story are the words "Tournament 12".

A rundown of the stories: Note: We will be conducting a Twitter contest to vote on the top 12 stories for 2014 once the 12 stories have been posted.

Ontario Players Crack PBR Top 100

With the launch of Ontario this September, it gave us a limited amount of time to see players finish off the 2014 ball season. Putting together rankings of players whether it be city, state, or country, often ends up in a lengthy debate between scouts and coaches.

A top 100 list of all PBR states and provinces is a task that not too many would envy. When it came to Ontario players cracking the Top 100, there were a couple of no brainers. Everyone knew Demi Orimoloye and Josh Naylor would be at the top of the list for Ontario, and the only question left to answer is where they would fit in on a National stage.

Orimoloye may have easily had one of the most productive summers, producing at top level events against top level competition. The progress he made over the last year, as well the physical tools and abilities that he possesses, left him at the number four spot in the top 100, and the second outfielder on the list.

Not far behind was Naylor, sliding in at the number 20 position overall. The left-handed slugging first baseman may have the most raw power out of the entire high school class, and some people have compared the Texas Tech commit to Prince Fielder. The only natural first baseman in the top 90, Naylor had himself a summer competing at Wrigley Field and Petco Park, along with being at the MLB All-Star Game and finishing as the runner-up in the amateur home run derby.

The last prospect from Ontario to crack the top 100, and maybe the one player who has had to work the hardest over the last year is outfielder Miles Gordon. Gordon has always showed he has legitimate tools and is a high level athlete with great actions. A few mechanical adjustment to his swing and lower half has made Gordon into a feared hitter in the middle of a strong Great Lake Canadians lineup. He has turned himself into a well known prospect, and the Team Canada outfielder only continues to improve in all aspects of his game.

These three prospects lead the way for Ontario, while a numerous players who just missed out have the ability to get themselves into the top 100 with strong showings in March and throughout the spring.

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