Uncommitted 2022 Corner Infielders: 9 Names to Know

Colton Provey
Tennessee Scouting Director

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Myles Denton, 3B, Ravenwood, 2022
6-foot-1, 160-pound third baseman has a wiry, very projectable frame w/ plenty of room to add strength. Denton has proved to be an above average runner with a 7.04 sixty time, and can be a serviceable corner outfielder. At the hot corner, consistent footwork and lets the glove work w/ soft hands and clean transfers while showing solid arm strength. His best tool is at the plate, showing a knack for picking up hits in bunches as a consistent contributor in the Ravenwood lineup. Tall, balanced setup w/ relaxed hands and small leg kick. Generates good bat speed and keeps the barrel in the zone for a long time w/ a two handed finish. Denton can handle the bat and has a track record of dedication to his craft. Once he stacks onto his frame, he is sure to blossom and close the gap towards his ceiling. 

Jace Littlefield, 3B/OF, Hardin County, 2022
5-foot-11, 205-pound third baseman/outfielder has a compact frame w/ present strength and good athleticism. Strong runner posted a 6.87 sixty time, splitting time at the hot corner and the outfield while hitting in the meat of the order for Hardin County. At the plate, simple, slightly open setup with small hand load and toe tap stride. Consistent ball striker (T 93.9 exit velo; Avg: 88 mph), catching it out front with good timing and flashing gap power. At the hot corner, solid hands and short arm stroke w/ good clock. His athleticism and speed makes him a viable outfield option, giving him multiple paths to the field. 

Ford Wagner, 1B/OF, Webb School of Knoxville, 2022
6-foot-2, 195-pound first baseman/outfielder has a developed frame with good lower half strength and some room to add. Wide, crouched stance with small stride generating some bat speed and flashing some natural power. Consistently drove balls (T 91.6 exit velo; T 348 ft; Avg: 277 ft) at a 25% hard hit clip with optimum launch angle at 29.5 degrees. He’s a solid defender at first base with solid hands and ability to dig balls out, but his athleticism (7.25 runner) allows him to play some corner outfield to get his bat into the lineup. He split time this Spring for Webb between 1B/OF, so he has experience and multiple pathways to the field. 

AJ Harris, 3B/RHP, Clarksville Northwest, 2022
The 6-foot-3, 185-pound third baseman has a lean, lanky frame with great projection to add strength. Tall, balanced stance with compact load and toe tap stride from the left side. Generates above average bat speed and solid on plane efficiency finishing with two hands. He’s shown steady climbs in power (T 92.2 exit velo; Avg: 80 mph) with flashes of pull side pop (T 338 ft). Defensively, average footwork with short arm action, but sure and soft handed in transfers. Flashes above average arm strength (T 87 INF velo) to stay on the left side, but also serviceable as corner OF w/ above average runner. Also, showed some ability on the mound at 80-84 w/ a 69-72 breaking ball. Harris has some areas to sharpen, but he features a high ceiling due to lefty bat and long frame to fill out still. 

Bo Culver, 3B, Fayette Academy, 2022
6-foot-2, 215-pound third baseman has a proportional frame with present strength. Offensively, tall, relaxed stance with small leg kick generating above average bat speed (T 74.6 mph; Avg: 71.7mph).Doesn’t get cheated on his swings, thumping balls (T 92.1 exit velo; Avg: 84.3 mph) into the power alleys (T 344 ft.) at a 50% hard hit clip last January. Solid runner at 7.42 and average arm strength at 80 mph. Solid footwork and hands at the hot corner with enough skill to make the plays. Short arm action that will develop to keep him on the left side. Culver is a bat-first prospect who can slug and be a run producer in any lineup while manning the hot corner. 

Jaxon Diamond, 3B/2B, Science Hill, 2022
6-foot, 190-pound infielder wrapped another season under center for the Hilltoppers, finishing with 2603 passing yards and 23 TDs this fall. A leader at QB and a versatility infielder for Science Hill on their run to the AAA State Championship last Spring. Diamond has a proportional frame with some physicality, and split time between 3B and 2B, but his tools fit best at 3B. Defensively, soft hands, clean transfers, and  consistent footwork, flashing his athleticism utilizing multiple arm slots to make plays. At the plate, tall, balanced stance with compact load and small kick. Great on plane efficiency and generates average bat speed, but whips the barrel through contact. Swings with intent and shown consistency in barrels (T 91.9 exit velo; Avg: 86.5 mph), mashing line drives to all fields. He’s an average runner, but shown improvements in strength and continued to develop over the past few years. 

Bryce Jackson, 3B, Stewarts Creek, 2022
6-foot-3, 170-pound third baseman is a multi-sport athlete with a lean frame and some projection. He still has some room to go physicality wise and may have been overshadowed in a deep Stewarts Creek infield, but he’s delivered every time and can play multiple infield positions. Balanced stance, gets the foot down early and on plane early and often leading to consistency offensively. Defensively, sure handed at the hot corner, making all the plays, and has the athleticism to move around the diamond. He’ll be tied up with basketball this winter, but Jackson will be one to follow as the Spring rolls around. 

Cooper Derryberry, 3B, Brentwood Academy, 2022
6-foot, 180-pound third baseman has an average frame with some present strength and some projectability. Crouched, back-loaded stance with a true toe tap stride and advanced on plane efficiency (Avg: 85.1%). Generates above average bat speed and has excellent rotational acceleration (T 30.4 G; Avg: 25.7 G per Blast). The positive metrics at the plate lead to a heavy dose of barrels (34.8% hard hit) and gap pop (T 95.8 exit velo; Avg: 86.1 mph; T 336 ft per Trackman). Raw defensively as he has some areas to sharpen with average hands and some stiffness in the arm action; however, Derryberry can swing it and be an impact bat every time he steps up to the plate. 


Brody Melton, 3B, Tullahoma, 2022
6-foot-4, 210-pound third baseman is fresh off a 4A football state championship as a starting tight end for Tullahoma. Developed frame with present strength. Balanced, slightly crouched stance with small stride and simple load. Above average bat speed (T 74 mph; Avg: 70.8 mph) and improving sequencing (Avg: 20.3 G), maintaining barrel whip through contact into a two handed finish. Consistently gets the barrel on the ball (37.5 hard hit %; T 96.3 exit velo; Avg: 84.2 mph), spraying it to all fields and flashing gap bop (T 342 ft per Trackman). 7.36 runner and solid hands defensively, cradling the ball and getting it out with top of 77 INF velo. Defensively he’s fairly solid all around and possesses some offensive upside as he returns to the diamond for his senior campaign. 


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