Prep Baseball Report

Quick Hitters Pitchers: Southern Athletics Scout Day

Sammy Esposito
PBR SC Director of Scouting

The Southern Athletics Scout Day took place on November 6th on the campus of Limestone University  in Gaffney, SC.  

The event began with a defensive evaluation for catchers, pitcher bullpens with each pitch tracked by Trackman.  A pro-style workout for all the position players followed that included the 60 yard dash, BP with TrackMan ball flight analysis, and a defensive evaluation. 

Below we will look at the quick hitters from the pitchers for the event.

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Cole Bellinger - 2024 - RHP

Lean athletic frame at 5-10 165 pounds with room to grow and add strength.  Uptempo delivery with a long smooth whippy arm action from a high ¾ slot.  Fastball shows good life with late sink in the zone.  Curveball has a short late break with a 1/7 break to it.  Good arm speed on the changeup that shows good run and fade to it.  

AJ Cammarota - 2024 - LHP 

Tall long physical frame at 6-5 205 pounds with present strength and room to grow.  This left hander has a smooth tempo delivery from a high ¾ slot.  Showed a good loose arm action with the ability to throw 4 pitches for strikes.  Fastball showed a good late run to it with some sink.  Curveball good tight break at a 11/5 action.  Changup has run and sink to the glove side down in the zone with good tilt.  Splitter has the makings of a good out pitch with dive and run to it.


Adam Grabiec - 2023 - RHP

Lean frame at 5-10 145 with room to add strength.  A controlled tempo and balanced delivery.  A high ¾ arm slot with a loose whippy arm.  Fastball shows run and sink when down in the zone.  Breaking ball has good depth with late action with a 1/7 break.  Changeup has a gradual fade to it with some sink when thrown down in the zone.


Gavin Hug - 2024 - RHP

6-0 160 pound frame with present strength with more room to grow. An uptempo delivery with a low ¾ arm slot.  Good arm speed and extension with an upright finish.  Showed good arm strength with more in the tank.  Fastball has good life down in the zone with a bit of run to it.  Curveball has 1/7 break to it with good break.  Gets around it a bit but when on top has the makings of an out pitch.  Changeup has fade to it late in the zone.  Slows arm down some to throw but shows good action to the pitch.


Brody Linker - 2024 - RHP

Long lean projectable build at 6-2 150 pounds.  Athletic delivery with a good coil at the top.  Shows a longer arm path with an over the top arm action.  Fastball has good tilit with a bit of late run to it.  Curveball has a 1/7 break with late action to it.  Splitter has a little cut to it with a good speed differential form fastball.  When on top of it, the pitch has good dive to it.  

Matt Murray - 2024 - RHP

Lean athletic frame with present present and lots of projection left.  A controlled pace delivery with a high leg lift and good direction down the mound.  Throws from a low ¾ slot with a quick, short, whippy arm action.  Fastball jumps out of hand and has good late life with run and sink.  Slider has tight late movement to it with more sweeping action at a 2/8 break.  Changeup has great action down in the zone with good sink and run to it.  


Noah McGarity - 2024 - RHP

Lean athletic frame.  A quick paced delivery with a smooth quick arm from a high ¾ slot.  Changeup has good late sink to it with a good arm speed and action.  Curveball has a 1/7 break to it, slows arm down some to throw.  Fastball with gradual run to it and some sink when down in the zone.   

Kaden Roach - 2023 - RHP

Larger physical frame with projection to the body.  Smooth athletic delivery with a high ¾ arm slot and a loose whippy arm are.  Showed the ability to throw 4 above average pitches for strikes.  Fastball has good life down in the zone with late hard sink to it.  Curveball has a short sharp break with a 12/6 action to it.  Slider has good late break with a short 2/8 motion.  Change up has good run and sink to it when on top of pitch, gets on side of it at times.   

Andrew Yelton - 2025 - LHP

Smaller athletic frame with plenty of room to add strength.  Shows a smooth tempo delivery with a high leg lift with good direction really getting through the ball and down the slope.  A whippy arm from a high ¾ slot.  Fastball showed arm side run with a bit of sink down in the zone.  Change has good sink to it with a bit of run, keeping good arm speed on pitch.  Breaking ball has a 10/4 break with tight spin.