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SC Preseason All-State North: Quick Hitters - Pitchers

PBR Staff
PBR Staff

On Saturday January 20th PBR of South Carolina was on hand at Doug Kingsmore Stadium at Clemson University for our Preseason All-State North Event. The event featured players from the 2024-2028 grad classes.

On a cold and blustery day the day started with BP on the cages with Trackman collecting ball flight data followed the defensive evaluations along with a laser timed 60, jump testing, grip strength, and height and weight measurments.  Then pitchers throwing a controlled bullpen with Trackman collecting data analytics along with jump testing, grip strength, and height and weight measurments to finish the day.  

Below we begin our breakdown of the players in attendance. 

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Gavin MacDonald, 2025, Legion Collegiate

Works exclusively from the stretch. Long action to a H3Q slot. Sneaky athletic movements down the mound with good balance and extension. FB can be explosive at times up to 89.4mph at event. Shows feel for secondaries with a CU at 81-82, CB at 75-77 and fading CH at 81-82. Raw stuff.

Dawson Siffri, 2025, JL Mann

Relaxed, lower effort delivery with aggressiveness at release point, easy operation. Nice mechanics with a flexible lower half and a loose arm, longer AA to a 3Q slot, lower release height (5’6”). FB sat 87-89 with some ride&run, 12.2” avg HZB. Spun a slurve-like CB at 79-81 with avg spin of 2302 RPM. Showed a good CH as well at 80-82 with fading action. 

Carson Boleman, 2026, Soutside Christian, Wake Forest Commit

Mature, advanced actions in all facets. Short AA to near OTT slot providing some deception, all pitches play well from angle. FB was 86-87 T87.6 with big time carry & efficiency up in zone (18.9” avg IVB, max 22.8 IVB) and will generate s/m. Really good secondaries, starting with 12/6 CB at 71-74 (avg 2152 RPM), SL at 75-77 (2082 RPM) & CH with serious tail at 78-79 (1778 RPM, -14.8 avg HZB). Consistent performer.

Caden Fragola, 2025, Oceanside Collegiate

Short depth to AA, hides ball well from a ¾ slot. Good mechanics in lower half with good hip mobility. Heavy FB (avg 1811 RPM) with run&sink 85-86 T86.6 and avg 19” HZB. SL with some gyro tendencies, more VB on pitch than HZB, real depth that falls off the table, pitch sat 74-77 with 2100 avg RPM. Also flashed a CH 77-78 with 1439 avg RPM. 

Ryland Paxton, 2026, Laurens HS

Mid-depth AA to H3Q slot, some quickness and flexibility down the mound. Above avg spin on FB at 2313 RPM, sitting 83-85 T85.5 with ride&run. SL tunnels nicely off FB at 72-73 with good spin as well, avg 2350 & max 2415 RPM. Flashed a solid CH as well at 80-82 with 1571 RPM on avg. 

Carter Harrington, 2025, AC Flora HS

Compact delivery with shorter AA to a ¾ slot. Lower effort and still developing physically. Lived at the bottom of the zone with all pitches, FB sat 84-85 with late life, sweeping SL at 74-75 and a strong CH with depth at 76-78. Arsenal will likely induce groundballs regularly as he mixes movement, stays towards bottom of zone and tunnels secondaries well off FB.

Reece Oakley, 2026, TL Hanna HS

Nice, athletic arm with some looseness & twitch. Easy lower half mobility allows his upper half to rip down the mound, ball jumps some and will generate s/m. FB was 82-83 T83.8 with avg 1883 RPM and will play well in on the hands to RHH. Spun two different breaking balls, a CB at 69-70 with avg of 2155 RPM and 19.7” avg HZB. SL sat 70-71 with 2413 RPM and falls off the table with -9.7 avg IVB.  

Brayden Robinson, 2025, South Florence HS

Easy operation with clear flexibility in the spine and lower half. Creates big carry/ride on FB with lower release height, sitting 82-83 with avg 20.3” IVB and a max of 22.1”. Flatter approach will produce swings and misses at top of zone regularly. CB is 66-68 with 2304 RPM and CH with good depth and 16.9” avg HZB at 72-74. Quality secondary offerings staying in the zone with each consistently, good mix all around. 

Bryce Baxter, 2026, Riverside HS

Fast arm with a longer AA to a H3Q slot. Good extension for size, really going to help as he adds on. FB sits 81-82 T82.5 with 2147 RPM. Change of pace with big CB at 66-68 and flashed a CH with fade at 69-71. Nice upside, only going to get better/strong as he fills out. Good follow.

Charlie Scott, 2026, AC Flora HS

Nice young arm here with a short and smooth AA to a H3Q slot, repeatable mechanics and pitches play up. FB sat at 81 and touched 81.6 with good carry up in the zone and will garner s/m. Big CB was 69-70 with 2154 RPM and 11/5 shape. CH with fade had solid velo at 75-76. One to follow. 

Jack Stepp, 2026, Wade Hampton HS, Clemson Commit

Smooth operation, still filling into frame but making good strides as a pitcher. Quick arm with a very clean path. Advanced feel for full arsenal. FB sat 80-81 with good life, avg 2087 RPM. Drops in a pretty CB at 70-72 (2103 RPM) with good depth and will freeze hitters. Flashed a solid CH as well at 74-75. 

Beau Barbre, 2025, Fountain Inn HS

Fast movements down the mound with long AA from a low slot with some athleticism. FB with late life on it at 73-76, avg spin of 1968 RPM. Spun a slurve-like CB at 63-64 (1930 RPM) with gradual movement but tough to pick up from slot. Also flashed a CH up to 68 with 1534 RPM. 

Graham Campbell, 2027, West Oak

Clean, athletic mechanics with loose arm speed. FB with strong movement to arm-side at 67-69. 1/7 CB at 60-61. CH with fade & depth at 65-67. Velo will jump as he adds strength, one to keep an eye on.