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2024 Top Uncommitted Prospects: TN Pitchers

Colton Provey
TN Scouting Director

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Yesterday, we released the updated TN 2024 Rankings, expanding to 200 prospects and giving a fresh look as college coaches prep to hit the road in September. Today, we take it a step further highlighting the top seven uncommitted arms plus a pair of sleepers outside the Top 50. Take the time to check out scout notes and video on the top available mound talent for the TN 2024 class. 


Top Uncommitted Arms

Saxon Roberts, RHP, Independence, 2024
Uncommitted, 6-foot-3, 188-pound right-handed pitcher, strong, sturdy build, projectable, plenty of room to fill out. Power arm w/ big time stuff. Short, compact arm action, comes out of an over-the-top slot, some effort. So-so command, but when in the zone, both fastball and slider are swing and miss. Will get batters to chase at this level with many not able to catch up to his stuff. Fastball sat 88-91, touched 93 in the early innings, heavy and run action, swing and miss. Slider, 81-85, sharp downer action, throw with intent, swing and miss pitch. Burst onto the scene this summer with Knights and a pair of strong starts at Lakepoint. Big upside stuff that had college coaches buzzing as he cracked the TN top ten. Even after Tommy John surgery in July, Roberts is a sure fire pitching prospect to see once he returns. 



Bridger Hamilton, RHP, Sevier County, 2024
Uncommitted. 6-0, 160-lb lean, wiry frame w/ athleticism and projection. High leg kick w/ strong balance point and glides down the slope & square toe landing. Loose, whippy arm action working up to H 3/4 slot. Heavy FB at 86-90 w/ arm side run (Avg: 1960 rpm) and late life. Clean out the hand that jumps on hitters and dominates the outer half. Mixes sharp, biting CB at 74-77 (T 2328 rpm) w/ depth and swing n miss potential. 11/5 action that he can land for strikes and bury for chase. Showed development w/ CH at 78-81 w/ slight fade and tunnels well off the FB. Solid third option that can round out his mix. So-so command, but tossed two innings at the 2022 Future Games w/ a pair of punchouts and also a very serviceable switch hitting catcher. 


Caden Shanks, RHP, Upperman, 2024
Uncommitted. 6-foot-2, 167-lb lean, wiry frame w/ projection and good athleticism. Slow tempo delivery w/ strong balance into drop n’ drive stride w/ closed foot landing. High front side glove w/ quick arm working up to 3/4 slot. Some rawness to delivery, but quiet early and repeats well w/ athleticism & knack for competing. FB at 86-89, T90 w/ slight arm side life (1967-2025) and maintains plane at time (T 2230 rpm). Mixed CB at 71-75 w/ sharp 11/5 action and lite bite (T 2335 rpm). Flashing improved spin qualities and more of a swing n’ miss offering while landing for strikes and throwing back door to LHH. Showed flashes w/ CH at 78-79, killing spin and working down in the zone for potential third offering. Tossed two frames at 2022 PBR Future Games, allowing one run and striking out three. 


Stratton Scott, RHP, Farragut, 2024
Uncommitted, 6-foot-2, 180-lb long frame w/ lower half strength and some projection. Worked strictly from the stretch w/ slightly closed setup and hands set at chest. Strong at balance point before tall n fall towards the plate w/ square foot landing. Long, smooth arm action working up to 3/4 slot. FB at 84-86, T 87, manipulating shape and varying spin (1884-2275 rpm) w/ late arm side life. Occasionally sinks it, others more lateral plane, bearing in on RHH. Tunnels sharp swing n miss SL at 75-77 (T 2502 rpm) w/ late biting depth. Played well off the FB, worked down in the zone and buried for chase. Also showed some feel for solid CH at 79-81 w/ some fade to keep LHH honest. Although lacking elite FB velocity, his SL might rank towards the top of the class for breaking stuff and he induced lots of weak contact at Future Games, tossing two scoreless frames w/ two punchouts. 


Lake Morris, LHP, Hendersonville, 2024
Uncommitted, 5-foot-10, 150-lb lean, wiry frame w/ a high waist and room to add strength. Quiet, repeatable delivery, keeping the head still and on target. Very efficient w/ tall n fall down the slope and square foot landing. Long, spiral arm action working up to 3/4 slot w/ great arm speed. Attacked the zone with FB at 83-86 T 87 w/ good spin (T 2272 rpm). Great carry (T 19.7 IVB) and late life + some arm side action. Manipulates shape of swing n miss breaking ball between 11/5 & 10/4 action at 73-76 (T 2836 rpm) w/ no distinct hump, tunneling off the FB. Plenty of sweep and horizontal action for chase or can go more vertical for strikes/bury. Very solid CH at 76-79 w/ lateral bite neutralizing RHH hitters and feel for the zone. Absolute gamer, who pitches with confidence and an edge. Tossed two scoreless innings with no hits allowed and two strikeouts at PBR Future Games. 


Eli Deberry, RHP, Arlington, 2024
Uncommitted, 6-foot-4, 245-lb large, developed frame w/ present strength and physicality. Quiet feet in delivery w/ strong balance point and tall n fall lower half. Glides down the mound w/ square to slightly closed foot landing and blocks with the lead leg. Long, loose arm action, getting it up on foot landing and works up to H 3/4 slot. FB has been 85-89 T 90 w/ high spin (T 2416 rpm) and great carry thru the zone (19.8 IVB). Natural cut, but shown ability to sink it at times. Struggled with zone at times, but lively stuff that makes for uncomfortable at bats. Sharp biting SL at 74-76 (T 2564 rpm) w/ 10/4 action. Manipulates shape getting more depth or sweep when needed w/ put away potential to extend zone or bury for chase. Showed CH in upper 70s-low 80s w/ slight fade and down in the zone. Consistency in the zone is needed, but physical frame w/ high upside stuff as he transferred to Arlington this summer. 


Riley Goodman, RHP, Christian Brothers, 2024
Uncommitted, 6-foot, 165-lb proportional, athletic frame w/ lower half strength and room to add mass. Quiet, quick tempo delivery w/ active feet and drop n drive lower half into square foot landing. Long, quick arm action working up to low 3/4 slot. Competitor, who really fills up the zone (63% K clip in Spring look) and commands to both sides of the plate. FB at 83-86 T 87 (1941-2286 rpm) w/ late life and arm side action, utilizing both halves of the plate. Mixes SL at 74-77 (T 2230 rpm) that tunnels off the FB w/ depth and horizontal bite. Lands for strikes, can bury, or extend the zone. Showed CH at 76-79 w/ potential as solid third offering. 



Josh Jeffcoat, RHP, Eagleville, 2024
Uncommitted. 6-3, 175-lbs long, wiry frame w/ lanky limbs and projection. Works strictly from the stretch w/ slightly closed setup and hands set at chest. Leaks towards plate with lower half and lands squared foot before spinning off to 1B side. Long arm action working to low 3/4 slot. FB at 82-86 T87 (1954-2141 rpm) w/ arm side life and some sink. Biting 11/5 action CB at 69-72 (T 2280 rpm) w/ good depth and lands for strikes. Potential to firm up as more of a swing n miss offering. Showed CH 73-76 w/ some potential. Lot of knees and elbows coming at hitters, making for uncomfortable at bats. Feel for two pitch mix and projects to fill out frame after helping lead Eagleville to single A state championship last Spring. 


Jack Hibbard, RHP, Arlington, 2024
Uncommitted, 6-foot-1, 150-lb lean, wiry frame w/ plenty of projection. Flashes of two-way upside, but really stood out on the mound. Repeatable, simple delivery, working smoothly down the mound w/ controlled tempo. Long, quick arm working up to 3/4 slot and closed foot landing. Pounded the zone w/ FB at 83-84 w/ good spin (T 2352 rpm) and slight arm side life. Mixed sharp CB at 67-70 w/ great shape and ability to land for strikes. 11/5 action that tunnels well off the FB and put away pitch potential. Above average CH at 71-74 w/ good deception and fade from LHH. Great feel for the pitch, getting depth to land for strikes or swing n miss. Positionally, very sound footwork and great glove presentation. Soft hands and crisp transfers, throwing from various slot w/ arm strength. At the plate, Balanced, slightly open stance w/ quiet hands and toe tap side. Generates above average bat speed w/ good rotation and on plane often. Gap to gap approach w/ consistent line drives and power to project as he adds strength.


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