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Preseason College Prospect Showcase: Class of 2016 Evaluations

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By Chris Kemlo
PBR Ontario Director of Scouting

We would like to thank all who participated in PBR Ontario’s Preseason College Prospect Showcase at the new PlayBall Academy in Kitchener. This was a great opportunity for 2015, '16, and '17 prospects to be put on college radars. Many of the more than 50 prospects that participated impressed during their individual workouts at the showcase.

In addition to recapping the top categories and the complete statistical results, we offer our sneak peek at some of the top performers of the day as you will find below.

In the coming weeks, we will be adding and updating profiles for each of the players in attendance, including complete analysis and video.

Interested in attending a PBR Ontario event? Check out our schedule by clicking here.

For now, please take a look at the statistical results from the event by clicking here.

Preseason College Prospect Showcase: Class of 2016 Evaluations

Top Pitcher:
Derek Holden, RHP, Orchard Park Secondary, 2016

Top Position Player: Luke Van Rycheghem, C, Ursuline College Chatham, 2016

Aydan Wildfang, OF, Thomas A. Blakelock, 2016
Scouting Report: 5-foot-9, 155-pound outfielder with strength gains remaining. Uses a high-¾ arm slot on his release, possesses average hands and does a good job playing through the ball. Velocity from the outfield was 71 mph, time from home to first was 4.69. Offensively, starts from the crouched position with an evenly closed stance. Bat is upright and uses a rock to stride that stays online. Head does a good job of staying quiet while producing average bat speed. Exit velocity was 72 mph. Swing looked pretty clean with a down bat plane. Tendency to pull ball and get around a pitch or two. Strength gains will be biggest factor for Wildfang as he has a good foundation at the moment.  

Brady Cappe, RHP, Assumption College, 2016
Scouting Report:
6-foot-3, 228-pound right-hander from the Ontario Blue Jays. Husky build with room to add gains. Worked from high-¾ arm slot with some length in the back. Big hip turn at balance point, small hesitation at separation while landing across body. Fastball was 77-79 mph with some cut action to it. When missed it was mostly to his glove side. Curveball worked between 61-66 mph, showing 10/4 shape to it, at times almost looked like potential for a slider is there. Changeup was 63-65 mph, tendency to slow arm and get underneath of ball. Threw a really good one when he kept his arm speed that had good action to it so we know it’s there.

Brendan Echlin, SS/RHP, Westminster Secondary, 2016
Scouting Report: 5-foot-10, 160-pound athletic infielder with strength gains remaining. Ran a 4.55 from home to first. Defensively, showed a live lower half with athletic actions and a good first step. Hands worked and took a good approach moving through the ball. Transfers were clean and quick, getting rid of the ball in a hurry. Showed some arm speed and looseness as Echlin was clocked at 81 mph across the diamond. Good looking infielder. Offensively, hit from an open-crouched position with a small toe tap to stride. Hands were quiet with not a lot of movement. Bat plane had some down angle. Exit velocity was 68 mph. Will become better hitter with added strength.

Caleb Bergen, 1B/LHP, Huron Park Secondary, 2016
Scouting Report: Big large frame at 6-foot, 260-pounds with current strength and minimal physical projection. Ran a time of 4.78 from home to first. Offensively, hits from an even stance with medium leg kick to landing position. Small bat waggle with hands in a good position. Generates good bat speed with strength and power. More power to pull side with good lift. Gets to ball out front and finished with a slight uphill bat path.Exit velocity was 85 mph. Defensively, worked with a short arm action across the diamond at 77 mph. Made the plays around the bag. Kept feet moving through the ball.

Cameron Mahler, OF, Jacob Hespeler Secondary, 2016
Scouting Report: 6-foot-2, 208-pound outfielder with a strong, durable frame. Ran a 4.91 from home to first. Offensively, hit from a slightly open front side in the upright position. Tendency to drift to ball and hit off front side. A lot more power given the size and strength Mahler possesses. Showed average bat speed with a good bat path to contact. Exit velocity was 89 mph. Defensively, worked from a low-¾ arm slot with a velocity of 76 mph from the outfield with some tail. Given size and strength could see him at first base in the future. Some

Cipriano Primicias, C, Michael Power Catholic HS, 2016
Scouting Report: The 6-foot-2, 190-pound catcher has a strong frame with current strength and size. The right-handed hitter ran a 4.74 home to first which is most likely to be better as his route was a little off-line after contact. Offensively, hits from an open stance with a toe turn to stride. Has some strength and power to the pull side, exit velocity was 87 mph. Average bat speed with some lift at the end of his swing. Defensively, transfers were clean and worked from a high-¾ arm slot on his throws. Velocity down to second registered at 69 mph. At times would get upright early in his exchanges causing the ball to run and stay up. Received the ball well with quiet and soft hands. Should proper blocking technique in the bullpen.

Derek Holden, RHP/SS, Orchard Park Secondary, 2016
Scouting Report: A 6-foot-2, 160-pound righty with an athletic body that projects to get stronger. Worked from full and stretch with a medium leg-kick and easy delivery. Arm worked clean in the back to a ¾ arm slot out front. Fastball was between 73-76 mph with some sink. Had good tilt with his shoulders and was able to work with a downhill plane. Curveball was 62-64 mph with 11/5 shape, rotation was proper and was able to locate in the zone. Changeup was 68-70 mph. Needs to create more of a separation with velocity between his fastball and changeup, however his changeup had nice movement to it, and was really able to stay down in the zone and showed feel. Projectable righty who should see a spike in velocity throughout the summer with more reps and added strength gains.

Drew Caspi, OF/2B, A.B. Lucas, 2016
Scouting Report: 5-foot-10, 135-pound outfielder who has a projectable frame with room develop and get stronger. Ran a 4.58 from home to first. Offensively, hits from an open, upright position with a quiet trigger to load and small stride. Hands work straight back with minimal movement, lands slightly open while exhibiting some looseness in hands. More power and strength in lower half he can use. Exit velocity was 75 mph. Apparent that he likes to pull ball. Bat path was pretty flat through the zone and at times could get long and loopy. Defensively, approached the ball well. Can get closed off a little more to gain as much as he can on his throws. Velocity from the outfield was 79 mph. Arm had some quickness to it. Caspi shows that he has some quick twitch actions with his hands both at the plate and in the outfield with his transfers and arm speed.

Ethan Cummins, SS/2B, Lorne Park Secondary, 2016
Scouting Report: 6-foot, 160-pound athlete with room to add strength and get bigger, stronger, faster. Ran a time of 4.75 from home to first. Offensively, started with a medium stance with little movement of the hands to start his load. Small stride with his lower half that allows him to stay balanced through his swing and to contact. Hands were quick and were able to get through the hitting zone. Incorporated lower half well, exit velocity was 85 mph. Defensively, showed good athletic actions with soft hands and sound defensive actions. Live, agile lower half with good body control. Moves well laterally, sure handed fielder. Arm was clean and short from ¾-arm slot. Showed some quickness and strength while staying loose and using a max velocity of 84 mph across the infield. Good looking 2016 who we will see over the summer on how Cummins progresses. Makeup is there to be a quality player.

Hunter Bisser, OF/RHP, Monsignor Percy Johnson, 2016
Scouting Report: The 5-foot-11, 163-pound outfielder with an average frame with with room to add strength gains ran a 4.60 from home to first with average effort. Offensively, hits from a medium stance with with a short, online stride. Hands are shoulder height with a straight back load, little bit of arm bar when starting his trigger. Keeps balance through swing, hands work in hitting zone with a slight uphill bat path. Exit velocity was 84 mph showing some strength in swing. Gap type power currently. Defensively, had some bounce in his lower half during outfield evaluations. Arm slot worked from ¾-angle, velocity was 77 mph. Shows some athleticism and body control, few minor adjustments and strength gains will go a long way for 2016 grad.

Jorden Carthy, SS/2B, Bluevale Collegiate, 2016
Scouting Report: 5-foot-11, 165-pound with average frame and room to add strength. Was clocked at a time of 4.65 from home to first. At the plate, Carthy starts in athletic position with an evenly closed stance with a toe tap to stride. Hands worked inside the ball while he used lower half and brought hips through the zone well. Exit velocity was 83 mph while his bat path to contact was level through the hitting zone. Defensively, got to the ball and made all the plays. At times he stopped his feet and would let the ball get a little deep when fielding. Transfer was clean and worked from a ¾-arm slot across the diamond that was 77 mph on the gun.

Luke Van Rycheghem, C, Ursuline College HS, 2016
Scouting Report: 6-foot-3, 220-pound catcher with strong, athletic frame behind the dish. Ideal catcher’s body who has put on size and positive weight over the winter. Ran 4.72 from home to first. Defensively, has come a long way since being turned into a catcher last winter. Agile lower half, feet work quick and transfers well from glove to hand. Wide base set-up, blocked well in bullpen while hands showed softness to them, real good actions. Arm was clocked at 80 mph behind the plate. Can be long at times with his action. Offensively, exit velocity was 94 mph showing strength and bat speed. Started with hands back and feet evenly apart in an athletic stance with a slight knee bend. Small stride and separation to load, stayed balanced and online with some whip and torque through the zone. Hands were loose and quick, did a good job of staying inside a couple pitches while still getting extended. Loud contact, power is there, getting better defensively, still our number 1 in the 2016 class right now. 

Mackenzie Bergen Truscott, C/RHP, Huron Park Secondary, 2016
Scouting Report: 5-foot-11, 170-pound medium frame with room to increase strength. Ran a 4.53 from home to first. Offensively, starts with a evenly closed stance with his hands up and in a relaxed position. Small pickup to stride, stays online with feet and a small load with his hands to get to his trigger point. Exit velocity was 78 mph of the tee,  incorporating more legs into his swing will help increase power and bat speed. Defensively, quiet set-up with little wasted movement. Worked from a ¾-slot to second base. Velocity from behind the dish 66 mph.

Marcus Biasatti, 2B/3B, Silverthorn Collegiate, 2016
Scouting Report: 5-foot-8, 145-pound infielder with some athleticism to his game. Ran a 4.53 out of the box to first base but we feel that time can be improved. At the plate, Biasatti started with narrow feet and worked his weight to backside on his load. Hands and bat angle were in good position to hit as Biasatti gets everything out his frame into his swing. Hands were loose and showed some quickness during his batting practice round. Exit velocity was 82 mph and added weight gains will increase that as his hands show they can work at the plate. Defensively, got to the ball and made all the plays. Arm-slot was from a ¾-angle with average length. Hands showed capability to make the play, might be more of a second baseman in the future, velocity across the diamond was 74 mph. Intriguing player with the bat and the quick twitch, will see where Biasatti is at this summer.

Mark Bernardi, C, Sir John A. Macdonald, 2016
Scouting Report: Strong, muscular frame at 6-foot2, 215-pounds. Big and physical type player who’s game translates that way and fits the profile of a catcher. Ran a 4.70 down to first out the box. Offensively, showed good bat speed during batting practice round. Sets up with an evenly closed stance with small stride to loading point. Hands are in good position to hit. Ball jumps off bat with loud contact, at times can get too big causing swing to get long. Lift and leverage is there. Power type guy who can and has been able to knock the ball out the park. Swing has improved since last PBR event in October. Defensively, footwork and hands have good idea of what to do. Received ball well during his bullpen, big frame and target to throw at. Was clocked at 75 mph on his throws down to second. Arm works and has some carry, very interesting prospect who has loads of projectability.

Nolan Muir, OF, North Park Collegiate, 2016
Scouting Report: 5-foot-6, 165-pounds. Ran home to first in 4.41. From the outfield, worked from a low ¾-arm slot with a velocity of 68 mph. Footwork will improve with proper repetitions. Front side opens hard on his throws, causing him to get underneath the ball. Offensively, starts in a wide, crouched position with his hands and bat both upright over back shoulder. Small pickup and put down with front foot as stride and load indicator. Bat plane has some down angle to it and was clocked at 70 mph in exit velocity.

Phillip Parent, 2B/MIF, Resurrection HS
Scouting Report: 5-foot-7, 150-pound infielder with room to add strength. Ran a 4.88 from home to first but alignment will improve that time. At the plate, starts in a medium stance that is online and closed. Rocks back to load with a small leg kick to landing. Hands have tiny hitch on trigger that drops them slightly. Exit velocity off the tee was 75 mph. Defensively,approached ball head on and got to each play. Arm slot was ¾-angle with average length in the back. Velocity across the diamond was 68 mph. Can improve on footwork to help with arm and carry across the diamond.

Shanif Hirani, OF, Waterloo Collegiate Institute, 2016
Scouting Report: 5-foot-9, 150-pound outfielder with a medium size frame that can add strength and weight. Can run a little bit with a time of 4.35 down to first out the box with average effort involved. Offensively, starts in a evenly closed stance with hands just below back shoulder. Very minimal movement in his swing, timing and rhythm will be big thing for Shanif. Hands showed some whip through the zone, exit velocity was 78 mph. Can incorporate more lower half into swing which should help with power and bat speed. Defensively, showed athletic actions in the outfield with proper mechanics. Velocity was 78 mph with some arm speed and quickness to it. Ball came out of hand clean and project to have some life. Footwork can be fine tuned and lower half incorporated more should see a spike in his velo and overall throwing ability. Has the speed to be a guy who can run and get it.

Thomas Mienkowski, SS/RHP, St.Michael’s College School, 2016
Scouting Report: 6-foot-2, 195-pound two player with strong athletic build. Ran a 4.41 from home to first with average effort involved. At the plate, hit from a crouched position with hands up high. Small stride with a straight back load to trigger position. Generated good bat speed and torque through the hitting zone. Exit velocity was 88 mph. Lower half worked well with an upright finish after contact. In the field, Mienkowski moved well and showed confidence in hands. Velocity across the infield was 83 mph from a short, ¾-arm slot that was online with some arm speed and quickness. On the mound, worked with an easy tempo out the full windup. Arm was short from ¾-slot with average arm speed. Fastball worked between 77-81 mph with cutting action to it. Threw more of a slider than curveball. Sat between 69-73 mph while at times would get around and underneath the ball. Change was firm at 71-74 mph, had some action to it when he stayed with the ball finished. Real nice frame with some potential in the field and at the plate. Needs some mechanical adjustments on the mound but shows he has some arm strength.

Zachary Koroneos, 3B/1B, Senator O’Connor College School, 2016
Scouting Report: 6-foot, 185-pound third baseman who has an average frame that can become stronger with added gains. Ran a 5.13 from home to first. Offensively, flashes bat speed and loose hands during his batting practice round. Was able to barrel balls back up the middle. Generates lots of power to contact point, being real active in his lower half. Exit velocity was 82 mph with some whip through the hitting zone. Defensively, made the plays in the field, approached ball with average hands and some length to his arm action that was in the low ¾-arm slot. Velocity across the diamond was 77 mph and improved footwork will help with his velocity and ball flight. Tendency to break down on front side and pull off. Quick twitch actions are there at the plate to be a productive hitter.

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