Quic Hitters: Charlotte MegaStar Scout Day - Pitchers

Brandon Hall
Executive Director, PBR of NC

PBR was at Ultimate Performance on Saturday June 20th to run the PBR Scout Day with the Charlotte MegaStars.  The day included players running through pro-style workout that included a laser timed 30 yard dash, offensive evaluations, and defensive evaluations.  Pitchers were able to throw a controlled bullpen for PBR Scouts.

In the coming weeks we will break down each player in attendance.  As the PBR scouting staff is beginning to take a full look at their notes and the information produced at the scout day, we will begin with the statistical leaders from the day.  Moving forward, there will be a look at some of the advanced analytics produced as well as video on each player at the workout.

Today we dive into some of the pitchers in attendance at the Scout Day.  This is not meant to be a top prospect list, but a list of players that made a very quick impression on PBR Scouts. 

CLICK HERE to see the full roster and statistics from the PBR Scout Day

By the Numbers

  • 33 position players took part in the PBR Scout Day
  • 13 pitchers threw controlled bullpens on the day
  • 7 arms worked at 83 or better
  • 88 mph was the top fastball at the event
  • 32 players ran the laser timed 30 yard dash
  • 8 MegaStar Players ran a 4.00 or faster
  • 15 ran 4.10 or better
  • 6 hitters posted an exit velocity of 90mph or higher off a tee
  • 2 catchers had pop times under 2.20
  • 8 INF and OF posted a positional arm velocity of 83 mph or higher





Ethan Belk (RHP, Legion Collegiate (SC), 2023) – Average frame.  Short arm action working to load the scapular and get to a high-3/4 release.  Fastball peaked at 84.  Breaking ball flashed with a median spin rate of 2118 rpm.  Hard breaking ball produced spin up to 2168rpm.

Zane Davis (RHP, Chesterfield (SC), 2022) – Small frame with a quick arm and athleticism on the bump.  Fastball peaked at 85.  Slider worked with hard sweeping action and solid horizontal break numbers.  Slider spin rate at 2236 rpm.  The curveball had more depth with 10/4 shape and a spin rate of 2216 rpm. 

Jake Absher (LHP, Hibriten HS, 2023) – Strength in a 6-foot-2 frame.  Fastball up to 81 from an over-the-top slot.  Breaking ball is still developing consistency but is thrown with hand speed producing late, hard action.  Typical slotting creates a 2/8 tilt but when around the pitch it did sweep through the zone.

Ethan Suchenski (RHP, Mountain Island Charter, 2023) – Large frame.  Arm strength over arm speed.  Fastball ranged 85-88.  Coiled and rides his front side out of balance but has looseness in the arm swing and release.  Secondary stuff is still developing.

Dan Donohoe (RHP, Providence HS, 2023) – Multiple slot guy with feel from ¾ and side releases.  Long arm swing.  Average arm speed.  Fastball peaked at 83 with a median spin rate of 2236 rpm.  Sweeping breaking ball spins up to 2294 rpm.

Matthew Gross (RHP, Marvin Ridge HS, 2023) – Easy arm that works with quickness through release.  Loose and whippy works to a high-3/4 slot.  81-83 with a 1770 rpm spin.  Average vertical break numbers.   Consistent spin and shape to the breaking ball.  11/5 tilt spinning at 1992 rpm.

Kunal Handa (RHP, Cannon School, 2021) – Large frame, standing 6-foot-6.  Still working into his frame.  Crouched with a low leg kick.  Medium arm swing to a high-3/4 release.  Fastball peaked at 84 with a 1767 rpm spin rate.  Secondary stuff is still developing.

Skylar Hooton (RHP, Rock Hill HS (SC), 2023) – Strike thrower.  Clean, easy, athletic delivery.  High-3/4 release.  Pounded the down zone.  Fastball peaked at 79 with 12:30 rotation out of the hand.