Prep Baseball Report

2022 Junior Future Games: Team Carolina (SC) Quick Hitters - Position Players

Sammy Esposito
PBR SC Director of Scouting

The 2022 Junior Future Games are underway at LakePoint in Emerson, GA featuring some of the top 2026 and 2027 prospects from across the country. Team Carolina kicked off their Junior Future Games with a workout on Tuesday. The workout day consisted of a full pro-style workout with players taking BP on the field with Trackman capturing ball flight data, a defensive workout, and players running a laser timed 60. Team Carolina will take on New York, Arkansas, and Ohio in their pool play action with bracket play to follow. 

Quick Hitters - Position Players

Hudson Clark, 2026, INF

5-9 150 pound athletic frame.  Left handed hitter that hits from a relaxed upright stance.  Aggressive hitter with a short and quick path through the ball with good extension out front.  Defensively shows good hands and footwork with the ability to play all over the infield.


John Nypaver, 2027, 1B/LHP

5-10 145 pound long and lean frame.  Hitting from the left side, has a tall narrow stance with good rhythm and a medium stride to good balanced hitting position.  Middle to pull side approach with a slightly uphill path through the ball.  Around the bag at 1B shows good hands and footwork around the bag.     

John Compton, 2026, INF/RHP

5-10 155 pound frame with good athleticism.  Hits from a wider balanced base with a small stride to balanced hitting position.  Really gets the lower half involved in his swing, while staying short through the ball.  Aggressive approach at the plate.  Defensively, shows good arm strength across the diamond with good hands and footwork.  Athleticism allows him to play all over the field.           

Jack Stepp, 2026, 1B/LHP

5-11 165 pound athletic frame with good strength.  Left handed hitter with wider stance and short stride to good balance.  Aggressive swings with a flat path through the ball with the ability to drive the ball to all fields.  Around the bag at 1B shows high end defensive ability with good hands, flexibility, and footwork around the bag.      

Jackson Meyers, 2027, C

5-9 175 pound strong frame.  Hits from an upright position with weight on the back leg.  Small leg lift to a medium stride with good balance.  Has a whippy swing with good strength and aggressive approach in the box.  Behind the plate shows the ability to be a high end receiver with really good hands really receiving the ball out front.  Good footwork and developing arm strength.     

Isaiah Posey, 2027, INF/RHP

Long lean, very athletic 6-3 165 pound frame with lots of growth left as he matures.  Hits from a balanced base with a slight crouch with a small leg lift to balanced stride.  Shows a short quick swing while staying inside the ball with a middle of the field approach.  In the field shows good smooth actions with good hands and footwork.  Good arm strength across the field.

Logan McGarity, 2026, INF/RHP

5-7 145 pound frame.  Hits from a slightly open stance and uses a medium leg lift and stride to get to a balanced hitting position.  A gap to gap line drive approach with a short swing.  Can bounce around the field and shows the ability to play multiple spots.  Good arm strength and footwork in the infield. 

States Farr, 2026, INF/C

5-8 135 pound wiry frame.  This switch hitter has a balanced and narrow stance with a medium stride.  Takes aggressive swing with a line drive approach in the middle of the field.  Has a loose athletic swing that allows him to use the whole field.  Defensively shows good athleticism while showing the ability to play the infield as well as behind the plate.  A good confidence for this young player.

Will Fulcher, 2026, INF/RHP

5-7 135 pound frame with good athleticism.  Right handed hitter with a slightly open stance with a knee to knee load.  Has good rhythm and timing in his swing with a flat stroke through the zone.  Shows a good quick bat.  In the field, shows the ability to really play the infield and outfield.  Tracked balls well in the outfield while also showing good hands and footwork in the infield to go along good arm strength   

Braydon Hallman, 2026, INF

5-10 145 pound lean frame.  Hits from a slightly open stance with a small toe tap to get loaded.  Has a short compact swing with a line drive approach while looking to use the whole field.  Fields the ball out front with good actions while showing off good arm strength to be able to play all over the field.

Ayden Beeco, 2026, INF

6-0 170 pound strong frame.  Balanced and athletic setup with a small stride to a good hitting position.  Stays behind the ball well with a bit of an uphill path.  Looks to stay in the middle of the field with his approach.  Show the ability to play in the outfield and infield during the week with good routes in the outfield while showing the hands and footwork to play in the infield.   

My’son Grant, 2026, INF

6-3 163 long and wiry frame.  Right handed hitter with a simple and balanced setup.  Has a small leg lift with a small stride.  A flat swing through the zone.  Swing will shorten up as he continues to add strength but does a good job of staying flat through the ball.  Showed off good bat speed.  Good athlete and runner.     

Chance Johnson, 2026, INF/RHP

5-8 150 pound frame with good strength and athleticism.  A simple balanced setup with a small controlled leg lift and stride.  Shows a good short quick swing with a line drive gap to gap approach.  During the week showed off a great plate approach while staying in his zone and not chasing pitches out of the zone.  On defense, showed off some smooth actions in the infield along with good range and arm strength.  Also show the ability to track down balls in the outfield as well.  

Parker McGee, 2026, INF/RHP

5-10 135 pound wiry frame.  Hits from a balanced wider setup with a medium leg lift and stride.  Gets to a good hitting position with a good flat stroke through the middle of the field with a good line drive approach.  In the field really showed the ability to play good defense.  Good range to left and right while getting the good hops along with a good short arm action on his throws.