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SC Preseason All-State North: Quick Hitters - Hitters

PBR Staff

On Saturday January 20th PBR of South Carolina was on hand at Doug Kingsmore Stadium at Clemson University for our Preseason All-State North Event. The event featured players from the 2024-2028 grad classes.

On a cold and blustery day the day started with BP on the cages with Trackman collecting ball flight data followed the defensive evaluations along with a laser timed 60, jump testing, grip strength, and height and weight measurments.  Then pitchers throwing a controlled bullpen with Trackman collecting data analytics along with jump testing, grip strength, and height and weight measurments to finish the day.  

Below we begin our breakdown of the players in attendance. 

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Gavin MacDonald, 2025, Legion Collegiate

Big raw power, still filing into an already large frame. Good balance in the box with feel for the lower half as he sinks into hips in load before entering launch position and shows good bat speed through the zone. 

Macon Leppert, 2025, Blythewood HS

Sweet lefty swing in a slightly uphill path with good hand/bat speed. Strength in lower half provides juice, raw pop to the pull side. Max EV 98.7. Avg EV 90.7. 

Joey McGovern, 2025, Seneca HS

Compact swing with quick hands and a slightly downward path made to shoot liners to all fields. Strong lower half incorporation as more power develops. Max EV 98.2, avg EV 91.3. 

John Delgadillo, 2025, P27 Academy

Raw power to be uncorked as he continues to learn his swing. Quickness to the hands on a downward angle but lets his full weight get into swing as he gets through the zone. Max EV 97.6. 

Sam Schwamb, 2025, Catawba Ridge

Pure strength and athleticism in swing, keeps hands compact and in a tight window turns the barrel over with force with loose hands/wrists. Raw juice with more in the tank. Max EV 96.2. 

Johnny Compton, 2026, Indian Land HS

Simple load with quick bat speed on a downward angle. Covers the whole plate well and can use both gaps with ease. Max EV 95.5, avg EV 86.5

Braydon Hallman, 2026, Batesburg Leesville HS

Creates good hand stretch with nice balance in load. Short swing with quickness and strength in the hands on a level path with an ability to drive the ball gap to gap. Max EV 95.5, avg EV 85.1. 

Justin Sheffield, 2025, Atlantic Collegiate HS

Electric bat speed with power to all fields, creating serious whip to the barrel through the zone. Real pull side pop with ability to use all fields for line drives. Max EV 94.7, avg EV 84.2

Bo Lowrance, 2026, Christ Church Episcopal, Duke Commit

Nice and easy lefty swing with good hand stretch into launch position with good balance and feel for the barrel. Clean path in the zone with big time raw juice as he continues to fill out frame. Max EV 94.4, avg EV 85.1. 

Luke Young, 2026, Clinton HS

Good movements in the lower half keeping his path direct through the zone and has strength to get the ball to jump. Nice mechanics and a good, short swing. Max EV 94.4 avg EV 87.3. 

Mac Dawsey, 2025, P27 Academy

Strong swing with clear strength and balance in the lower half. Potential for power to all fields with some present now. Max EV 93.7 avg EV 83.9. 

States Farr, 2026, Spartanburg HS, South Carolina Commit

Easy, athletic actions in the box from both sides of the plate. Simple load into back leg before letting that athleticism and quickness take over to get the barrel out front. Moxie. Max EV 93.1, avg EV 83. 

Andres Lopez, 2025, Legion Collegiate

Easy movements from the left side, showing good barrel lag in the zone with ability to use all fields and strength at the point of contact. Will be able to hit all pitches and locations. Max EV 93.1, avg EV 87.4. 

Bennett Edwards, 2025, Laurens District 55 HS

Good balance and feel for the lower half before letting it rip with quick hands and strong/loose wrists in the zone. Good, direct path on a slightly downward angle and uses all fields. Max EV 92.9, avg EV 88.2. 

Charlie Scott, 2026, AC Flora HS

Quickness to the swing with a direct, level path and good distribution and feel for weight in the lower half. Fires the barrel out front with repeatable mechanics. Max EV 93, avg EV 82.4

Graham Coleman, 2027, Lexington HS

Easy swing with good mechanics and a heavy barrel, looks somewhat effortless at times. Precise in the zone getting through balls well and create thump off the barrel. Max EV 92.7, avg EV 86. 

Jacob Pettit, 2025, Nation Ford HS

Athletic swing with some quickness to the hands and good direction in the lower half. Will use all fields well and can tap into some power as he continues to add on. Max EV 91.6, avg EV 86.6. 

Christian Spivey, 2027, Lexington HS

Big time raw pop with a repeatable swing. Quick hands with real strength throughout in a mature frame for his age. Power is his calling card and is always in launch mode. Max EV 90.7. 

Ayden Clay, 2025, Pendleton HS

Good, repeatable swing with a direct and level path. Covers the whole plate well and can shoot liners to all fields, not trying to do too much. Max EV 90.6, avg EV 85.2. 

Easton Thomas, 2026, TL Hanna HS

Athletic swing with quick bat speed and some whip to the barrel. Direct, level path with sneaky power and a nose for the barrel. Max EV 90.6, avg EV 82.7.

Aaron Tolbert, 2025, Easley HS

Tall, open setup with high back elbow and creates natural loft through contact with brute strength. Forceful turn of the barrel with mobility throughout in swing. Max EV 90.5. 

Jackson Driver, 2026, TL Hanna

Athletic movements with easy effort in swing, quick hip rotation. Accurate barrel lengthens in zone can get the ball to jump. One to watch as he gets stronger. Max EV 89.7. 

Cody Branham, 2027, Central HS

Balanced stance and load, patience to the hands as he strides creating ideal hand stretch. Quick bat speed with loose wrists and ability to manipulate the barrel. Going to do damage as he fills out. Max EV 89.3

Stephen Hudgins, 2027, Powdersville HS

Athletic movements throughout with quick hands and some twitch. 6.86 60yd time, tons of fluidity and smoothness to his game. Legit athlete with real upside. Big time competitor. Max EV 87.8. 

Slaide Burd, 2026, Hilton Head Christian Academy

Balanced stance, strong hands work easy through the zone creating good bat speed. Forceful upper half, results will comes as he refines swing and begins to incorporate more lower half. Solid gap to gap approach with more in the tank. Max EV 86.4. 

Tanner Padgett, 2027, Aiken HS

Open setup in a taller stance, allows for a simple, easy load and stride with some looseness in the zone. Good feel for his swing. More room to grow. Max EV 83.3.