Quick Hitters: P27 Pitchers

Brandon Hall
Mid-Atlantic Executive Director

BR descended upon Lexington County Stadium on Friday March 12th to run a Scout Day with P27.  P27 is an academy with an emphasis on developing baseball players in the classroom and on the field, for the next stages in their playing career.  Several players from P27 were invited to the PBR ProCase.  Players attending the Scout Day did not attend the ProCase, but wanted the verified and trusted evaluation and numbers provided by PBR Scouts.

The day started with position players going through an offensive workout.  TrackMan was able to track ball flight off the bat throughout BP.  During the defensive portion of the day, P27 players worked out from their primary positions.  The final workout of the day saw pitchers throw controlled bullpens, again with TrackMan providing data on each pitch.

CLICK HERE to see the full roster and results from the P27 Scout Day.


By the Numbers:

  • 14 Players took part in the Scout Day
  • 6.98 was the top sixty time on the laser timer
  • 7.28 was the median run time
  • 5 infielders threw across the diamond at 83 mph or higher
  • 102 mph was the top exit velocity during BP, captured by TrackMan
  • 90 mph was the median exit velocity for the 9 hitters
  • 92 mph was the top fastball on the day
  • 86 mph was the median fastball during the bullpens
  • 394' was the furthest hit ball during BP




TJ Curlee (RHP, 2023) – Big body with broad shoulders at 6-foot-2, 200 pounds.  High front side creates some deception.  Fastball ranged 80-82 with solid ride through the zone, spinning up to 1993 rpm from an over-the-top slot.  Average breaking ball working to gain 11/5 shape.  Inconsistent at times.  Good feel for a change-up with heavy run.  Solid arm speed on the change.

Dylan Howard (RHP, 2022) – Athletic 6-foot-3, 195 pound righty.  Repeats the delivery.  Long arm swing works to a high-3/4 slot.  Some effort.  High level of intent.  Above average arm speed.  Fastball ranged 89-91, touching 91.7 on TrackMan.  1:45 spin tilt at release creating over 15 inches of horizontal break out of the hand.  Hard run was late at times.  Better feel for the arm side.  Slider ranged 78-82, sweeping out of the hand, with occasional 10/4 tilt.  With tilt the pitch had later action and more depth.  Most sliders were left to the arm side with location.  Good run on the change-up with solid arm speed.  Change should be an option as a weapon.

Brandon Peterson (RHP, 2022) – Physical with strength present at 6-foot, 195 pounds.  Fastball at 85-86 with an average spin of 2071 rpm.  Long arm action works to an over-the-top slot.  Arm slightly laid off with hand outside of elbow at foot-strike.  Curveball has a hump out of the hand working for 10/4 action, occasionally rolling through the zone.

Clint Turner (RHP, 2022) – Average frame with some athleticism present at 6-foot-2, 185 pounds.  Fastball at 84-86 with feel for the arm side.  Lots of confidence in his breaking ball and slider.  The curveball works with good arm speed.  Slight up action out of the hand, rolling through 11/5 tilt.  Hard at times, the tilt can be late.  The slider is hard, working with a darting action away from a right handed hitter.  The slider ranged 73-74.  Good feel for locating the slider for a strike and for expansion.  Flashed a change-up with solid arm speed and some fade at 72-73.  Loose arm and over-the-top slot.  Arm strength over arm speed right now.  Good direction.

Trip Walls (RHP, 2022) – Average build, standing 6-foot-3, 195 pounds.  Short arm action and over-the-top slot.  Around the zone, lacking firm command of any one spot.  Misses were up and to the arm side.  Heavy, hard run on the fastball, ranging 87-88.  Averaged 15.5 inches of run with a 1:30 spin at release.  Downer breaking ball was inconsistent but flashed hard, late bite at 74-75.  Good arm speed on the change-up.  Hard at times, there is heavy fade.