Prep Baseball Report

Quick Hitters: Upstate Mavs Position Players

Brandon Hall
Mid-Atlantic Executive Director

On Saturday May 22nd, PBR converged onto Big League Camp in Marion, NC where the Upstate Mavs were hosting an organizational weekend.  Part of their organizational weekend was a PBR Scout Day, allowing their players to go through a full pro-style workout, posting numbers and receiving feedback.  Players attending the scout day will receive their stats, a video, advanced analytics from TrackMan, and an evaluation, all hosted on their PBR Profile page.

The day started with pitchers throwing controlled bullpens.  TrackMan was able to track ball flight and give in-depth stats on each arm that threw.  Following the pitchers, the position players ran a laser timed 60 and then went through offensive evaluations, again with TrackMan providing feedback.  The position players finished the day with their defensive workout. All players stats below were collected during the pro-style workout.  Each player will have his workout on video, posted to his profile page in the coming days.

Upstate Mavs Scout Day By the Numbers:

  • 72 players in the Mavs system took part in the workout
  • 6 players ran under 7.00 on the laser
  • 13 players ran under 7.20
  • 7.50 was the median 60 time at the workout
  • 7 arms showed carry across the diamond or from the OF above 80 mph
  • 4 catchers posted pop times of 2.15 or better
  • 101.66 was the top recorded exit velocity during live BP
  • 16 hitters posted an exit velocity above 90 mph
  • 2 hitters posted an exit velocity of 100 mph or greater
  • 86 mph was the median exit velocity of the 60 hitters
  • 373' was the furthest hit ball during BP
  • 6 hitters launched balls further than 350'
  • 87 mph was the top fastball recorded
  • 8 pitchers worked at 82 or higher
  • 2359 rpm was the top recorded spin rate on a fastball
  • 2680 rpm was the top spin rate on a breaking ball

CLICK HERE to see the full roster and complete statistical package from the PBR Scout Day




McLean Arnette, C, AC Flora HS, 2023
Athletic frame with strength present.  Tall, worked on his back leg, creating some uphill leverage in the swing.  Good batspeed with average barrel feel.

Wyatt Bland, OF, Chapen HS, 2023
Strong build.  Strong hands.  Right handed hitter tends to dive and then rotate to work for extension.  Good bat speed.  Average barrel feel.  Ball jumps when on the barrel.

Yates Bland, 1B, Chapin HS, 2022
Tall and lanky with projection left.  Solid barrel feel with some whip through the zone.  Over 100 mph exit velocity at the top end of his BP.

Lawson Bryant, SS, Walhalla HS, 2023
Showed athleticism on the infield.  Hips can work high, but the hands have softness and repeat their transition.  Multiple arm slots to allow rhythm in the feet with accuracy and carry across the diamond.

Peyton Burton, MIF, Palmetto HS, 2024
Good actions on the infield, working to play through the ball.  Solid rhythm in the feet.  Hands are working to be soft and funnel to the mid-section.  Showed accuracy.  Bat and arm strength tools should boost as he continues to mature.

Logan Busenlehner, C, Cardinal Newman, 2023
Lanky, athletic frame with easy projection left in it.  Good carry out of the crouch with average accuracy.  Pop times should be more consistent with a repeated transition.  Strength in the box with solid bat speed.  Plenty of room for the bat to climb as the body fills out.

William Campagna, OF, Wando HS, 2022
Quick hands.  Strong hands from the right side.  Strength plays in the box with good feel for his barrel.  Chance to punish the baseball when on the barrel.

Xavier Cuevas, MIF, Blythewood HS, 2023
Toolsy athlete with room in the frame to continue to mature.  Quickness is apparent and plays in the box and on the infield.  Solid bat speed and average barrel feel.  Active feet on defense with an accurate arm

Mac Dawsey, C, Greenville HS, 2024
Simple and stable from the right side in the box.  Vertical bat at launch creates some length, but there was intent and feel for the barrel through the zone.  Impressed with an accurate arm from behind the dish.

Joshua Jackson, SS, South Pointe HS, 2023
Has quickness.  Quickness stands out in the box and on defense.  Plays above his size with his quickness and hand strength.  Simple, short, and direct from the right side with excellent barrel awareness.  Active feet and good rhythm between the feet and hands on defense.  Arm carried enough.  Showed accuracy and athleticism on the left side.

Landon Kahl, 1B, Dutch Fork HS, 2023
Left handed hitter with strength in the barrel.  Tends to work for extension with a pull emphasis.  When the hands relax, the ball jumps off the barrel.

Mac Ketchin, OF, Wando HS, 2022
Lanky frame that oozes projection for scouts.  Solid rhythm with loose whip through the zone creating advanced bat speed.  Pairs it with solid feel for the barrel.  Top exit velocity of 102 mph during BP.  Athleticism and arm should play easily in the OF where he will continue to develop.  Runs well enough to have a shot to stay in the middle of the field.

Mason Little, 1B, A.C. Flora HS, 2023
Strength present.  Simple and stable from the right side.  Works for extension.  Barrel feel should continue to grow.  Top end strength plays when on the barrel.

Braden Mauro, SS, Daniel HS, 2024
Solid barrel feel and approach from both sides of the plate.  Stayed in his base more often from the right side.  Worked for more extension on the left side.  Good rhythm in his feet and hands on the infield.  Accurate arm with some whip.  Lanky frame should fill out in the coming years and allow the tools to continue to grow.

Caleb McCants, OF, Blythewood HS, 2022
Strength present from the right side.  Tall base with a short stride, working loose through the zone with the hands.  Average barrel feel.  Strength over quickness right now, but does show quickness in his game.  Solid athlete that ran a 7.28.  Easy arm action from the outfield with a high level of accuracy and average carry on his throws.

Alex Myers, 2B, Blythewood HS, 2025
Young player with a solid foundation.  Right handed hitter works with solid rhythm and timing.  Stays gap to gap with advanced feel for the barrel.  Average batspeed, advanced for his age. 

Landon Penfield, 3B, Blythewood HS, 2024
Aggressive, working for extension from the left side.  Solid bat speed and feel for the barrel.  Positioned to be in a good situation to hit moving forward as he adds strength and quickness to his frame. 

Owen Pridgen, 1B, Laurens HS, 2024
Advanced strength in a large frame with broad shoulders.  Natural lift in the swing, working for extension with a pull emphasis right now.

Cal Robertson, OF, Laurens Academy, 2022
Flat through the zone with good barrel feel from the right side.  Aggressive, has intent to do damage with each swing, still working gap to gap.

Gavin Underwood, C, Jenkins County (GA), 2023
Arm has carry out of the crouch, showing solid feel for the bag.  Exchange can be shortened to allow the arm to work sooner, seeing solid pop times get better.  Right handed hitter works with some uphill leverage and average to above bat speed.

Gray Wells, 3B, Chapin HS, 2022
Left handed hitter works on his back leg, producing some uphill leverage in his swing path.  Solid bat speed and barrel feel.  Aggressive and swings with intent to do damage. 

Brady Wharton, SS, JL Mann, 2022
Athletic frame.  Good actions at short with active feel.  Funneled to the mid-section making easy, quick transitions.  Featured multiple slots on throws with carry and accuracy.  Right handed hitter is quiet, gliding onto the front side, working gap to gap.

Cameron Williams, SS, Wren HS, 2022
Played with pace on the defensive side.  Good energy.  Hands funneled to the transition with an athletic arm showing accuracy

Brody Winter, OF, T.L. Hanna HS, 2022
Advanced runner.  Quickness present.  Tall in his stance, rushed through his load at times.  Worked uphill.  Good whip through the zone.