North Tennessee College Prospect Showcase: Catcher Analysis

By Doug Hall
Tennessee Director of Scouting

PBR Tennessee held its inaugural event in the state with the North Tennessee College Prospect Showcase on August 24 at Station Camp High School.  A solid group of catchers were in attendance at the event, and the following is a look at those in attendance.  Players are listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Alex Carignan, C/RHP, R/R, Siegel HS, 2016
6-foot-2, 185 pound prospect posted a 7.7 60-yard dash time and 83 mph tee exit velocity. Big, athletic frame. Good presence and setup. Athletic actions and movements. Quick exchange and release. Uses lower half well on throws. Posted a 77 mph position velocity and a showcase best 1.86 pop time while consistently  between 1.90-2.0 with accurate throws. At the plate starts with a balanced set up. Some pre load movement. Can generate some power when he squares the ball up. Still an unfinished product with good upside.

Tyler Cunningham, C, R/R, Greenwood HS (KY), 2016
5-foot-10, 165 pound prospect posted a 7.55 60-yard dash and 78 mph tee exit velocity. 1.96-2.06 pop time. Accurate throws with 76 mph position velocity. Improved framing and blocking will help round out skill set. As a hitter he starts with an open stance. Load rhythm tends to break up due to an early stride. Took a solid round of batting practice showing line drive ability especially to the opposite field. 

Austin Holland, C, R/R, Lebanon HS, 2016
6-foot, 170 pound prospect posted an 8.13 60-yard dash time and 72 mph tee exit velocity. Good size and strength with time to make improvements. Showed good movement behind the plate. High ¾ arm slot with a quick release. Exchange could be faster, but had accurate throws to the bag with a 69 mph position velocity and 2.18-2.25 pop time. At the plate starts from a balanced position with some bat movement pre pitch. Occasional bat wrap and drag through the zone. Slight uphill path to the ball. Showed line drive and opposite field hitting ability.

Collin Hopkins, C, Ensworth HS, 2016
5-foot-10, 175 pound prospect posted a 7.66 60-yard dash and 84 mph tee exit velocity. Shows athleticism behind the plate. Moves and sets up well. Quick, clean exchange and accurate throws. Posted a 71 mph position velocity and 2.0-2.10 pop times. At the plate has a balanced athletic stance. No stride with a heel lift. Tends to cut off lower half. Showed a short path to the ball with a level swing. Line drive/ gap power and can go to the opposite field. 

Bailey Russell, C/SS, R/R, Gallatin HS, 2017
6-foot-1, 165 pound prospect posted a 7.87 60-yard dash and 73 mph tee exit velocity. Short ¾ arm slot and action. Very accurate on throws to 2B with line carry. Consistent clean exchange. Athletic and moves well. Has a tendency to relax when receiving. Set up and receiving should improve as he matures at the position. Pop times ranged from 2.08-2.22 with 75 mph velocity. Saw pop times in the 2.0 range from Russell in the spring.

Jacob Telli, C, L/R, Pope John Paul II, 2015
5-foot-7, 160 pound prospect posted a position best  7.35 60-yard dash and 85 mph tee exit velocity. Impressed with a consistent 1.86-1.97 pop time. Showed athletic actions.  Good set up behind the plate. Quick lower half. Good exchange and transfer. High ¾ arm slot with short arm action. Accurate throws with event best 80 mph arm to 2nd base. Hits with a balanced set up, slight crouch. Smooth load and short stride. Uses lower half. Good extension with a solid approach. Squared the ball during batting practice round going to all fields. Showed line drive, gap power and opposite field hitting abilities.

Aaron Weakley, 3B/C, R/R, Hendersonville HS, 2016
5-foot-11, 165 pound prospect posted a 7.95 60-yard dash and 72 tee exit velocity. Recorded 2.15-2.28 pop time. Showed some carry on throws to 2B with accuracy. Posted a 71 mph velocity from the catcher position. Exchange and pop times should improve with refinement and added strength gains. At the plate, balanced stance.Tends to bar arm. Short stride with balance. Limited use of lower half. Line drive hitter.