Rockland County HS Workout

Jared Carrier
Scouting Director

We made our annual trek to the Rockland County HS workout held at Nyack High School recently. We ran across some familiar faces and discovered some new ones.

Jay Pichardo OF / North Rockland , NY / 2021

Plus runner, plus arm as evidenced by seeing him not only at the NYS Games, Future Games but also this past Sunday where he ran a 6.65 and was 90 from the OF. Spread setup with some inside-out approach with barrel. Line drives to oppo gap. 




Saulo Adames RHP / SS / Ramapo, NY / 2021

Strong left side actions with glove side range and carry. On the mound he worked 82-83, touching 84 MPH with a late tilting slider at 71 MPH. Showed a change at 76 MPH. Plenty of ease to his actions. 




Nathan Betances OF / North Rockland, NY / 2020

Lean, wiry strong RHH OF with a quick wristed approach at the plate. CF/LF projection at the next level with additional arm strength on the way.




Nick Murphy RHP / 1B / Clarkstown South, NY / 2021

Athletic in the box with a flat path; line drive results. Strong frame at 6-foot-1 170 pounds. The RHP worked 82-83 MPH with a heavy ball. Worked 2S FB in at 80 MPH. CB had 10-to-4 shape at 68-69 MPH and also worked in slider at  71 MPH along with a same plane change up at 73 MPH. Short arm action with plenty of late life.




Patrick Benn LHP / 1B / Pearl River, NY / 2020

Athletic actions around the bag at 1B; some length to the swing path with hitchy actions. Worked mid 70's on the mound (up to 80 in the past) with some cut action to the FB complemented by a sweeping CB in the low 60's.




Chase Barley LHP / 1B / Clarkstown North, NY / 2021

LHP has a long and loose arm action working 77-79 MPH with a two-plane slider at 67-68 MPH. Change up held the zone at 71 MPH. Was athletic around the bag at 1B and uses an open setup in the box with with a short, easy effort stroke. Showed some pop during his rounds. 




Matthew Savedoff SS / RHP / Clarkstown North , NY / 2021

Best command of the evening as he pounded the zone consistently at 79 MPH. Works both sides of the plate and stays down with FB. Showed a CB from a true 3/4 slot at 68-69 MPH and a change at 71-72 MPH. Throws all three for strikes, repeats delivery.






Bryan Jimenez 3B / 2B / Clarkstown North , NY / 2021

RHH showed quick twitch actions in the box that produced line drives with some lift. Glove works, fits the 2B/3B mold at the next level. Intriguing follow. 




2022 1B Noah Kronberg (Nyack)
Strong 5-foot-10 188 pound 1B that stays inside contact and had an impressive second round of BP. Developing power for the sophomore.

2022 John Sullivan (Nyack)
Keep an eye open for the progress of this LHH. Showed a short swing to all fields with an advanced approach in the box; minimal effort with quality results; above average barrel control for his age. Handles the double play up the middle with no panic actions.

2021 MIF/RHP Gialdri Gomez (Pearl River)
Athletic build at 5-foot-10 170 pounds. The LHH with uses an open setup showed a quick stroke middle in. Ranges well up the middle with plenty of arm. On the mound he works with a low 3/4 slot; minimal effort. Sat 80-81, touching 82 MPH with a tilting slider at 66-67 MPH.

2020 INF/RHP Sebastion Cabral (Nanuet)
Intriguing player who may project better as a corner outfielder. 6-foot-4 170 pound frame that can hold an easy 20 pounds. Showed easy lift to his pull side and over the the long term should hit for power in that direction. 

2021 C Zach Glomski (North Rockland)
Compact build at 5-foot-8 165 pounds. Impressed behind the plate with an accurate arm and quick release. Pop times hovered in the 2.2 range but will improve. Tremendous receiver and good in the dirt. Showed strong actions in the box with a short, line drive stroke. 

2021 OF Tyler Caton (Clarkstown South)
Slight drift in his swing early on but made the adjustment of staying behind the ball and driving through. Fundamental approach in the OF with and arm that can handle all three positions. On the mound he worked 76-77 MPH with an above average CB with depth at 63 MPH (12-6 shape). 

2021 MIF Tommy Kreider (Clarkstown South)
LHH with a short stroke, table setter mindset. Sprayed the ball around during his BP rounds. Hands will play up the middle. Continued arm strength development will allow him to work both sides of the bag. 

2021 MIF Tyler Muscat (Clarkstown South)
Lean, athletic build with above average actions up the middle with an arm that will stick to the left side. In the box the effort is easy and repeatable, showing some lift to his pull side. Stood out defensively around some other quality defenders. 

2021 MIF Brandon Scalisi (Clarkstown North)
Slightly open setup in the box with a scrapper's mentality. Can defend the middle and showed some arm as evidenced by being 79-80 MPH on the mound with a short action CB at 71 MPH and a down angle CH at 74 MPH. Sticks with his short infield arm action from a 3/4 slot. 

2022 1B/LHP Jean Carlos (Ramapo)
Possibly the most upside, along with Sullivan from Nyack. Aggressive approach in the box with some juice to the pull side gap. Actions around 1B are raw but athletic. On the mound he worked 79-80 MPH with mostly FB; CB had 1-to-7 shape with loose spin. Secondary needs some refinement but there is a diamond beneath the surface. 

2021 C Aden Halperin (Suffern)
5-foot-10 165 pound backstop who produced some of the louder contact on the day. Behind the dish he was 2.19-2.20 on his pop times.

2021 3B Zach Hochheiser (Suffern)
The odd, true 3B at the HS level with an advanced physical build at 6-foot-3 205 pounds. Showed athleticism, arm strength and range defensively with a bat that has life to all three fields. 

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