Prep Baseball Report

SC Preseason All-State North: Quick Hitter - Upper-Class Position Players

Sammy Esposito
PBR SC Director of Scouting

On Saturday January 21st PBR of South Carolina was on hand at The Winthrop Ball Park for our Preseason All-State North Event. The event featured players from the 2023-2028 grad classes.

The day started with BP on the field with Trackman collecting ball flight data followed the defensive evaluations followed by laser timed 60.  Then pitchers throwing a controlled bullpen with Trackman collecting data analytics  to finish the day.

Below we begin our breakdown of the players in attendance. 

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Quick Hitters - Upper-Class Position Players

Chancellor Jennings, OF, 2023

5-10 180 pound strong athletic frame with present strength.  Smooth control load and stride to a balanced hitting position.  Shows plus hand speed while having a flat path through the zone with a good line drive approach.  Max exit velo 98.8 mph and a max distance of 367 feet.

Brody Sanders, C, 2023

A strong 6-0 180 proud frame.  Left handed hitter with a good load and small stride.  Has a line drive approach with an uphill path through the ball.  Had a max exit velo of 89.3 mph.  Behind the plate showed good flexibility, a clean exchange and good carry on throws.

Jemal Scarborough, INF, 2023

5-6 and 150 pounds; athletic, smaller physique.  Showed a good gap-to-gap approach and a line drive swing.  Employs a medium leg lift and stride to get into a balanced hitting position while hitting from a slightly wide stance.  Maintains contact with the ball and swings it nicely. defensively, he moves through the ball with active footwork and throws with solid direction.

Chas Welch, OF, 2023

5-9 175 pounds, with a powerful, athletic physique.  A short stride and a wide, level stance that keeps balance through his swing.  An approach using a line drive with a flat swing to the pull side.  With a maximum exit velocity of 96.4 mph, the swing generates good hand speed and rotational acceleration.  He moves through the ball well, plays the ball out in front of his body, and has an accurate outfield arm with a top speed of 88 mph.

Cole Canty, OF, 2024

6-3, 180 pounds, long, slender, and athletic, with room to grow.  Hits with a straightforward setup and an average stride.  Used a gap to gap line drive approach while showing pop in the bat.  On the day, barreled many balls with a maximum exit velocity of 90.9 mph and max distance of 354 feet.

Jack Coletti, INF/OF, 2024

A 5-10-inch, 160-pound frame strength and room to add on.  Smaller leg lift and a slightly open stance before hitting.  Maintains a good flat path through the zone and arrives early to get a barrel behind the ball.  Shows some pull side pop and good extension out front.  Had a line drive approach while remaining on the plane,  Had excellent rotational acceleration, and maximum exit velocity of 93.5 mph and a max distance of 343 feet.

BJ Jeter, OF, 2024

A strong, athletic build that weighs 175 pounds and is 6-0 in height.  Hits with a low hand setup and a wider even base.  Has a short stride to balance and, with an uphill path, gets the barrel through the zone. Good hand speed, good rotation through the ball, and a maximum exit velocity of 96.1 mph. Running a 6.9 60 and arming up to 81 mph while in the OF, good athleticism.

Gunner Jordan, 1B, 2024

A strong, physical 6-3, 200-pound frame with room for more muscle.  Hits while standing up right, while a short lift and stride  and hand pump.  He swings through the ball to develop power in his bat with a top exit velocity of 99.1 mph.  With natural loft in the swing and a lot of loud contact during BP, had a peak distance of 353 feet.  Continues to impress with the bat at each event!

Lane McGaha, 1B, 2024

With current strength, the 6-5, 218-pound build is long, slender, and strong.  A simple setup with a wider base and small stride to balance.shows off  good pop and aggression with the bat.  Demonstrates quick bat speed and the capacity to maintain plane through the ball.  Had a max exit velo of 98.1 mph and a max distance of 386 feet.

Tyler Rosario, INF, 2024

6-0 175-pound athletic build gets into a strong batting position in the batter's box with a smooth load.  Has a big  finish out front and a flat path through the zone.  Drives the ball with a maximum exit velocity of 93.3 mph to all fields.  He effortlessly moves across the infield as he fields the ball, making it look easy.  Fields the ball out in front with strong footwork and hands while achieving a nice carry and a velo of 81 mph.

Andrew Sands, C, 2024

5-11 210 pound frame with strength.  A balanced stance with an upright stance.  A small leg lift and stride, gets to a good balanced hitting position.  Uphill path through the zone with a max exit velo of 92.5 mph and a max distance of 339 feet.  Behind the plate shows good direction on throws with good footwork.  Has a clean exchange with accurate throws.  

AnTony Shannon, INF, 2024

5-11 130 pound slender frame with room to grow.  Tall upright stance with narrow feet and small stride to balance.  Flat stroke through the zone with a max exit velo of 80.4 mph.  Defensively in the infield shows smooth actions with good range.  Good clean footwork while working through the ball.  Shows good arm strength while up to 83 mph across the diamond.

Abram Threats, OF, 2024

At 5-11 and 170 pound an athletic frame has potential for growth and add strength.  Simple setup that is balanced and has a flat stroke through the ball.  Gets behind the ball early, gap-to-gap approach, and natural lift during swing.  Demonstrated strong footwork and arm strength in the outfield, while up to 77 mph.

Mitch Wilson, C, 2024

Large physical build at 6-3 and 200 pounds.  Produces high EV consistently, with a maximum exit speed of 99.1 mph and a maximum distance of 360 ft.  Swing has an uphill path through the ball.  Shorter strides and a strong lower half help to keep everything on plane. The ability to throw effectively was demonstrated behind the plate.  Showed off quick exchanges and superb footwork while making throws to second at 1.86-2.01.