Prep Baseball Report

Quick Hitters: Charlotte MegaStar Scout Day - Position Players

Matt Payne
Director of Scouting, PBR of NC

PBR was at Ultimate Performance on Saturday June 20th to run the PBR Scout Day with the Charlotte MegaStars.  The day included players running through pro-style workout that included a laser timed 30 yard dash, offensive evaluations, and defensive evaluations.  Pitchers were able to throw a controlled bullpen for PBR Scouts.

In the coming weeks we will break down each player in attendance.  As the PBR scouting staff is beginning to take a full look at their notes and the information produced at the scout day, we will begin with the statistical leaders from the day.  Moving forward, there will be a look at some of the advanced analytics produced as well as video on each player at the workout.

Today we dive into some of the top position players in attendance at the Scout Day.  This is not meant to be a top prospect list, but a list of players that made a very quick impression on PBR Scouts. 

CLICK HERE to see the full roster and statistics from the PBR Scout Day

By the Numbers

  • 33 position players took part in the PBR Scout Day
  • 13 pitchers threw controlled bullpens on the day
  • 7 arms worked at 83 or better
  • 88 mph was the top fastball at the event
  • 32 players ran the laser timed 30 yard dash
  • 8 MegaStar Players ran a 4.00 or faster
  • 15 ran 4.10 or better
  • 6 hitters posted an exit velocity of 90mph or higher off a tee
  • 2 catchers had pop times under 2.20
  • 8 INF and OF posted a positional arm velocity of 83 mph or higher


Quick Hitters: Charlotte MegaStar Position Players


Ethan Belk, OF/RHP, 2023  -  Posted solid numbers across the board during his workout. Sub 4 in the 30-yard sprint, arm at 88 mph from the outfield and 89 mph exit velocity off a tee. Short, simple swing with strength while using the whole field.

Kollin Crepeau, 2B/OF, 2021  -  Quickness is present in projectable, athletic frame. Short path to the ball with quick hands and better than average bat speed. Athletic movements defensively.

Brandon Davis, SS/2B, 2022  -  Defensive actions stood out, loose body with soft hands and accurate arm. Switch hitter who has feel for his barrel from both sides. Plenty of room left in his frame to add strength.

Brock Fowler, 1B/OF, 2022  -  Physical presence with the ball coming hard off his barrel. Posted an exit velocity of 96 mph off a tee with lots of loud contact during batting practice.

Jake Absher, 1B/LHP, 2023  -  Made lots of hard contact during batting practice. Has barrel feel with strength. Barrel works level through the zone.

Jake Knepp, 3B/SS, 2021  -  Strong, athletic frame with solid defensive actions. Has arm strength with carry and accuracy to his throws. Balanced approach during batting practice, finding his barrel often.

Wilson Lohrer, OF/1B, 2021  -  Drove the ball with lift and extension to his barrel path from the left side. Works through the middle of the field with above average bat speed.

Brandon Moser, 3B/1B, 2021  -  Has better than average bat speed with quick hands and strength. Made lots of hard contact with some lift to his swing path. Fluid actions defensively.

Jakeman Pendleton, OF/2B, 2022  -  Left hand hitter with a flat stroke. Line drive approach working gap to gap with better than average feel for his barrel. Posted a sub 4 in the 30-yard dash.

Anthony Rosenbaum, 1B/LHP, 2023  -  Left hand hitter is athletic in the box with quick hands and above average bat speed. Line drive approach staying through the middle of the field.

Casey Stevens, 2B/SS, 2021  -  Ran a 3.94 in the 30-yard dash. Level bat path with feel for his barrel hitting several line drives during his batting practice rounds. Solid actions defensively.

Jack Taylor, OF, 2021  -  Loose and fluid at the plate with quick hands and barrel awareness. Posted solid numbers across the board with a sub 4 30-yard dash, exit velocity at 92 mph off a tee, and arm topping at 87 mph.

Lucas Whitcomb, 2B/SS, 2023  -  Short swing with his barrel working level through the zone. Showed bat control hitting several line drives through the middle and to his pull side. Fluid actions on the infield with soft hands.

Adam Wilkerson, OF/LHP, 2021  -  Loose stroke from the left side with feel for his barrel. Line drive approach working gap to gap. Quick arm with carry from the outfield.

Luke Wolff, C/OF, 2023  -  Aggressive swings with the ball coming hard off his barrel. Keeps his barrel through the zone. Accurate arm with carry from the outfield.

Ethan Suchenski, RHP/1B, 2023  -  Strong frame with lots of hard contact during batting practice. Barrel gets extension with bat speed. Exit velocity up to 93 mph off a tee.