Prep Baseball Report

Pro Case Quick Hitters: Pitchers

Sammy Esposito
PBR SC Director of Scouting

The South Carolina Pro Case took place on Sunday, January 30th at the P27 Performance Center in Lexington, South Carolina.  With the cold early morning temperatures and with the high school season starting the next day, we made the decision to hold this event indoors for the safety of the players attending the event.  

A premier event for premier talent in South Carolina, we have seen a lot of very talented prospects workout at this event prior to their spring season.  Coming off each individual player's preseason workout, this event tends to see players blow up their numbers, giving coaches and scouts a reason to take notice as they prep their spring schedules for evaluation.  Will be fun to watch these players continue to develop as the spring goes on with many of these young men draft stock trending upwards.  

The event began with extensive rounds of BP with TrackMan ball flight analysis,followed by pitcher bullpens with each pitch tracked by Trackman, along with Pitch AI.  Below we will look at some quick hitters from the pitchers for the event.

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Taylor Rabe - 2023 - RHP (Greenville (HS) • SC)

6-5 190 pound very projectable frame.  This future games participant has already made a big jump from the end of the summer to now.  Long lean body with a good loose wippy arm showed a smooth controlled delivery with a ¾ arm slot.  Ran his fastball up to 90mph with good run and sink down in the zone.  Slider had good short and late break to it with 2/8 break to it.  Changeup has good sink and fade to it.  Really good pitch down in the zone.   


Todd Hudson - 2022 - RHP/1B (River Bluff (HS) • SC)

Extra long frame at 6-6 220 pounds for this Liberty commit.  Showed an athletic delivery with a ¾ srm slot with good arm speed and strength.  Ran his fastball up to 91.4 with a max spin rate of 2277.  Slider has good hard break to it at a 1/7 shape.  Has the ability to become a true whip out pitch.  Change up has good run to it, has a tendency to get on the side of the ball.  Tons of present strength in this frame with much more projection to him. 

Andrew Bowers - 2023 - RHP/3B (Oceanside Collegiate (HS) • SC)

An athletic lean frame at 6-3 182 pounds with good strength but plenty of upside left.  Showed an athletic delivery with good tempo and a high ¾ arm slot.  Fastball up to 88 with good spin maxing out at 2415rpms.  Showed a good hard curveball and tight spin up to 2704. Change up showed good sinking action down in the zone. 

Bryson Graves - 2023 - RHP/OF West Florence (HS) • SC)

Strong athletic frame at 6-0 175 pounds with long loose arms.  Quick tempo delivery with quick arm speed from a low ¾ arm slot.  Fastball has good life to it with run and sink down in the zone.  Slider has good shape to at a 2/8 break with good late break.  Curveball has good downer action to it with 1/7 break to it.  Has the makings of a good put away pitch.   

Joey Hylinski - 2022 - RHP (Legion Collegiate (HS) • SC)

Lean athletic frame with room to grow at 6-1 175 pounds.  Controlled tempo delivery with very fast arm speed from a high ¾ arm slot.  Fastball explodes out of his hands with good tilt to it.  Ran his fastball up to 89 with a peak spin rate of 2488.  Good hard sharp slider up to 85 mph with good hard spin at 2779.  Slider has good sinking action to it with some late fade.  


Grant Loggins - 2023 - RHP (AC Flora (HS) • SC)

Strong frame at 6-1 195 pounds with good present strength.  Long loose arm action from a low ¾ slot.  Fastball has good sinking action down in the zone.  Good spin on his curveball up to 2583 with good shape and late break to it.  Change up has really good movement down in the zone with lots of sink to it.      

Dylan Richardson - 2023 - RHP/3B (Hammond (HS) • SC)

Strong frame with present strength at 5-11 180 pounds.  Quick tempo, max effort delivery with an over the top arm slot.  Showed good arm speed on his fastball while running his fastball up to 88 mph and peak spin rate at 2319.  Curveball showed good downward action with a 1/7 break and average spin at 2426.  Change showed good sinking action with arm side run to it.