Prep Baseball Report

Charlotte MegaStar Scout Day: Outfielders

Brandon Hall
North Carolina Director of Scouting

On Wednesday May 30th the Charlotte MegaStars held a Scout Day with Prep Baseball Report of North Carolina.  The Scout Day allowed the players from the MegaStars program to run through a full pro-style workout with players collecting verified stats from our independent service.  PBR Scouts were on hand to evaluate each prospect and players had the choice to add the evaluation and a video to their personal PBR profiles.

The updated statistics, evaluation, and video allow for a full PBR profile that can be shared with over 900 college coaches and Universities that subscribe to PBR.  With college and pro evaluators on hand, several players stood out, and have developed over the past few months. 

Five outfielders took part, working out at their primary position.  Several projectable body types with quickness in the group.  Luke Nelson (OF, 2019) turned in a 6.72 sixty on the laser timer.  Reed Garland (OF/RHP, 2020) has an intriguing frame that should continue to add strength, with some quickness already present. 

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Charlotte MegaStar Scout Day Quick Hitters:
+ 36 players took part in the workout
+ 7 players ran a sub-7.10 sixty
+ 9 position players were above 80 mph from their position
+ 2 outfielders showed arm strength topping 86 mph
+ All four catchers recorded at least one pop time of 2.15 or better
+ 32 hitters recorded an exit velocity with the top being 91 mph and 14 at 85 or better
+ 16 pitchers threw bullpens… 2019 LHP touched 86 and a 2021 RHP was up to 84


Outfielder Analysis

Kolby Crepeau OF / 1B / Clover, SC / 2020

Average frame at 5 feet 9, 175-pound build. Some quickness in the body, with a good burst off the line in his sixty, ultimately running a 7.34.  Hits from the right side with a balanced setup and short stride and balance throughout his swing. Shows loose hands with his barrel working short to the ball and getting extension out front. Works to stay inside the ball with good feel for his barrel hitting line drives and looking to stay gap to gap. Shows average bat speed with the ball off the bat recorded at 87 mph. Throws left handed from the outfield with a long arm action working to a high ¾ slot and accuracy to his throws.  Positional velocity peaked at 78 mph out of the hand. Plays through balls with fluid feet, average hands and clean exchanges.
On the mound, uses a long arm action, with a slight stab as it works to an over-the-top slot.  Fastball ranges 73-76, straight, and in the zone. Some rhythm working level and in-line, landing square.  Fights through some hip stiffness that limits some arm speed. Slider over curveball right now. Slider at 69-70, using near fastball handspeed.  Curveball sat 65-68 with gradual arc, backing up at times. Change-up is straight, showing feel for the zone at 67-68. Some deception in the arm speed.

Luke Nelson OF / Jay M Robinson, NC / 2019


Thin 5 feet 9, 155-pound build.  Frame can handle strength as he continues to mature.  Athletic with quickness, running a 6.72 laser timed sixty.  Hits from the left side using an open, balanced set up. Uses a small leg kick in his load looking to get his lower half through the ball. Shows feel for his barrel with a line drive approach working to stay in the middle of the field. Stays fluid in his swing with his barrel works short to the ball getting extension out front with ball off his bat recorded at 82 mph. Shows an accurate arm from the outfield with clean exchanges and a long arm action that should play better as he plays through the ball more, with quicker transfers.  Average carry with velocity peaking at 81 mph out of the hand.

Logan Rogers OF / LHP / Jesse C. Carson , NC / 2020

5 feet 10, 185-pound build with strength in the lower half. Offensively, works from the right side using a balanced setup. Gets his weight going back in his load and uses a short stride getting his lower half through the ball at times. Shows feel for his barrel, looking to stay gap to gap with a line drive approach. His barrel works short to the ball, getting extension out front but does get in and out of the zone to quickly at times. Ball off his bat peaked at 84 mph. In the outfield he athletically plays through balls with fluid feet and clean exchanges.  Long arm action leading to an over the top slot with accuracy to his throws. Average carry with a positional velocity of 80 mph. Ran a 7.55 sixty
On the mound filled the zone up with three pitches.  Fastball ranges 76-78, straight from an over-the-top slot.  Straight change-up with decent handspeed sat 70-72. Breaking ball is third pitch right now at 66-70 with gradual 1/7 tilt.  Mimicked fastball handspeed on both offspeed pitches. Some rhythm, rolls through balance with an average leg kick, working level and in-line.  Long arm action with average arm speed. Lands square and works to finish in an athletic base.

Reed Garland OF / RHP / Northwestern, SC / 2020


Athletic 6 feet 1, 175-pound lanky build. Quickness exists in the frame.  Ran a 7.26 sixty. Offensively he works from the right side with a tall, balanced setup. Gets his weight going back in his load and uses a short stride. He shows loose hands with his bat working level through the zone getting extension and shows the ability to generate some bat speed with his exit velocity recorded at 90 mph. In the outfield he shows average hands, with fluid feet and playing through the ball. Long arm action leading to an over the top slot with accurate throws.  Slightly better than average carry with a positional velocity of 83 mph.
On the mound, has rhythm, staying level and working on-line.  Tall through balance with an average leg kick and regular effort.  Foot-strike is slightly closed with the toe. Fastball at 75-79, straight and the ability to throw to both halves.  Elevated at times as the front side can get rotational, lacking some extension. Long arm swing and average arm speed, late in the arm swing at times, working to a high-¾ slot.  Change-up ranged 73-74, slowing the arm some while filling up the zone. Runs away from his breaking ball with his front side creating inconsistent break at 66-67. Projection exists in the frame and arm speed may increase as strength is added.



Harrison Montgomery OF / RHP / Camden Military Academy, SC / 2020

Large frame at 6-foot-3, 200 pounds.  Some strength present. Plenty of room to continue to add strength with maturity.  Right handed hitter works from a tall base, balanced. Has rhythm. Lacks a true load, using a small stride.  Loose hands with some feel for the barrel and average bat speed. Works for extension. Exit velocity peaked at 80 mph off the barrel.  Power should continue to develop as he stays in his base a little better and strength is added. Defensively cautious on approach through the ball.  Hips work high through the catch and transfer. Long arm action, with a slight restriction, working to an over-the-top slot. Shows accuracy on throws measuring 76 mph out of the hand.  Ran a 7.68 sixty on the laser timer.