Prep Baseball Report

HPP Tigers Workout Notes (Feb. 10)

Cam Black-Araujo
Assistant Director, Prep Baseball Canada

Baseball continues to slowly creep into the air as we already have one showcase behind us along with another on-tap this Holiday Monday. Beyond the current showcases on the schedule, our staff has been active across the province getting to facilities to get eyes on players as they continue to prepare for Spring Training.

With teams leaving the country in the next 2-3 weeks to get their reps in down South, players continue to ramp up and round into form following the winter. It appears players have made good use of their downtime these past few months as we're already seeing some big numbers and developments and we begin to break down some of that below.

We had staff in HPP Tigers last Saturday to get a look at some players within the program from the 2024 - 2027 classes which gave us a preview of what to expect in early May at the Best of the West tournament in Kamloops, British Columbia. The organization boasts some strong names in their upperclass programs, as well as some players in the 2026 and 2027 classes who will be on the radar for the next several years.

Below, we break down five players from the HPP Tigers program who impressed our staff out of the gate with a good first impression in 2024.

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‘25 Nathan Ayles (HPP Tigers): Our staff got a first look at ‘25 RHP Nathan Ayles last weekend and he immediately stood out with his overall look and movements on the mound. The fastball sat 83-85mph and shows signs of trending upwards and he also spins the breaking ball with tight-action and ability to locate it. Also flashed a developing changeup. An arm that looks to be trending upwards with what looks like more in the tank. Will be fun to see where he’s at come May/June once we’re outdoors and players are fully up-to-speed.

‘26 Ramsey Chung (HPP Tigers): This was our first look ‘26 RHP/SS Ramsey Chung this year and he’s developed well since the Jr. Future Games in late July. Despite the smaller stature at 5-foot-9, 175-pounds, Chung’s arm speed immediately stands out on the mound and ranks towards the top of the class. The fastball sat 84-85 T86 and filled up the zone with it, while also showing feel for a slider and changeup. Chung flashed some of the better stuff we’ve seen from the 2026 class to-date and will be an arm to follow college coaches to track this summer as August 1st approaches.

‘24 Lucas Graniero (HPP Tigers): ‘24 RHP Lucas Graniero was one of the more intriguing unsigned upperclassmen to take the mound last weekend and is also potentially eligible in the 2025 class. Strength and size at 6-foot-2, 200-pounds with a quick arm and heavy fastball at 87-89mph with the slider being the featured secondary offering. The stuff was sporadic at times but it’s a two pitch-mix that should be able to get outs at the next level as he continues to gain control of his arsenal.

‘25 Nate Chambers (HPP Tigers): ‘25 RHP Nate Chambers is another arm out of HPP who’s developed well over the winter. The 6-foot-4, 175-pound right-hander caught our staff’s attention last summer with his potential on the mound but had some mechanical adjustments to come. Chambers has refined some things and his strike-throwing abilities have trended upwards, along with some added life to his stuff. The fastball sat in the mid-to-upper 80s and paired it with a firm SL that was up to 84mph and changeup at 80-81mph. The stuff no-doubt plays and it will be fun to get in on our TrackMan this week at the Greater Toronto Preseason ID.

‘25 RHP/INF Jacob Berney: ‘25 RHP Jacob Berney has shown upside on the positional side in the past but flashed it on the mound last weekend. The body is looking stronger, more mature and he’s moving with more intent. There’s some work to come with the offspeed but the fastball is looking firmer and he filled up the zone. Berney looks to have put in some work this past offseason and it will be interesting to see if that has translated to the infield/at the dish like it has on the mound.


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