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2024 West TN: Five Names to Know

Colton Provey
TN Scouting Director

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2024 West TN: Five Names to Know

Donovan Mitchell, OF, Houston, 2024
Uncommitted, 6-foot-1, 190-lb long, frame w/ some strength and room to add mass. Well rounded tool set with blend of power and speed. At the plate, wide base w/ high hands and some rhythm. Slight bat tip load w/ toe tape stride. Generates above average bat speed w/ great hand speed. Steepness in plane at times, but consistent hard contact when on time and plane. Balanced spray approach looking to drive the ball into the gaps (T 91.2) and flashes of more future pop. Defensively, easy runner (6.85 sixty) w/ good range and ability to play all three outfield spots. Long draw arm action into over the top slot w/ above average arm strength (85 OF velo) and fair carry. Solid footwork and ball tracking. Played a key role in Houston’s state runner up finish as a consistent offensive contributor. Mitchell has deep tools and still has more room to develop as his frame continues to fill out. 

Nathan Ferris, 3B/RHP, Christian Brothers, 2024
Uncommitted, lanky projectable prospect w/ two-way upside. 6-5, 180-pounds. Long, narrow frame w/ tons of projection and lanky limbs. On the mound, simple delivery w/ quiet actions. Tall n fall lower w/ slight cross fire and square toe landing. Works w/ ease down the mound. Long arm action w/ soft stab out & fair arm speed, working to 3/4 slot. FB at 79-81 mph T 81.9. Solid spin, varies action slight cut or sink at times (T2268; Avg: 2137 rpm). SL at 72-75 mph. Sweeper w/ gradual bite and flashes shape. Feel for spin and some future projection. (T2392; Avg: 2232 rpm). CH at 75-77 mph. Developmental pitch, guides w/ limited action. (T1642; Avg: 1601 rpm). Positionally, RHH. Wide, heavy crouched stance w/ still high hands. Minimal hand load and quick step stride. Generates below average bat speed but more to come w/ added strength. Uphill plane w/ high two handed finish. 88 max exit velocity, averaged 82.4 MPH. 206' max distance. Line drive pop, but future projection w/ strength development. Backside double in gameplay. Long, loose arm action from low 3/4 slot w/ some whip and solid arm strength (81 INF velo). Lanky defender w/ sound footwork. Solid hands but slow double tap transfer. Tools to stick at 3B. 7.38 runner in the 60.

Hunter McLemore, RHP, Chester County, 2024
Uncommitted, 6-foot-3, 205-lb developed, sturdy frame w/ lower half strength. Got eyes on the former JFG participant this past May during the district tournament, where he had a rough first two frames, but settled in to collect a big win for Chester County. Quiet, repeatable delivery w/ good tempo and high coil leg lift. Turns his back to the hitter, hiding the ball and creating some deception. Long arm action w/ soft stab down and long front side while working up to H 3/4 slot. Heavy FB at 82-86 (1820-2056 rpm) that bears down on hitters and more in the tank. Leans on 11/5 action CB w/ fair bite and good depth. Landed for strikes and garnered chases down in the zone. McLemore has drawn some D1 interest over the summer and is currently the 13th ranked RHP in the TN 2024 class. 

Jack Hibbard, RHP, Arlington, 2024
Uncommitted, 6-foot-1, 150-lb lean, wiry frame w/ plenty of projection. Flashes of two-way upside, but really stood out on the mound. Repeatable, simple delivery, working smoothly down the mound w/ controlled tempo. Long, quick arm working up to 3/4 slot and closed foot landing. Pounded the zone w/ FB at 83-84 w/ good spin (T 2352 rpm) and slight arm side life. Mixed sharp CB at 67-70 w/ great shape and ability to land for strikes. 11/5 action that tunnels well off the FB and put away pitch potential. Above average CH at 71-74 w/ good deception and fade from LHH. Great feel for the pitch, getting depth to land for strikes or swing n miss. Positionally, very sound footwork and great glove presentation. Soft hands and crisp transfers, throwing from various slot w/ arm strength. At the plate, Balanced, slightly open stance w/ quiet hands and toe tap side. Generates above average bat speed w/ good rotation and on plane often. Gap to gap approach w/ consistent line drives and power to project as he adds strength.

Caden Freeman, OF/RHP, Arlington, 2024
Uncommitted, 6-foot, 145-lb lean, narrow frame w/ plenty of projection and athleticism. Posted a strong well rounded showing at Top Prospect Games: Underclass this summer and seems to be just scratching the surface. At the plate, crouched, slightly open stance w/ simple bat tip load and moderate coil leg kick. Generates average bat speed, but strong rotational movement (Avg: 20.2 G). Excellent job getting on plane leading to consistent contact as a line drive hitter that sprays w/ middle approach. Slight flashes of some power (T 89.5; Avg: 81.1 exit velo), but improved bat speed creates future projection along with adding more mass to slender frame. Defensively, light springy feet w/ good range and good runner (6.89 sixty). Long, loose arm action working up to 3/4 slot w/ some whip. Some upside on the mound as deceptive sidewinder.  Strictly stretch w/ high lift lift and long arm action. Running FB at 74-76 w/ sink, bearing in on RHH. Average sweep SL at 68-71 w/ ok bite and good tunnel off FB. Athletic prospect sitting right outside the top 125 in TN 2024 class.


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