Prep Baseball Report

Juco Quick Hits (2.21-2.23)

Colton Provey
PBR TN Scouting Director

The Juco season presses on as Parkland JC (IL) and Southeastern CC (IA) play round robin at Roane State CC (TN) and St. Charles (MO) visited Cleveland St. CC (TN) for a four game set.  TN Scouting Director Colton Provey breaks down some notes on nine prospects from over the weekend, including 4 ncommitted sophomores.  

Chase Gockel RHP / Edwardsville, IL / 2018

Uncommitted Soph. Parkland JC (IL) 

 4.1 IP | 1 H | 0 R | 1 BB | 11 K | 15 BF (vs Roane St CC)

Body: 6-foot-1, 185-pound. Sound, well-proportioned frame.

Pitching: Repeatable, quiet delivery. Quick arm, 3/4 slot. Heel first, square landing.  Finishes toward 1B side.  Showed command of all three pitches and advanced attack plan. Good mound presence and competitive fire.  

FB: 87-92 early, settled in 86-90. Around the zone, good life/carry through the zone.  

CB: 72-75 mini 12/6 action.  Good depth, utilized early in count to get hitters out in front. Located it consistently down in the zone. 

SL: 74-78 11/5 action.  Put away pitch, tunneled well off both other offerings.  Manipulated the shape and speed difference.  

Logan Hewitt RHP / Trousdale County, TN / 2018

Uncommitted Soph. Roane St. CC (TN)

4 IP | 3 H | 1 R | 1 BB | 6 K | 17 BF (vs Parkland JC)

Body: 6-foot-2, 225-pound. Strong, physical frame. Back end arm, but potential as workhorse starter. 

Pitching: Worked from L side of rubber, square stance.  Simple, quiet repeatable delivery.  Quick arm from 3/4 Slot.  Slightly closed but square, heel-first landing.  Some give in front leg, finishes towards 1B side. Commanded 

FB: 90-92 T94 early, mostly 88-91.  Throws a heavy ball w/ late life. Simply overpowered some hitters. Loses life when up in the zone.  Held velocity in longest outing of season (74 pitches), touching 90 in last inning. 

CB: 77-80, power breaking ball.  Late bite w/ good depth.  Works well off FB, generates S/M. Best secondary offering.   

CH: 83-85 w/ some fade.  Didn’t utilize much, but showed some confidence and feel.  Proper arm side fade w/ touch of depth.  

Trevor Burkhart SS / Davenport West, IA / 2018

Soph. Parkland JC (IL) | Campbellsville U Commit

4 Games (17 PA): 7 for 15, (7 1B) 2 R, 9 SB, 2 K, 2 HBP, 9 QAB

5-foot-10, 195-pound RHH SS/OF showed to be very dynamic, wreaking havoc at the top of the order all weekend. Offensively, slightly open, athletic stance. Short, simple load w/ small leg kick.  Compact swing, sprayed line drives to all fields.  Aggressive on the base paths, swiping nine bags on the weekend, five in game 2 vs Roane.  Defensively, solid hands w/ good range, especially up the middle. 

Max Rimac LHP / Notre Dame, IL / 2017

Uncommitted R-Soph Parkland JC (IL) 

5 IP | 3 H | 0 R | 2 BB | 7 K | BF 19 (vs Roane St CC)

Body: 6-foot-1, 175-pounds, lean, lanky build.  

Pitching: Pitches from 1B side of the rubber; Starts square w/ small side step. Maintains good rhythm w/ long, loose arm action working into High 3/4 slot.  Foot hits slightly open but finishes with good extension.  Falls off to the 3B side.  

FB: Sat 84-88, Touched 89-90.  Nice, live FB w/ slight arm side action. Commanded well and stayed down in zone, better to arm-side. 

SL: 77-80 w/ 1/7 action.  Nice depth, hard to pick up the plate.  Threw it for strikes and bury for chase pitch.  

CB: 71-73 w/ 12/6 action.  Similar action to SL, slower pace. Keeping hitters off balanced, filling up the zone.  Tunnels well off the FB, making it tough to recognize w/ good late break.   

Nate Payne RHP / Seymour, TN / 2018

Soph. Roane St CC (TN) | USC Upstate Commit

4 IP | 5 H | 3 R (1 ER) | 1 BB | 4 K | 17 BF

Body: 6-foot-2, 190-pounds.  Average build, well-proportioned.

Pitching: Long, w/ full arm action.  Short stride, w/ closed, toe-first landing. Strong tilt, causing High 3/4- Over Top slot.  Finished towards 1B side.  Steady appetite of 3-pitch mix.   

FB: 84-87 consistent. Substantial sink/ASR.  Commanded better to arm side, but showed ability to pitch to both sides.  

CB: 75-77 mini 12/6 action.  Good depth, generating chase S/M.  Good feel.

CH: 79-81 w/ some fade. Mixed minimally, showed some feel.  Naturally worked well off Sink FB w/ similar shape.   

Ethan Courtney RHP / Seckman, MO / 2019

Uncommitted FR. St. Charles CC (MO)

1 IP | 1 H | 3 R (1 ER) | 1 BB | 2 K | 7 BF

Body: 6-foot-3, 195-pounds. Lanky, projectable frame w/ long limbs.  

Pitching: Mostly stretch in one inning of work.  Mixed knee-to-knee and slight leg lift.  Square, heel-first landing.  Long, full arm action w/ Low 3/4 slot and good extension. Struggled with command early in collegiate debut.

FB: 84-90, mostly 86-90 w/ good carry through zone.  Command improved as outing progressed.  Showed ability to beat the bat both up and down in the zone.  

CB: Low to mid 70s, used sparingly.  Struggled with command.   

Josh Hoffmann LHP / Parkway South , MO / 2018

Uncommitted Soph. Southeastern CC (IA)

2 IP | 2 H | 0 R | 1 BB | 2 K | 9 BF

Body: 6-foot, 185, average build

Pitching: Strictly stretch w/ hands set at back hip.  Leg kick, high front arm.  Short, stab arm action works to High 3/4 slot.  Short stride, square foot landing, spins off to slightly to 3B side.  Stiff front leg to finish.  Unorthodox, jerky motion.

FB: 83-86, decent life.  Tough for hitter to pick up and time out of jerky arm action.  Showed strong command of FB to arm side.  

SL: 77-79 tight spinner, tough pitch L on L.  1/7 action, flashes of bite.  Once again, tough to pick up as hitter.    

CH: 79-80, show me pitch.  Mostly to RHH.   

Logan Agan RHP / Vienna, MO / 2019

Uncommitted FR. Southeastern CC (IA)

5 IP | 5 H | 3 R (2 ER) | 2 BB | 8 K | 23 BF

Body: 6-foot-2, 210-pound. Average, wiry build.  

Pitching: Pitches from L side of rubber, starts squared up w/ moderate first step.  Short, stab arm action that works to 3/4 slot.  Lands square to the plate w/ slight finish toward 1B side.  Gets good extension to home. 

FB: 85-89, not overpowering, but beat some bats, especially elevated in the zone. Had success and attacked hitters w/ elevated FB.  

SL: 76-80, 10/4 sweeping SL w/ some depth.  Threw it for strikes, and could extend zone out for bury/chase.   

Joe Bertram RHP / York Institute, TN / 2019

Uncommitted FR. Roane St CC (TN)

4.2 IP | 1 H | 0 R | 4 BB | 3 K | 21 BF

Body: 6-foot-2, 225-pound. Big, physical frame.

Pitching: Short, arm action w/ little extension towards the plate.  Throws from L 3/4 slot.  Lands slightly closed w/ heel-first strike, then spins off heel to 1B side.  Strong, blocking front leg.  Showed a steady 4-pitch mix. 

FB: 83-87 w/ heavy Sink/ASR.  Seemed to play a bit up, as hitters didn’t get a lot of good swings on it.  Not S/M, but barrel-dodger contact.  

SL: 73-75, leaned on it early, but struggled to consistently throw for strikes.  10/4 action w/ little depth. Developing pitch that could be average to above average offering in future.  

CB: 70-72, turned to after struggles w/ SL command. Reliable, strike bender, kept hitters off balanced. 

CH: 74-76, showed some confidence in this pitch, mostly throwing to Lefties. Naturally worked well off sink-FB w/ some arm side fade.  


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