Tyler Black to the Brew Crew - 33rd Overall

PBR Canada
PBR Canada


Tyler Black To The Milwaukee Brewers

With the 33rd pick in the 2021 MLB Draft, the Milwaukee Brewers select Tyler Black.


Again, let it sink in….the Milwaukee Brewers select Tyler Black. 

The first Canadian taken in this years draft is a second baseman out of Wright State University and former Toronto Mets infielder. The Ontario native continued to rise up draft boards all year as the hit tool and potential power of the 6-foot-2, 195-pound Black showed in the box was enough from the Brew crew to take him 33rd overall. 

Black has always had a smooth and quick swing from the left side and can say he is somewhat of a pure or natural hitter, but if you get to know who Tyler Black is, he just doesn’t get out of bed and rake (although it may seem that way). 


He gets up, and he hits, and then he hits some more, eats food, lifts weights, hits some more, then goes to his game and rakes, and then he might hit some more. 

The point, Black was always hitting, always working to get better, always trying to gain an edge, and now he is a 1st rounder. 

Huh, funny how that works isn’t it. 

Black had obstacles to overcome as well. Multiple foot injuries that were freak accidents that kept him out of many games, tournaments, and opportunities to show the type of player he was. Although it was tough to handle, it didn’t distract him or let it define who he was or who he is going to be.  

He excelled with the provincial team at the Canada Cup and kind of put himself on the map with evaluators across the country. The injuries definitely limited what he could do over the final couple years of his high school career, but one thing was for certain - Tyler Black was a ball player, first and foremost. 

Then you look at the tools, the way he takes at-bats, sees spin, and the numbers and performances he was putting up week after week at Wright State - you can see why the Brewers made him a part of their organization on the first day of the 2021 MLB Draft. 

As a community and country that sticks together, especially in the baseball world, Canada tips its hat to Tyler Black and the path he travelled is one many kids can attest to, aspire to be and have the realizations that “ Hey, I could be Tyler Black as well”